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Naruto held a basket full of wet clothes as Sasuke stood next to him hanging each piece up on the line.

"I feel like we've been married for years." Sasuke said and pinned up another one of Naruto's t-shirts.

"I think it's nice." Naruto said and handed Sasuke another shirt. "I haven't felt lonely since you moved in."

"Yeah and your bed has been plenty warm." Sasuke said teasingly and pinned the last of the shirts up.

"That isn't why I asked you to move in." Naruto said with a pout and put the basket down next to the washer.

"I know." Sasuke said and gave Naruto a playful shove.

After they both went inside Sasuke had a thought that had been bugging him. "Naruto," he called with slight hesitation.

"What?" He replied.

"why didn't you ask me anything about the guy in my house?" Sasuke asked. He knew it had been months since that had happened, but he hadn't been able to let go of his curiosity.

"I trust you." Naruto said and sat down on the bed while pointedly not looking at Sasuke.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. Naruto hadn't looked at him when he'd answered even though they'd been close enough that eye contact was almost impossible to avoid. "You're lying." Sasuke said.

"No. I do trust you." Naruto insisted.

"That may be so, but that isn't the only reason is it?" Sasuke asked and climbed onto the bed next to Naruto.

"I know him." Naruto admitted.

"That doesn't mean anything. Who is he? How did you know nothing was going on?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto sighed and had the grace to blush. He mumbled.

"What?" Sasuke asked. "I can't understand if you don't open your mouth." He said and nudged Naruto.

"I said," Naruto said forcefully, but then his voice went back to a whisper.

"Naruto," Sasuke crossed his arms and raised a warning eyebrow at Naruto. "speak up." He said.

"He's a dancer!" Naruto yelled. "That's how I know him. He's a dancer in Sand. He's a stripper, a pole dancer, an exotic entertainer." Naruto sighed and hid his face in his hands.

Sasuke made a sound.

Naruto peeked through his fingers to look at his boyfriend.

Sasuke made another sound that sounded like a mix between a sputter, a chuckle and a choking sound.

Naruto pulled his hands away. "Are you laughing at me, you sick bastard?" Naruto yelled even though he was starting to laugh too.

That was enough to break Sasuke's restraint. He burst out in a loud un-Uchiha-like guffaw then settled for a loud hearty chuckle as he leaned against the wall where tears began to stream from his amusement. "Naruto, you idiot, he knew you by name!" Sasuke said and burst out in another bout of laughter.

"Shut up." Naruto said and crossed his arms over his chest. "It wasn't like I was a regular." He lied.

"He knew you by name!" Sasuke repeated and wiped away at his tears. "You're such a loser, Naruto." He said with a lot of affection coloring his voice. He pulled Naruto into a hug while Naruto tried to push him away.

"Not if you're going to laugh at me." Naruto said as he pressed his hands against Sasuke's chest.

"Idiot." Sasuke said with his lips pressed to the top of Naruto's head. "My little idiot." He repeated still thoroughly amused that Naruto went to strip clubs, gay ones at that.

"Aren't you jealous?" Naruto asked when he figured there was no fighting the tight hug. He wrapped his arms around Sasuke.

"No." Sasuke said and kissed his hair. "You're here with me and I doubt you've made any trips to Sand without me realizing it during the night." Sasuke said and kissed Naruto on the lips.

Naruto kissed Sasuke and pressed him against the bed until he was laying down under Naruto. "I love you." Naruto said.

"I know." Sasuke replied and kissed Naruto again. He said he didn't like foreplay, but how could he resist when Naruto was still pouting?

"Bastard." Naruto said as he rubbed his nose against Sasuke's in an Eskimo kiss.

"Idiot." Sasuke said easily and held Naruto by his hips until he was certain their thoughts were going in the same direction.

"Kiss me again." Naruto instructed and initiated a longer more passionate kiss. "So, that's how I knew there wasn't anything going on." Naruto said once he'd pulled out of the kiss. "Hiro is straight. He only danced at the club to pay for his girlfriend's shopping addiction." Naruto replied and started pulling off his shirt and undoing his pants. "I wonder who payed him to follow you." Naruto asked once he was laying against Sasuke naked.

"Who cares?" Sasuke asked and settled on top of Naruto. With a loud moan he started to place Naruto at his entrance.

Naruto had nothing to answer to that. He was too busy worrying about a dry penetration. "Turn." He instructed before Sasuke even tried to settle down on him.

"Don't ruin it for me." Sasuke warned as he did as Naruto said.

"I won't, kinky bitch, Sasuke." He teased and reached for the side table. He pulled out a well worn tube and uncapped it to pour the thick lubricant over himself and to slather a good amount on Sasuke without actually penetrating him with his fingers.

"You're one to talk." Sasuke said once they were back in their original position with Naruto only a hair away from being inside of Sasuke. "I saw your new book." He teased and slowly sat onto Naruto's erection.

Naruto shut his eyes and concentrated on not pushing up against Sasuke. He always let Sasuke set the pace when he was on top, which was often. "Y-you saw it?" Naruto asked.

"I saw the receipt." Sasuke said and was glad for a little conversation to distract him from the burn and stretch.

"I threw it away." Naruto said and bit onto his lip to keep from reaching for Sasuke's hips. He rubbed his palms over Sasuke's thighs over and over again for distraction, but it was only serving to arouse him even more.

"I accidentally kicked the trash over." Sasuke said. "I didn't know they made dummy books for bondage." He teased. "Of course, if any dummy was going to look for that book, it would have to be you."

"Mean, Sasuke." Naruto said and finally opened his eyes to smile at Sasuke. "You're so mean." He said.

"Not too mean." Sasuke said and finally settled on Naruto's lap. He rose a few inches and descended slowly. He was setting a pace slower than usual, but was enjoying every second.

"Mean." Naruto repeated and finally settled his hands on Sasuke's hips to help him gain stability as he rose.

"I'm good to you." Sasuke said and finally set a rhythmic speed that worked for both of them. "Right?" He asked even though he could see Naruto was past talking now that he'd sped up. Sasuke closed his eyes and turned his head up to the ceiling. He was too close to coming already and they'd only just begun, not to mention neither of them had touched him since they'd started.

"Right." Naruto responded a few minutes too late. He sat up and spread his knees until Sasuke was forced to warp his legs about him. Naruto pressed a hand onto the wall behind Sasuke for stability and the other he wrapped about Sasuke's waist. He held on tight as he thrust quickly and deeply into Sasuke. With Sasuke's erection trapped between them it wasn't long for him to come in between their chests. Naruto chuckled as some came up as high as Sasuke's mouth. He didn't slow down. Naruto only leaned forward and licked Sasuke clean. "So, good to me." He said on the same trail of conversation as before.

"I love you too, Naru-chan." Sasuke said in response to Naruto's earlier declaration as he felt himself coming down off his high. He held onto Naruto's shoulders and helped deepen his thrust by lifting himself each time Naruto pulled out and sitting down with some force when Naruto thrust upwards into him.

Naruto heard the words and shuddered. He was coming and he said so over and over again quite loudly.

"Come in me." Sasuke managed to whimper as he felt Naruto's body shake under him from the power of his orgasm. Sasuke was coming again. He clenched around Naruto and milked him dry while he himself felt small spurts of come between them. This time it wasn't so much, but the feeling was just as powerful as he shut his eyes and bit down on Naruto's shoulder to keep himself from calling out, but not before a stream of indicencies left his lips.

They both lay on their backs breathing loudly when a laugh suddenly escaped Sasuke.

Naruto turned his head already smiling ready to be amused as well. "What?" He asked with a wide smile.

"He knew you by name!" Sasuke said and started laughing all over again.

"Ahhh! Shut up!" Naruto said and started bashing Sasuke' over the face with his pillow.

Sasuke raised his arms in defense, but couldn't stop himself from laughing while he was beat over and over again. "Your name!" He said in between hearty chuckles.

"You bastard." Naruto said when he finally tired of hitting Sasuke. He laid back down and chuckled along with Sasuke.

"Idiot." Sasuke replied and reached for Naruto's hand. He turned to face his boyfriend. At the same time Sasuke had given Naruto's hand a light squeeze. Naruto turned to face Sasuke as well.

"You look tired." Naruto said with a calm smile. This time the statement meant much more.

"Not yet." Sasuke said and smiled back at Naruto. "I doubt I'll ever be."

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