Too Short

Moonlight seeped into the bedroom, making one of it's' occupants glow almost a clear white. Iruka looked at the slumbering form in his arms and smiled. He was lucky, very lucky. Two years ago, if someone said he was going to be lovers with the notorious, cold blooded killer, Hatake Kakashi, he would have laughed. He would laugh hard, and probably do something unsanitary.

But as Iruka ran his hand through Kakashi's long, silver hair he realized how long Kakashi's hair was.

Shaking his lover awake to tell him of his important discovery, Kakashi slowly opened his right eye. Yawning, Kakashi managed to make a somewhat coherent sentence.

"..Ruk...a, whacha need?

"Kashi, you need a hair cut."

"Nani, at this time?"

Iruka flushed, realizing how late it was and how ridiculous he sounded.

"Aa no, but tomorrow morning."


Kakashi settled back into the warmth of the blankets and Iruka's body and quickly fell back asleep. Iruka chuckled. No one would guess that the said jounin was a cuddler. Smiling, he lowered himself into the warmth himself.

'Tomorrow morning, snip, snip'


"Iruka, do you know what your doing?"

"Sure," the academy teacher said distractedly.

"Maybe I should just go to the barb…"

"Quiet!" Iruka ordered, "I need my concentration."

Kakashi meekly obeyed. Not moving or twitching every time the cold scissors came into contact with his neck.

"Aa, Iruka are you almost done?"

"Yes, so just hold still, and stop moving your head!"

Tension floated in the air as Kakashi waited. Making a subtle movement to look at the floor, Kakashi looked at all the hair he had lost. How much was Iruka cutting off!?

"Iruka are you getting scissor happy?"

Iruka just snorted in reply. He was almost done, honestly.

"Well maybe if you took care of the mop you call hair, we wouldn't be doing this, would we?"

"Not everyone has time to make sure their hair is gorgeous, Ruka-ru."

Iruka smiled. Normally he would rise to the bait with that jab, knowing very well Kakashi was implying him and his hair. But what Kakashi didn't know was that even with his hellish hair, his face, unmasked was perfect.

"There, done."

With that Kakashi bounded from his chair, into the bathroom and looked into the mirror.

"So what do you think?"

"Iruka it's too short!" Kakashi whined and pouted.

"Well I think it looks fine, and I'm the one who has to look at it."

When no reply came from the other man, Iruka went into the bathroom. No one was in there.

'How did he get passed me?'

"Maybe if I glue it back, then it'll look better."

Moving into the same room as the voice, Iruka found Kakashi kneeling over some of his hair that had been cut.

"Kakashi drop the glue, it looks fine."

Kakashi hesitantly put the glue down, and pouted even more.

"Aww, it's okay."

"I'm not a little kid Iruka."

"Then don't act like one."

Running a hand through his really short hair, Kakashi couldn't help but think that Iruka need a trim himself.


I couldn't help myself to a little one-shot. How many of you have seen the length difference between the anime and the manga? Its way shorter in the manga.

Well until we meet again,