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"You're a real idiot, you know?" Sasuke offered his hand to pick up his best friend.

"Shut up." Naruto replied bitterly, but still took the hand that was offered and pulled himself out of the small ditch he'd fallen in.

By the end of their long day the two walked silently away from Sakura and Kakashi. Their homes were in the same direction and usually without being asked to Sasuke dropped Naruto off at his house.

"You smell." Sasuke looked out of the corner of his eye waiting for Naruto to burst.

"Do I?" Naruto sniffed his now dry, but stiff clothing.

"I was teasing. You don't smell so bad." Sasuke looked down and then forward. Since when had Naruto taken anything seriously?

"Oh, thanks." Naruto thoughtlessly replied and continued to walk almost without aim.

Sasuke glanced at him with his eyebrow slightly above its regular place. They continued to walk in silence until they reached Naruto's door. As was usual Naruto opened his door and stepped in.

"See you tomorrow." Sasuke waved and turned to leave.

"Wait." Naruto turned and peeked out to see Sasuke through the tiny slit that was left open.

"What?" Sasuke turned to face Naruto. He angled his face and tried to peek into the house. "What is it?"

"Do you want to come in?" Naruto reluctantly opened the door a bit more and moved aside as if expecting for Sasuke to jump at the opportunity.

Sasuke, like a puppy, turned his head to the side.

"You need a cup of tea. You look tired." Naruto offered and reached for Sasuke's hand. He succeed in pulling the dark haired boy in and locking the door behind him.

"Do I?" Sasuke removed his shoes and headed into Naruto's small apartment. He took a seat on the bed, which looked more comfortable than Naruto's unwelcoming table.

"Yes." Naruto called from the kitchen. Pots clattered and dishes moved around loudly. Eventually, silence took over as Naruto set the water to boil and placed empty cups on the edge of the table.

"I see." Sasuke stared at Naruto who looked more serious than he had in the years of knowing him.

"Is this because your birthday is tomorrow?" Sasuke asked nonchalantly.

"No." Naruto lied and returned to the kitchen after realizing that leaning on the wall with a table digging into his back wasn't the most comfortable position to be in.

"Oh, so then I look that tired?" Sasuke was well aware that Naruto was afraid to wake up alone on his birthday. This wasn't the first time he'd tricked somebody into staying.

"Very. Its almost unbearable to look at your tiredness." Naruto finished awkwardly. He came back with a pot of tea. His hand spasmed from a long day of training and the pot dropped from his hand onto the floor. He managed to fully burn his hand in the process of dropping the tea.

"Naruto!" Sasuke was at his side in an instant. "Come quickly." He tugged Naruto into the kitchen and turned on the cool water.

"I'm fine." Naruto was almost in tears. The edges of his eyes could hardly keep the tears on his bottom lid.

"You aren't. Stop acting tough. We aren't sparring." Sasuke unzipped Naruto's jacket and pushed it off of his shoulders. Naruto didn't protest. He helped by rolling his shoulders until the jacket hit the floor. "Here." Sasuke slowly introduced the slightly burned hand to the rushing water.

Naruto gasped and winced at the cold water. Sasuke cooed as if calming a child. "Its okay. It won't hurt much longer."

Naruto finally let the tears spill over his mud stained cheeks after minutes of standing there together.

"Thanks." He could still feel Sasuke's warm hand on his even after he removed it from under the stream of cold water.

"Is that better?" Sasuke still didn't release his hand. It felt good.

"Much." Naruto reverted back to his choppy sentences from earlier. He moved his face to view something else. Sasuke still hadn't let go.

"Good. I'll pick up the pieces of broken pottery. You should take a shower, Naruto. I'll take care of things."

Sasuke walked out of the small kitchen space and began to place the brown remnants of a once beautiful pot into the trash can. Sasuke brought a towel from Naruto's room and mopped up the tea that was still warm from the fire of Naruto's stove. He returned the cups to the kitchen and waited until he heard the shower start up.

After a deep sigh Sasuke realized that Naruto hadn't taken in any clothes. He wondered if Naruto's birthday really worried him all this much while arranging clothes for Naruto to sleep in. Surely some boxers and his black hat were all Naruto would need. He pushed open the door of the bathroom carefully without making a noise and placed the clothes on the sink. Naruto was scrubbing the murky stains from his arms. The steam in the room made it hard to distinguish his features, but Naruto seemed relaxed. Sasuke closed the door slowly, but stayed to watch his friend a bit more behind the small opening on the door.

Naruto moved his hands quickly. The sight of Naruto scrubbing so hard made Sasuke wince just from imagining the irritated red flesh left after that harsh treatment. Naruto reached for a shampoo bottle, he squirted just a bit on his hand and ran it through his head quickly. The bottle fell with an audible crash as it hit the tile lined tub. Naruto bent over and picked it up. The open door was letting the steam escape. The dissipating fog that kept Sasuke hidden was no longer there nor was the shielding cover to Naruto's nudeness. Sasuke watched Naruto's leg muscles flex as he leaned and lifted the bottle that was too big for his hands.

"Sasuke." Naruto called loudly. Instantly Sasuke removed his head from the door and made it less obvious that he was peeking. Naruto turned the shower off and faced the door. When looking for Sasuke to enter he noticed the clothes neatly folded on the sink. "Never mind." He called just as loud as before.

Sasuke returned to the kitchen and served up some cold water that was in Naruto's fridge. It wasn't tea, but it would have to do.

"Hey." Naruto called out of breath. He was towel drying his hair roughly and walking towards Sasuke with water beads still making their way down his rippled stomach.

"I only found water." Sasuke stood from his leaning position against the table and offered him a glass.

"Sorry, I guess I only had one pot." Naruto apologized shyly and took the glass in his hand.

"A tired man, like myself, prefers some cold water to cool him down." Sasuke smiled, leaned his back onto the table again and took another drink.

"Do you want a shower? I can lend you some clothes if you'd like." Naruto placed his wet towel on the back of one of the seats at his small table.

"I have a shower at home." Sasuke stood and was looking for the words to excuse himself and leave for home.

"Its too late for you to go home." Naruto looked outside at the barely dimming sun. Kids were still outside running to their homes. Sasuke followed his gaze and smiled.

"You're right. The weather looks likes its about to take a turn for the worse too." Sasuke placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder. He moved his face closer to Naruto and made Naruto follow his eyes which were staring at the clear sky and the warm outside.

Naruto was about to make up another excuse, but Sasuke started making his way into the bathroom. Before Naruto could speak he heard the shower start up again. Naruto had finished all of the hot water. He realized this when he heard Sasuke gasp loudly at the sudden splash of cold water against his uncovered back. Naruto gathered some weathered plaid green and blue pants that reminded him of Christmas, and a soft white shirt he usually wore around the house. Naruto followed what Sasuke had done and folded up the clothes. He noticed the door was shut.

"Sasuke can I come in? I brought you some clothes." Naruto called carefully into the closed door. He leaned his ear against the cool, smooth wood and waited for an answer.

"Its locked. I'll come out for them when I'm done." Sasuke called from under sheets of water that splashed on his face. His nipples were hard from the direct cool of the water and the air that drifted from the small opening at the bottom of the door. If Sasuke had gotten any ideas from his earlier peeping, the icy water had surely rid him of the thoughts.

"Oh, okay." Naruto walked away from the bathroom door and left the clothes on the kitchen table. He leaned on his bed and felt the cool air rush in and hit his bare skin. The sun was still lingering, as if trying to stay and view the world for just a second longer. Naruto watched from his window as it slowly sunk into the horizon and was enveloped completely by the shadow and cover of night. Naruto had been watching for so long that unbeknownst to him he slowly slipped into a peaceful sleep. Naruto's head was held up by two pillows. His legs dangled off the side of the single bed. He was laying across the short width of the bed instead of the length of it.

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered from behind a closed door. He'd forgotten a towel. Sasuke opened the door slightly. "Naruto, could you--" He stopped mid-sentence when he noticed his friend sleeping soundly as was evident by the soft snores escaping his throat and the rhythmic rising of his chest. Sasuke smiled for the -he lost count- time that night. He shook his head and daringly walked naked with only his dirty clothes covering him. He closed the curtains as he passed them to assure himself that nobody would peek at him. Fangirls could be vicious. He dropped his dirty clothes where Naruto had put his. Sasuke noticed the clothes Naruto had left for him on the table. He quickly located a dry towel and began to dry himself while facing away from Naruto.

Naruto could hear his name being called. He dreamily opened his sleepy eyes and searched the room for the person that called him. He sat up quietly and wiped at his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming again. He wasn't. Sasuke was standing drying himself off in front of his eyes. Naruto sat up and leaned his back on the wall while he admired the view.

"Take a picture pervert." Sasuke slipped into the plaid pants quickly and turned to face an embarrassed Naruto.

"I wasn't looking. I just woke up and I was--" Naruto stopped mid-sentence, out of words.

"I was joking. I knew spending so much time with Jiraiya was going to mess you up." Sasuke kidded playfully. He slipped the white shirt over his head and lowered it. It was a bit tight, but still it felt comfortable.

"So, do you want to stay?" Naruto asked cautiously, hoping that his earlier interest in Sasuke's body wasn't going to push his friend away.

"I'm wearing your clothes aren't I?" Sasuke walked over and sat next to Naruto on the bed. "I can't go out in this. The girls would chase me to hell's end." Sasuke brushed the front of the shirt as he said this, which in turn made the dry cotton stick to his still wet abs and chest.

"I'd chase you." Naruto closed his eyes tightly and grit his teeth. His face burned red and he knew it.

After a bit of thought Sasuke spoke. "I'd let you catch me." He offered. He took Naruto's hand and held it without facing the blonde.

Naruto said nothing else but returned his gaze to his friend. Sasuke finally looked his way. Their eyes met and Sasuke released the warm hand he held.

"So, where am I sleeping?" Sasuke stood up and looked around the small apartment. There was no space for another person to sleep comfortably on the floor and the bed was too small for the two of them.

Naruto instantly missed Sasuke's hand.

"You could sleep on the bed." Naruto stood up too and walked closer to Sasuke. He pressed his hands on Sasuke's chest and slowly pushed him back until he was sitting again on the soft and welcoming mattress. Sasuke smiled at Naruto's awkward attempts. Not that he was an expert, but he instantly knew what Naruto was trying to do.

"We could." Sasuke moved his hands to Naruto's sides. He pulled his friend in so suddenly that Naruto tripped on his own feet.

"Itai." Naruto commented softly out of a long ago acquired reflex. He rubbed his toe mindlessly. Sasuke's hands hadn't moved.

"I'm sorry. I was just thinking how uncoordinated your moves were and now here I go and make you stub your toe." Sasuke lowered his face a bit embarrassed.

"Are we both thinking the same thing then?" Naruto asked cautiously.

"If you want to give me a second kiss then yes." Sasuke smirked and pushed himself more to the center of the bed. This way Naruto would have to climb on and lean to kiss him.

"Second?" Naruto asked, his face twisting with questions of their first.

"You don't remember that?" Sasuke leaned forward and made a fake scowl appear on his face.

"That didn't count." Naruto replied after the sudden memory of somebody bumping him came back too clear.

"Well, then show me one that counts." Sasuke was acting more confident than he really was. His hands trembled in excitement and his lips were dry. His stomach was about to flip inside out. He could feel his heart speed up at just the thought of Naruto's lips touching his. He'd thought of much more going on between him and Naruto in the past months, but actually having a mere kiss so close to him made it all that much more exciting and nerve wrecking.

"Don't you think its weird?" Naruto asked as he walked closer to the bed. He stopped when his legs smacked against the edge of the mattress.

"How honest are we being here?"

"Very." Naruto added before placing his left knee on the bed in between Sasuke's legs.

"I don't think it strange or weird nor awkward at all. In fact, I've actually been thinking about you for a bit." Sasuke took a deep breath and waited for Naruto to close the distance between them.

"I couldn't tell you liked guys like that." Naruto said hesitantly before placing his other knee on the outside of Sasuke's leg.

"I don't. I like you." Daringly Sasuke's hands moved to Naruto's hips, which were now in reaching distance, and pulled him until he was sitting on Sasuke's thigh.

"I see." Naruto placed his hands instinctively around Sasuke's neck.

"Don't I get a confession?"

"Sure." Naruto touched his forehead with Sasuke's before letting his lips touch the other boy's. He tried to pull apart, but their rough dry lips stuck together for a bit before finally coming unstuck. "You didn't look as tired as I'd mentioned earlier." Naruto smiled and let himself fall onto the bed with his chest facing the sky.

"So, I don't need that cup of tea then?" Sasuke shook his head at Naruto's still childish grin.

"Guess not." Naruto held his arms open like a kid waiting to be picked up. Instead of lifting him Sasuke laid his head on Naruto's shoulder and let himself be held.

After a bit of comfortable silence Sasuke spoke up again.

"You know Naruto, if you didn't want to be alone when you woke up you could have asked me." Sasuke closed his eyes in this new warmth that was Naruto's arms.

"Sasuke," Naruto looked down at his best friend's closed eyes until they opened and looked up at him. "could you stay with me tonight so that I don't have to wake up alone?"

"I'd be more than glad to stay." Sasuke reached his arm around Naruto's exposed waist. He patted the flat tummy and traced a scar or two that he managed to make out.

"Stop. That tickles." Naruto laughed and tried to move away. Unfortunately for him only the cold floor was waiting for him on the other side. He tried not to move too much in an effort to stay in the bed, but that didn't work out to well. With one last brush of his fingers Sasuke managed to make Naruto roll off of his bed.

A hard thump was heard and it echoed along with a loud "Itai!" that came from Naruto's startled voice.

"I'm sorry!" Sasuke jumped out of bed and instantly reached for Naruto.

"Bastard. I told you to quit it." Naruto said without any of the usual anger in his voice. He accepted Sasuke's helping hand for the second time that day. He sat up with a grunt and stood.

"I really am sorry. I didn't think you were that ticklish." Sasuke teasingly moved his hands to Naruto's sides and began his attack. He moved so that Naruto was on the bed soon. He was out of breath and giggling like a cute little boy. Sasuke's smirk of satisfaction couldn't even be hidden at this point. He had Naruto out of breath under him. Even if it was from a mere tickle fight something inside of him was highly satisfied.

"Hey Sasuke," Naruto asked once the air was back in his lungs.

"Mm?" Sasuke asked as he threw himself down next to Naruto.

"have you ever had sex?" Naruto asked carefully with curiosity seeping through his every word.

"Have you?" Sasuke countered.

"No." Naruto answered honestly. "I've never been that serious with anybody. Not that I've ever been with somebody long enough to be serious with them." Naruto turned on his side to face Sasuke.

"So, you've been saving it then?" Sasuke asked teasingly.

"There's nothing wrong with that. I'm not a whore like you." Naruto suddenly distanced himself from Sasuke and sat up.

"You don't know my sex life well enough to call me that." Sasuke sat up too and caught Naruto's body again in his embrace. "I'll forgive you cause of that tinge of jealousy in your voice."

Naruto,who was irritated with Sasuke's confidence, moved out of his arms once more.

"I'm a virgin too, idiot." Sasuke stood up and caught him again.

"Don't call me that." Naruto leaned into the embrace this time and let himself be moved back to the bed.

"Dummy." Sasuke called into his ear.

"Don't call me that either." Naruto took a seat with Sasuke still attached.

"Then what do I call you?"

"Naruto, you bastard." Naruto leaned into Sasuke who didn't seem to want to let go.

"I love the double standard." His response was followed by a chuckle.

"Sasuke, why haven't you been with anyone? I mean you certainly have had plenty to choose from." Naruto asked seriously.

"Would it be too cheesy if I said I was waiting for you?"


"Okay then. I was waiting for the right person. I mean I know I've had hundreds of girls willing to give it up, but none of them would love me. They would just go and brag about being my first. I don't need someone like that." Sasuke lifted Naruto's face with his thumb and closed his eyes as he leaned in for their official second kiss. This time Sasuke gently pressed against Naruto's lips and let himself be taken in slowly by Naruto's own flesh. Naruto made a small moan and quickly backed out of the kiss.

"Am I the right person?" Naruto started pulling off the dry shirt that still clung to Sasuke. Sasuke passed his fingers through Naruto's damp hair and looked down to see Naruto's obvious arousal peeping through the opening in his boxers. Sasuke bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes.

"I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather give myself up to." Sasuke moved in quickly and took a small bite from Naruto's soft flesh. He left a small mark near the hairline where nobody would see it unless they were looking.

"I think that then we should." Naruto just managed to say that before Sasuke threw him onto the bed and started his merciless attack on Naruto's uncovered flesh. In between his moans Naruto yelled out "Baka!"

"You don't like it?" Sasuke stopped and moved back to look at Naruto.

"I do, but you're going to leave marks and tomorrow is my party." Naruto reasoned out.

"Oh, okay then, leave marks where others can't see. Got it." Sasuke dove back into Naruto and began to suck on his chest and finally he left his mark on Naruto's soft hip. Naruto still had a bit of fat on his hips above the muscles. It was cute.

"Ah-ah Sasuke!" Naruto could feel Sasuke's chest rubbing up against him suggestively while his soft pink lips sucked desperately on Naruto's hips.

"Calling my name so soon? I knew I was a genius, but I didn't know how good I was." Naruto only shook his head in annoyance.

"Please me genius." Naruto rubbed himself on Sasuke's exposed chest and waited for his pleasure to come.

After a while of Sasuke not moving Naruto moved his hand to lift up Sasuke's face. "What's wrong?"


"Then why did you stop?" Naruto sat up and pushed Sasuke off of him.

"I don't want you to think that I stayed here to do this. I mean I've wanting to, but its not like I intended for it to actually happen." Sasuke quickly explained.

"Oh, well, same here. Come on don't think too much about it. It happens it happens. I won't regret it. Will you?" Naruto moved closer to Sasuke's side and let his hand rub the naked warm back that belonged to Sasuke.

"I also don't want you to think this is a pity sex party because I think you're afraid or alone on your birthday." Sasuke stared at Naruto and waited for an answer.

"This isn't the reason I asked you over. I mean this just happened. If you don't feel comfortable cause of my birthday then we can wait. I didn't ask you to stay so you could comfort me with sex. I asked you to stay so that I wouldn't have to face my birthday alone." Naruto unconsciously rubbed his erection and instantly covered himself under the sheets.

"I think that's the most you've spoken tonight."

"Shut up." Naruto faced Sasuke again. "So, what are we doing then?"

"Well, I don't really know how to do it without hurting you." Sasuke pushed Naruto on his back and in one swift, smooth move removed the green boxers Naruto had been wearing. Almost comically Naruto's erection sprung and stood as soon as it was released.

"What do you mean hurting me?" Naruto pulled Sasuke down to him and flipped him on his back to remove the pants he'd been wearing. Naruto stared at Sasuke's arousal. "That's nice." He said mindlessly

"So, you really are a blonde then?" Sasuke reached over and played with the blonde curls around Naruto's base. "Can I?"

"Yeah." Naruto pushed his erection into Sasuke's hand.

"Touch mine." Sasuke used his other hand to reach for Naruto's and to guide it.

The soft, warm skin under their worn fingers was a new sensation. Sasuke pulled Naruto in closer and kissed him until he was so lost in a pleasure filled kiss that Sasuke was able to slip a finger into him.

"Ahh! What's that for?" Naruto didn't move, but could very well feel Sasuke's wandering finger.

"I read that we have to do this first and then I could do it." Sasuke continued to probe in side of Naruto.

"You could do what?" Naruto asked cluelessly.

"I could, you know." Sasuke added another dry finger.

"Jeez! Stop that!" Naruto pulled away from the fingers only to have them rammed back inside.

"Naruto, just relax." Naruto looked furious at the intrusion.

"No, you relax." Naruto shoved Sasuke on his back and with one quick movement he licked and shoved two fingers into Sasuke. Sasuke winced, but didn't complain. At least his fingers went in smoothly because of the saliva lubrication. "Now what?"

"You finger fuck and I'll take it like a real man." Sasuke looked at him defiantly.

"I'm a man." Naruto said bitterly as he moved his fingers in and out of his best friend.

"Naruto did you ever pay attention in anatomy?" Sasuke started to like the feeling of having something thrust in and out of him. Perhaps this wasn't the best conversation to be having during sex, but it was their first time.

"Yeah. I think so." Naruto pulled out his fingers which left Sasuke feeling empty until he felt three slick digits enter him. "You're bleeding. Should I stop?"

"No. I'll be fine. Keep going." Sasuke lifted his hip so that they fell onto Naruto's lap.

"So what about anatomy?"

"Well, if you could find something called a prostate that would be just wonderful." Sasuke answered sarcastically.

"Oh, I know where that is." Naruto used one quick jab with his fingers to hit the internal organ.

"Fuck!" Sasuke leaned down into Naruto's fingers. His eyes closed and his fingers gripped the bed beneath them for dear life.

"Does it feel good?" Naruto rubbed against it one more time with his middle finger.

Gasping and panting Sasuke managed to answer. "Yeah, you could say that."

"Better than if I do this?" Naruto rubbed Sasuke slowly to the tip which was dripping clear liquid and back to the base.

"Feels good if you do both." Sasuke looked at Naruto's throbbing erection. It was painfully red and probably rock hard. "Naruto, why don't you try to enter me?" Sasuke spread his legs enough to allow Naruto to sit in between him.

"I could." Naruto pulled his fingers out much to Sasuke's disappointment, but he placed the hard head of his penis against Sasuke's entrance. He pushed slowly and hesitantly.

"In Naruto." Sasuke commanded.

"I don't want to hurt you." Naruto pushed in another half inch.

"Dammit. You are torturing me." Sasuke used Naruto's shoulders to pull himself up and completely sheath Naruto with one quick movement. He was sitting on Naruto's lap straddling him.

All Naruto could do was lay back, close his eyes and hope he hadn't cum inside of Sasuke so soon.

"Idiot, did you cum already?" Sasuke moved up and down on top of Naruto and wondered if he was still hard.

"No." Naruto's face was red with embarrassment.

Sasuke chuckled and smiled at Naruto. "I can feel it running down my legs, Naruto."

"Well, its your fault for doing that so suddenly!" Naruto looked away from Sasuke who still hadn't let Naruto slip out. Naruto returned his gaze. Sasuke was sitting patiently on his hips with both of his hands on Naruto's belly. The look on his face was different. He was smiling and his eyes were seductively half closed as he looked down at Naruto. That was enough for Naruto to go again. Naruto slowly bucked up and down, in and out of Sasuke. The movement finalized the process and Naruto was hard again.

"Round two then?" Sasuke asked teasingly. Naruto nodded and let his hands grip onto Sasuke's hips while he was ridden.