You asked for it

Kagome ran. She had to get away from Inuyasha. She was tired of his constant ranting on her. It was Kagome this and Kagome that. She was tired of it. Every time she turned around, he was there.

Sure she had almost died the other day, but when doesn't that happen? He was so worried about her that it was smothering. Yeah she liked the attention, but she needed, wanted more.

Trees passed her in a slow blur as she continued to run. Eventually she stopped, out of breath, and rested her hand against a large tree as she bent over to catch her breath. Eventually she looked up and around freezing immediately. She sensed a demon. And he was approaching her fast.

When the aura got closer she relaxed somewhat. At least this demon wouldn't kill her without the presence of Inuyasha. He stopped running and slowly, but cautiously entered the clearing to stand feet away from Kagome. She smiled.

"Hello Sesshomaru." She whispered. She hadn't seen him in so long she'd forgotten how beautiful and graceful he was. And the way he was staring at her…

"Miko." He acknowledged her. "Why are you here alone without the half-breed?" He sniffed the air once more to make sure he'd assumed correctly.

Kagome's smile slowly disappeared. Sesshomaru didn't fail to notice. "Because, I needed to get away." She said loud enough so he could hear her. She turned around and placed her delicate hand on the tree. She did however fail to notice how a blue beam left Sesshomaru and spread out yards around them.

He took a step towards her. "Would you like for me to dispose of him. Inuyasha is no match for me anymore. Even if he may think so. Without you, he is nothing."

Kagome turned and smiled bitterly. "Oh don't I know it. He can't go two minutes without me being in his sight. And if you could have beaten him Sesshomaru," she smirked. "why haven't you?" He took another slight step forward. He did not answer her, which only made Kagome's smirk widen. "You don't want to kill him, do you Sesshomaru? Because somewhere deep down, you know you care for him."

His eyes flashed red momentarily and Kagome immediately felt herself being pressed roughly against the tree behind her. Her breath knocked out of her, she looked up to meet Sesshomaru's angry eyes.

"Do not make judgment's you cannot back up Kagome." She shuddered at the way he said her name. "I have my reasons for not killing my half brother. You just so happen to be in the way."

"How the hell am I in the way?" She spat. "Inuyasha is too damn worried for his own good, and you could kill me right here and now if you dared." She glared at him. He only glared back, however with greater force.

"What if I dared to do something else." Before Kagome could protest, his lips were crashed with hers in a powerful, searing kiss that left them both breathless. Sesshomaru continued to hold Kagome against the tree.

When they pulled apart, Kagome was shocked. "I said you were in the way. I wish not to cause you any more harm than necessary." He pulled her swiftly from the tree and pressed his lips against hers once more. Kagome didn't respond at first, but eventually she leaned into him as he slid his tongue against her bottom lip asking for entrance. She gasped as his right hand went up the back of her shirt and that was all he needed to plunge his tongue into her awaiting cavern.

Her small fists wadded in the front of his shirt, which she now noticed were missing its armor. She tried to push him away, but her body wouldn't let her. Damn it for betraying her.

The pulled apart again only for breath, but Sesshomaru wasted no time in moving his skilled mouth to her neck and sucking sharply causing Kagome to momentarily stop breathing. His right hand which occupied her back slid lower til it cupped her bottom, and he pulled her flush against his fully aroused manhood.

She gasped in pleasure. There was no way that was him. He pulled her harder against him if possible making himself groan. Kagome was in a mess of ecstasy as she ground her hips against his causing them both to lose it. Her mind was clouded and she no longer knew what to think. Here she was, in the arms of the brother who tried to kill her so many times.

But she didn't care.

All that mattered was him, here and now. However, they were interrupted. "Kagome!?" Screamed a foreign voice. Sesshomaru growled, but did no more. He continued his assault on Kagome's body.

Inuyasha was coming closer to the barrier. However, Sesshomaru smirked, he would never be able to break it. And he would watch in horror as he brought Kagome to her peak. Sesshomaru was fumbling with Kagome's bottom skirt.

She'd heard the voice, but as Sesshomaru continued, she thought nothing of it. Until she saw Inuyasha. He was standing in an area, appearing not to be able to move any farther. He was screaming her name.

Her eyes were half closed when she registered what was going on. "Sesshomaru, stop!" Her voice was small and weak as she tried to push Sesshomaru off, only making him growl and pull her body flush against his once again.

"He will not interrupt." Was Sesshomaru's husky reply as he thrust one finger into her moist opening. She gasped and wriggled against him.

"S-Sesshomaru." She half breathed, half moaned. He leaned down to capture her lips once more and she moaned in his mouth and shuddered as he thrust two fingers into her making sure to miss her with his claws. He softly brushed her insides making her cry in pain and pleasure. He pumped his hands faster making her juices slowly leak down his hand. He knew she was nearing her end.

Her hands were now pulling his face to hers in a breathtaking kiss as his other hand kneaded her breast, he finally thrust three fingers into her a few times before she finally screamed and collapsed against his chest. They were both breathing heavily. Hearing her scream his name in pure ecstasy was all he needed…for now.

Her cooperation only meant that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. And he would have her. There was no doubt about it. He turned to Inuyasha. "You seemed to have lost brother." He smirked. This was way better than killing him. Striking where it mattered. Kagome continued to be wrapped in Sesshomaru's possessive embrace as she listened to the conversation.

"She will be mine, so don't try anything to disdain that, or I will kill you. Regardless of whether it hurts my future mate or not." He turned to Kagome and lifted her head for another kiss. "Remember miko, you may as well be considered mine, because if that half-breed touches you, he will not live to see another sunrise." He growled and kissed her ferociously for effect. "You must stay here now, I have matters to attend for before I come after you. Next time."

In the blink of an eye, Sesshomaru and the barrier were gone, as was Kagome's only support of standing as her body recovered for the spasms of Sesshomaru's work. She fell to her knees. However Inuyasha did not move from his spot.

He stared in shock as Kagome looked after Sesshomaru with a look in her eyes he couldn't bare to look at.


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