Woohoo, my first Office fanfic! This is set during Jim's time at Stamford, based on a quote from the Season 3 premiere.

Isle of View

Growing up in western Pennsylvania, Jim Halpert had rarely seen much more water than a bathtub's worth; and now out his window every day, he could see the ocean. He was used to snow and the shadows on snow, and now every day he looked out the window and saw colors he didn't have names for, colors like heat-shimmer and azure-daze and dream-depths. The sun on the water made him dizzy, and the occasional storm that loomed up like a nightmare from the depths of his subconscious made the whole world roil in flashes of lightning and purple and gray.

And sometimes, when he stared out at the horizon and realized just how far it stretched; sometimes the air conditioning hum and the click-click-clattering of busy fingers faded away, and Jim Halpert looking at the ocean felt like he was in the center of the universe, in a great stillness, and he was quietly awestruck by the beauty of it.

Can't beat that view. The most famous vista in the United States. Jim Halpert wasn't used to the ocean, and the sight of it still astounded him whenever he glanced up from his desk.

But sometimes (more often than he liked to think about), he looked up and was viciously, achingly disappointed when he only saw the ocean, and not the desk with the phones and the glint of curly brown hair.

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