Gaining Trust, part 3

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The sun rose bright and early in the digi-morning the next day. Way TOO early as far as Izzy was concerned. He woke up with a yawn and blinked the sleep out of his eyes as he looked around. Everyone was already awake. Matt was cooking fish for breakfast, much to Gomamon's annoyance. Mimi and Sora were talking about something off to the side and Joe was trying to calm Gomamon down, who was now chewing Matt out for killing his friends. The digidestined group's personal cook was trying to defend himself ("Hey, we've gotta eat!") from the fuming digimon. Tai and Izzy watched, amused, as Matt tried, without much luck, to talk himself out of the situation. Tai turned to Izzy, realizing he was awake.
"Why didn't you wake me up for my turn to stand watch Izzy?" Tai asked as the younger boy sat up and stretched.
"You need plenty of sleep to recover from that attack. You looked like you were about to die of exhaustion last night so I let you sleep and stood watch for you after mine was done. I didn't see any need to wake you up" Izzy explained.
Tai looked mad at first, but finally he smiled at Izzy and said, "Thanks pal, I owe you one. You didn't have to do that."
"You're welcome." Izzy stated simply.
The two of them walked over to where the rest of the group was now eating peacefully. Matt and Gomamon seemed to have settled their dispute, though the former was now soaking wet, the latter laughing uncontrollably. Sora looked up as the two sat down.
"You Ok?" She asked Tai. He glanced at her and nodded, throwing her a huge grin. She smiled back. Izzy went back to typing away on his computer and had soon picked up T.K.'s digivice signal again. It hadn't moved from the spot it had been in the night before. The digidestined group sat in silence, munching thoughtfully on Matt's fish. Soon everyone was done eating and the sun was high in the sky.
"Shouldn't we get going?" Matt asked suddenly, "We need to hurry."
"Yeah, lets go. Which way do we go Izzy?" Tai asked.
"That Way." Izzy answered . Tai began walking in the direction Izzy pointed with his faithful digimon companion beside him. Everyone fell into step behind them automatically as they set off to find the missing member of their legendary group.
"Where is the Crest of Hope?!" Rancoramon yelled at the small boy in front of him. T.K. Shivered slightly as he looked up at the huge digimon threatening him with his razor sharp claws.
"You must have taken it." T.K. insisted for the third time. 'I can't tell him where it is!' T.K. told himself insistently.
"No! I don't have it. I know you've hidden it somewhere. Tell me where it is now or I'll make you watch all your friends suffer." The menacing digimon threatened the smallest digidestined child.
T.K.'s thoughts raced. 'If I tell him he'll hurt Matt, but he'll still hurt him if I don't tell him! What do I do?' Not knowing what to do, T.K. just stared at Rancoramon, trying desperately to come up with a plan.
"If you won't tell me, then you leave me no choice." Rancoramon called one word out in the dark cave, "Arrismon!!"
T.K. watched in awe as a small, glowing digimon stepped up, illuminating the dark cave. She didn't even come up to his knees and she resembled a small kitten. Her body shimmered with a golden sheen and she was surrounded by an aura of sparkling light. Arrismon approached them on all fours and stopped before Rancoramon.
"What do you want from me?" She asked him angrily.
"It's so good to see you again Arrismon." Rancoramon commented, "I have a special job for you today. I need you to find out where the Crest of Hope is."
"How do you expect me to do that?" She demanded.
"This boy is the bearer of the crest. He knows where it is. Read his mind and tell me where he's hidden it." Rancoramon said, gesturing toward T.K. who was staring at him in disbelief.
"Very well." Arrismon sighed. She walked toward the trembling boy and placed her paw gently on his forehead. The last thing T.K. saw was Arrismon's apologetic look and a golden glow surrounding him before everything went dark.
"Why?" Arrismon demanded, facing Rancoramon. "Why do you want to know where the Crest of Hope is?" Rancoramon laughed.
"I am destroying the Hope before it fulfills its destiny and destroys me." He told her, "Now tell me, where is the Crest?"
Arrismon looked at the ground sadly. If Rancoramon succeeded all would be lost, but she had no choice, "The Hope of one is guarded by the Friendship of another."
"Of course!" Rancoramon exclaimed, "Why didn't I think of it before? He somehow managed to leave his crest in the care of another of the digidestined. The bearer of the Crest of Friendship! It won't be long now! The Crest of Hope will be lost forever!"
Rancoramon leapt to his feet and made his way out the door, leaving Arrismon behind with the unconscious boy.
"Don't let the boy escape Arrismon." Rancoramon yelled back over his shoulder, "Don't disappoint me Arrismon, I'm warning you!"
Arrismon sighed and turned her attention to the boy next to her who was now stirring and opening his eyes.
"Are you a bad digimon?" T.K. asked her.
"No, but Rancoramon has me under his control. I have to obey his orders." Arrismon said sadly.
"Why?" T.K. asked, curious.
"Because he will punish me if I disobey him." Arrismon explained.
"You shouldn't listen to that ugly old digimon! You don't have to do what he says! You should run away." T.K. said, surprised at Arrismon had told him, "You're not evil, so you shouldn't stay here."
"You're right" Arrismon agreed, "But I can't just leave."
"Why not?" T.K. asked.
"Well……" She said, not sure what to say, "I don't know!"
Arrismon thought to herself with a smile on her face. 'Disobey Rancoramon? He'll be furious! Sounds like fun…...' She nodded determinedly and walked towards T.K. With a single slash of her claw she cut him free and helped him to his feet.
"Rancoramon knows who has the crest. We've got to hurry." She told him, "Come on, let's get out of here."
"Thank you!" T.K. exclaimed happily, a spark of hope rekindled inside of him. 'It'll be Ok now that Arrismon is on our side! Don't worry Matt, I'm coming!'
The digidestined were walking along in silence, when Izzy suddenly let out a surprised yell.
"What?!" Tai and Matt yelled as the digidestined crowded around Izzy and his laptop.
"T.K.'s digivice signal is moving. It's getting closer!" Izzy exclaimed, pointing at the screen.
"That means T.K. is coming here!" Matt said happily, looking off in the direction they were headed, as if trying to catch a glimpse of his missing brother, "Come on!"
The digidestined continued their journey, faster now than before, not sure what to expect up ahead. After they had been traveling for a few minutes, something completely unexpected happened. There was a huge crash in the forest ahead of them, and none other than Rancoramon burst through the trees.
"Not again!" Mimi shrieked, staring up at the huge digimon standing before them.
"Everyone digivolve!" Tai shouted, "We'll get him this time!"
"Agumon, digivolve to……Greymon!"
"Gabumon, digivolve to……Garurumon!"
"Biyomon, digivolve to…….Birdramon!"
"Tentomon, digivolve to…….Kabuterimon!"
"Gomamon, digivolve to…….Ikkakumon!"
"Palmon, digivolve to…….Togomon!"
"What have you done with my brother?" Matt yelled up at Rancoramon, "You'd better tell me where he is, or else!"
"He is no concern of yours now!" Rancoramon informed Matt, "Give me the crest."
"What are you talking about?" Matt asked, bewildered.
"The Crest of Hope, give it to me!" The digimon told him. Matt's angry look turned to one of fear.
"You can't have it!" He yelled defiantly.
"Very well, I guess I'll just have to take it by force. RAZOR CLAW!" Rancoramon unleashed his attack on the seven digimon before him.
"Nova Blast!"
"Howling Blaster!"
"Meteor Wing!"
"Electro Shocker!"
"Harpoon Torpedo!"
"How about a Needle Spray!"
All the digimon hurled their attacks at the huge digimon. Everyone watched, horrified, as they bounced off of him harmlessly. Rancoramon laughed, "Dark Wave!"
"No!" Sora yelled, " They're all rookies again!"
"I'm sorry Tai." Agumon said weakly, gazing up at his human companion sadly.
"Don't worry Agumon, you did your best." Tai told him, a worried expression on his face. He looked up sharply as he heard Matt yell.
"Give me the crest!" Rancoramon ordered fiercely, swiping a clawed hand at Matt, who dodged out of the way and watched him warily.
"Not until you give me my brother back!" Matt insisted again.
"Matt! Matt, it's me!" A voice called suddenly. All heads turned towards the new voice. It was T.K.
"T.K!" Matt yelled. He was so happy to see that his brother was Ok that he forgot what was going on for a second. Then he felt the Crest of Hope in his hand and got an idea, "T.K.! Catch!" Matt threw the crest past Rancoramon into T.K.'s outstretched hands.
"NOOOO!" Rancoramon yelled as his plan fell apart before his eyes. A familiar whistling noise was heard and everyone realized that Patamon was digivolving.
"Patamon, digivolve to……..Angemon!"
"Angemon, digivolve to MagnaAngemon!"
"Woah!" Tai exclaimed as the large angel appeared before him.
"Prodigious!" Izzy added.
Matt and T.K. stared with their mouths wide open as MagnaAngemon moved his sword in a huge circle and yelled, "Gate Of Destiny!" Rancoramon was pulled towards the gate, yelling all the way,
"I'll get you digidestined! You'll see! You havn't seen the last of me! I'll be back………………nooooooo" The gate closed and Rancoramon was gone forever.
MagnaAngemon de-digivolved back into Tokomon (a/n: I think it's Tokomon, but I can't seem to remember. If anyone knows what comes before Patamon, please tell me!) and T.K. quickly ran to his side. The young boy picked his digimon up and said,
"You were so awesome out there Tokomon!" He told him, smiling proudly.
"I couldn't have done it without you!" Tokomon replied, beaming at his human companion.
"T.K.!" Matt yelled, running towards his little brother. He scooped him up in a huge hug and said, "I was so worried about you! How did you escape?"
"Arrismon helped me!" T.K. told him.
"Who?" Matt asked, obviously having no idea what T.K. was talking about.
"Arrismon. She's right over there." T.K. told him, pointing towards a clump of bushes. Everyone gasped as the small feline digimon stepped out, "She cut me loose and helped me get here in time!" T.K. explained.
"Thank you!" Matt said to Arrismon.
"I'm glad I was able to help you." She replied, "I can't stay, I only waited so I could say goodbye. Thank you T.K., for helping me realize that I could break free. Goodbye!" Before anyone had a chance to say anything, she was gone.
As the newly reunited digidestined sat around the fire that night talking and laughing, Tai pulled out his journal again and began to write:

'Well, that's how it happened. Little Patamon proved that he could stick up for himself and protect T.K. without much of a problem. Rancoramon was destroyed at last and he never got ahold of the Crest of Hope. I doubt we'll ever see him again, and that doesn't bother me a bit. Matt and I get along much better now. I guess it was just a matter of gaining eachother's trust. I mean, we still fight occasionally, well, often, but it's never anything serious. I'll be happy if nothing like our battle with Rancoramon that ever happens again, but good things did come of it all, so I guess it was for the better. I'm just glad it's over.'
THE END(thank God!)
a/n: Well, there it is. It's finally done. I'm not really sure I like the way this part turned out, but I really don't have any desire to re-write this darned story. I'm already working on another story, but that one probably won't be up for a while. I hope you liked my fic, please review it and tell me what you think. Goodbye for now!
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