Neji had gone mad, turned evil and went to Heaven. Strange combination, ne? But it was true. How else could he explain the fact that he was currently thrusting into Kiba, after tying the dog shinobi to a kunai implanted in the wall of the Hyuuga Mansion and enjoying it immensely. He hadn't even asked Kiba if he wanted it to. It had just seemed like a good idea at the time. What had come over him? He didn't know. He didn't like it. No. He loved it.

Kiba was moaning underneath him, squirming and sweating like an angel, no better, like an animal. His legs were wrapped around his waist, holding Neji firmly into place and making the Hyuuga just as much as a prisoner as himself. Neji didn't mind. He was too busy losing himself in the pleasure. The forbidden and intoxicating pleasure of this act of sin. Sin? Were they sinners. Oh, yes they were.

Neji growled in irritation as his long, silky hair plastered to his face because of the sweat and throw his head back, swinging his godly locks to his back in an erotic fashion. Flashing every smooth muscle in his body as he did so. Then he continued thrusting, satisfying the impatient Inuzuka's lust once again. Bitch in heat, he was. A miracle. A slave of pleasure. Gods, was pleasure this intense even legal?

Kiba's moans soon turned into howls, begs and breathless urges. He grinded as best as he could into the Hyuuga. Going crazy. He was going crazy. His head was swinging from one side to the other. He no longer knew what to do with himself. He couldn't even remember his name. He was drowning. Drowning in forbidden, pleasurable sins. He felt like he was dying. It was so overwhelming. He didn't think he could take it anymore when Neji started to lick, kiss, suck and nibble at his neck. Every inch of skin his tongue touched burned with longing for more. More. More. Oh fuck. MORE!

Release. Neji felt as if he would die if he didn't cum soon. It was so good. Too good. Nothing had ever, ever felt so good. And the taste. Heaven was on his tongue as he run it over the Inuzuka's neck, tracing every muscle and line he could feek. Heaven was singing in his ears as the Inuzuka howled his name. Howled for more. Somebody had to help him. He was dying. He was on fire. He was burning. Incinerating. It was too much. It was too good. But he wanted more. More. More. Yes, more!

Kiba felt the Hyuuga claw at his hips. He felt lost. He felt confused. He couldn't take it anymore. He cried out in blinding pleasure when Neji bit him. He felt his fingers dig into his sides, drawing blood. So good. He wanted to be punished. He was such a bad boy.

Trash my body

I'm braindead, baby

Lost in Heaven

I've been such a bad boy

In need of orgasm

Be savage

Do damage


Oh, this has got to be the closest to a lemon I've ever wrote. I just felt like writing one. I think detailed lemons aren't all that erotic to be honest. I prefer this style where you can actually read their thoughts and pleasure. Not actions. We all know how it goes. It's about what their feeling. Anyway, review and tell me if you like it.