Gaining Trust

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Day 39
We've been in the digiworld for what seems like forever. T.K. is still missing. Matt is a mess, and Patamon is lost without
him around. I know just how he feels, even though he doesn't believe me when I tell him. He says there's now way I
could understand. He may not realize it, but I have a little sister, Kari, back home who is the same age as T.K. I don't
know what I'd do if anything ever happened to her. I mean, she's my sister. I know I should be telling all this to Matt,
but he's not talking to me, let alone listening. He seems to think that this is all my fault. He says T.K. is gone because of
me. He's always mad at me for something. Sora says that it's just because I'm easy to blame. I'm the "leader."
Sometimes I wish someone else would lead. Everything always ends up getting blamed on me. Matt was already mad at
me. He probably just wanted a reason to be. Oh well. Besides, he should be thanking me, I may not have saved T.K, but
I did save him. There's nothing I could do about it. I just hope we find T.K. I'm starting to miss the little guy, and Matt's
really starting to bother me.

Tai closed his diary with a sigh. He glanced over at Matt who wasn't looking much different than he had the last time
he'd looked at him. He had dark circles under his eyes and looked like he hadn't slept in weeks. No one could prove that
he had.

It had been only a week ago when all the problems started………..

The sun was shining brightly in the sky and the digidestined were just finishing breakfast when they heard a sound off
on the distance. It was a low rumbling noise, and it was getting louder and louder.
"Hey!" Yelled Matt, "what's that?" All the kids looked off into the distance searching for the source of the sound.
"At first I thought it was an earthquake." Izzy informed them, "but… I have no idea."
Tai ran over to a nearby tree and climbed to the top. He pulled out his mini telescope and stared off into the distance.
Suddenly he yelped and almost fell out of the tree.
"WHAT?!" Everyone yelled at once.
"Something's coming toward us!" He replied, wide eyed. He turned and started running,
"Come on, we've got to get out of here" he yelled over his shoulder. They didn't have to be told twice. Everyone
followed Tai at a dead run.
"Hey.. Tai.. what did.. you see…?" Sora asked between breaths as she ran up beside him.
"Huge digimon…" He replied, "Never seen anything like it!"
Suddenly there was a loud yell. It was T.K. A large digimon that resembled a rancor was clutching him in one of his huge
"Matt!" He yelled, "Help m...aaaahhh." His plea was cut off by a yell as the digimon who Izzy identified as Rancoramon
tightened his grip.
"T.K. noooo….." Matt yelled as he began to run toward the huge monster.
"Matt, come back, it's too dangerous." Tai yelled.
"NO, I've got to save T.K." Matt insisted, and kept running. The Rancoramon was turning it's gaze toward the boy
charging at him as fast as he could.
"He's not doing T.K. any good." Tai muttered. "He's just going to get himself killed."
Suddenly Tai's crest of Courage began to glow steadily as he said,
"Not if I can help it…..MATT!" Tai yelled and started running after him. Matt had reached the Rancoramon's feet and had
begun yelling at it,
"Put him DOWN you giant ugly lizard!!" Matt yelled defiantly just as Tai ran up behind him.
"Matt, what are you doing?!" Tai yelled.
"Matt….." A weak cry came from T.K. as he gasped for air. Matt ignored Tai and screamed,
"Put him DOWN!!!!" Suddenly the digimon opened its mouth and laughed evilly,
"Mwahahahaha….pathetic human, you'd never be able to save him on your own, and your digimon companions can't
digivolve, they're too weak. It's too late for the bearer of the crest of hope, and you too! Razor claw!!!!" A giant arc of
light spiraled toward Matt, who stood frozen in fear.
"Look out!" Tai yelled, pushing Matt out of the way and taking the full force of the blow.
"Tai!!" Everyone yelled. Matt looked between Tai's still form and the departing digimon still holding his unconscious
brother and yelled, "Nooooo!" Before falling to his knees and crying softly.
Sora ran to Tai's side. He was alive, but barely. Joe helped her carry him back to their camp. Sora hated to leave Tai's
side, but she knew she had to find Matt before he got into any more trouble. Besides, she was worried about him. She
finally found him sitting alone in the woods, playing his harmonica. She could tell he had been crying, his eyes were red
and puffy and he looked as if his best friend had died. Truthfully, that was almost the case.
"Matt?" She whispered softly. He noticed her standing there and looked away, wiping his eyes quickly so she wouldn't
see, but they both knew she already had.
" Sora…..hi," He said softly.
"Matt, don't worry, they'll be ok." She said, wishing there was someone to reassure her.
"Oh Sora, I keep seeing it over and over again. I should've done something else to save him. If Tai hadn't stopped
me……" Sora cut him off.
"If Tai hadn't stopped you you'd probably be dead right now. Whether you trust him or hate him, he still saved your life.
I beginning to wish he hadn't." She burst out stormily. She turned and began to walk away.
"Sora…wait!" Matt pleaded.
"No, you can come back and join the group again or you can stay here for the rest of your life. I don't care. The
decision's yours." Sora said. Matt watched as she disappeared into the forest and hid his face in his hands.
"Now what have I done?" He whispered softly.
Sora made it back to the camp at last, and Izzy approached her slowly.
"Um, Sora?" He said warily, seeing the look in her eyes.
"What?" She snapped, walking toward Tai. His was still lying still by the fire, breathing raggedly.
Izzy glanced at Tai and winced, then turned back to Sora, "Did you find Matt?"
"Yeah I found him." She said angrily.
"Is he OK?" Mimi asked, worried.
"Oh he's just fine, thanks to Tai." She said angrily, "And all he can think about is how Tai "stopped him" from saving T.K.
He would be dead right now if Tai hadn't stopped him."
Joe looked shocked, "He's blaming Tai for this?!" He exclaimed. "Why."
"Well, I don't care what any of you say." Mimi spoke up. "But Matt does have a reason to be upset. We aren't forgetting
that T.K. is in danger too are we? Maybe more than Tai even."
No one had anything to say to this, so they all sat staring into the fire, trying not to think about the worst thing that
could happen. They were on the verge of losing two members in their group. And they couldn't afford to lose anyone any
more than they wanted to.
Suddenly everyone turned around to see who was walking toward them. It turned out to be Matt's footsteps that they
had heard. He didn't look much better than he had when Sora had seen him. His eyes found hers and she looked away.
Disappointed, he stood there quietly for a minute then he asked,
"How is he?" Everyone looked nervously over at Tai and Sora started crying. Matt looked away with a pained look on his
"I have to go and find T.K." Matt told them softly. "I'm leaving in the morning, whether you come or not."
Suddenly they heard a groan from near the fire. It was Tai. He tried to sit up, but fell back weakly with a quiet "ouch"
and didn't try to sit back up.
"Where's Matt?" He asked weakly, "And T.K?"
"Tai!" Sora cried, and ran to his side, "are you OK?"
"No" He answered with a cough that shook his body. He finally managed to sit up, but not without much effort.
"Matt's fine," Sora said coldly, as Matt turned away. Her voice softened, "But T.K. was taken away by Rancoramon."
Tai groaned and laid back again.
"We've got to go find him!" Tai insisted weakly.
"Why do you care if we find him or not?" Matt yelled angrily, "Especially since it's your fault that he's gone! I don't need
your help Tai, and I don't want it either!"
"Listen man," Tai said, sounding urgent. He pushed himself up on one shaky arm, "You know I'd have helped T.K. if I
could've. There was nothing any of us could've done."
"I don't believe you." Matt yelled, "It's your fault that T.K. is gone and I'm going to fix your mistake. I'm going to go save
him myself. And I'll get him back, no thanks to you!"
Tai just sat there looking hurt and more than a little bit exhausted. Finally he spoke up,
"Fine Matt, if that's how you feel, go rescue him on your own. I hope you get him back. But, when you're losing the
battle, just remember whose help you refused. I'll see you later Matt, but you'll be lucky if I see you alive."
With that, Tai laid back down, too tired and sore to do anything else. Matt stormed off a ways and sat down on the
ground, glaring toward his sleeping form, flinching, as Tai was shook by another cough. Tai did have a point……
The rest of the group watched them warily until they were satisfied that Matt had no intention of finishing Tai off.
Judging from Tai's condition, it wouldn't have been too hard of a task.
Izzy tapped Sora on the shoulder, motioning for her to move away from the group. When they were finally out of
hearing range Sora asked,
"What is it Izzy?" He glanced back toward the group. Everyone but Matt was sleeping soundly, Tai coughed weakly
every now and then, and it seemed Matt glared harder every time.
"We can't let Matt go off alone to get T.K." Izzy said finally, "Obviously Tai won't be going, and I'm not sending Joe or
Mimi. You should stay with Tai. Don't worry, he'll be fine. That leaves me. I'll go with him tomorrow morning when he
"But…." Sora objected.
Izzy shook his head, "I've made up my mind. I'm going. You're not going to talk me out of it, so don't bother." He
"You're right." Sora finally agreed. "You should go with him. But be careful Izzy, and bring them both back safely."
"Don't worry." He said with a grin. Izzy turned and walked back to the camp. Sora heaved a sigh and followed him.
Joe was snoring softly, and Mimi was muttering something about a makeover in her sleep. Matt had fallen asleep against
the trunk of a tree. Suddenly Sora noticed something she hadn't seen before. Matt was holding something tightly in a
gloved hand. It was T.K.'s tag and crest! He must have dropped it during the battle.
Sora laid down on her back and stared up at unfamiliar constellations. The digidestined were slowly falling apart and
there was nothing she could do about it. Tai was hurt, T.K. was gone, and Matt and Izzy were heading off on their own
tomorrow. Soon they would all be split apart. She just hoped they could somehow all be pulled back together.
The next morning only Sora was awake when Matt, Gabumon, Izzy, Tentomon, and Patamon set off in search of T.K. She
watched them get smaller and smaller until they disappeared. Suddenly Mimi and Joe woke up and found out that two
more of their number had just left.
"What are we going to do!?" Mimi squeaked, "We're all that's left! What if we get attacked?"
"Yeah," Joe agreed, "There aren't enough of us to fend off anything that should suddenly get hungry!! I knew I
shouldn't have gone to summer camp!!"
"Stop complaining!" Sora yelled suddenly, "There are four of us and our digimon are strong. You should be worried about
Matt and Izzy. There are only two of them and they're up against a lot more than we are hiding in the forest."
"Sora's right," A voice said suddenly. Tai was awake. Everyone turned toward him, surprised to see him up. He got
unsteadily to his feet and wobbled a bit, almost falling back over.
Sora tried to help him, but he wouldn't let her, insisting he was fine.
"Tai!" Agumon yelled, running to his partner's side. He had probably more worried than any of the others, and feeling a
little guilty about not being able to protect him, "You're OK!"
"Yeah Agumon," Tai said grimacing, "Never been better."
The others couldn't help but smile. He never would give up or stop to rest.
"Listen guys," Tai said, turning serious, "We've got to go after them. We can't let them face Rancoramon alone! We have
to help them!"
"That's great Tai," Mimi said, "But aren't you forgetting something?"
"Tai you can hardly stand, you can't expect to walk anywhere." Gomamon put in.
"I told you I'm fine." Tai insisted, gripping Agumon's shoulder for support.
Tai stood there glaring at them each in turn. He was just too stubborn for his own good and wasn't planning on backing
down any time soon. Everyone looked at eachother's worried faces and tried to avoid Tai's defiant stare.
"Tai's right." Sora finally said with a sigh. She stepped up beside him and he gave her a huge grin. Biyomon followed her
and nodded toward the other digimon, who also stepped up. Finally, outnumbered, Joe and Mimi joined the ragtag
rescue team who were stronger than they appeared.
"I hope you all realize what you're doing," Mimi said as they started walking, "Matt is NOT going to be happy."
Tai's face darkened at Matt's name, remembering their discussion the night before. Mimi was right, Matt was just going
to get madder at him. Frustrated, he finally burst out,
"Why does Matt hate me so much?!" Everyone stopped in surprise and turned to look at Tai, who was looking tired,
frustrated, and all together worse for wear.
They all stood there in an awkward silence for a while then Palmon finally said,
"He doesn't hate you Tai." She said cautiously.
"Yes he does," Tai said leaning wearily against a tree, "He's always disagreeing with me and arguing with me and
blaming everything on me. I didn't mean to get T.K. captured." Tai added softly.
"Tai you know that wasn't your fault!" Sora said, surprised too see him so upset about something like this. He'd seemed
fine the night before.
"Yeah, you said so yourself. No one could've done anything." Agumon insisted, putting a clawed arm around Tai's
"I guess you're right…….," Tai said reluctantly. Sora didn't think he looked too good. He would never admit it, but Tai
really wasn't up to this. She pulled Agumon to the side for a second and whispered something in his ear.
"Mmmhhmm" Agumon said, nodding.
"Agumon, digivolve too, Greymon." He cried, growing up a few stories.
"Here Tai," Greymon said, offering Tai his hand, "Climb on." Tai gave Sora a thankful smile and climbed up into Greymon's
"Thank you." Tai whispered to Greymon as he rode high above the ground.
"No problem Tai," Greymon answered in his low rumbling voice, "that's what friends are for."
* * * * *
Matt and his companions trudged on in weary silence. Patamon was riding on Gabumon's head, who didn't look all
together happy about the situation. Izzy kept stealing nervous glances at the fuming Matt who was leading the group.
Finally he broke the silence.
"Matt…….where are we going." He asked quietly. Everyone stopped and stared at Matt for an answer.
"Well?" Gabumon prompted after a brief pause.
"I don't know." Matt said finally. "I just thought we'd keep searching and hope to find him."
No one said anything for a while. They all knew the chances of just happening to find T.K. were very slim. They were also
smart enough to keep this to themselves. Matt was mad enough already. Eventually they all started walking again, the
silence restored.
Suddenly they all heard a sound in the distance. They saw someone approaching from far away. It was none other
"Look!" Patamon exclaimed, "It's Greymon and the others!"
And sure enough, it was. Matt looked ready to kill, but everyone else was happy to be reunited with their friends.
Tai hopped down from Greymon's hand, who de-digivolved into Agumon and walked up beside him. He was looking
considerably better, except that he didn't look much happier than Matt.
"Hi Matt." He said coldly.
"Tai I don't need your help." Matt countered firmly.
"Too bad Matt" Tai said, "You're going to get my help whether you like it or not. I'm coming with you. I've got to fix my
mistake, remember?"
Matt hadn't realized how seriously he had taken all that. He was kind of surprised in spite of himself.
"Listen Tai….." Matt started.
"No Matt, you listen. We're a team. All of us. We were brought here together for a reason. We're supposed to stay
together. If we split up, we're vulnerable because we all depend on eachother. Even you and I, as much as I hate to say
it. So what do you say Matt?" He concluded, holding out an unsure hand, "Will you help me, and will you please let me
help you?"
Matt stared at Tai's outstretched hand as if it was going to bite him. Then he looked up at Tai's face. He looked worried,
but determined. Matt sighed.
"You're right Tai" He said softly, "and you know it. As much as I wish you were wrong, you are right."
Matt reached out and took Tai's hand. Tai threw him a grin that threatened to take his ears in. Matt couldn't help but
smile in return.
* * * * *

To be continued..............

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