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Three weeks later...

Dr. Cox stood leaning over the counter in frustration. His elbows were holding him up, and he was running his fingers through his voluptuous curls, thinking deeply.

Why had she rejected him? She seemed so into him. Was it a test? Was she that shy? Was she...some sort of transgender?

He let out an agitated noise, and Carla, who was around the counter, asked:

"Is Mr. Self-Indulgent actually this hung up on something?"

"Why, no actually. Mr. Self-Indulgent is very happy and secure today. He thinks his hair is amazing, and his body could never look better. You see, it's Mr. Just Needs To Be Loved who's having trouble." He laughed miserably. "And I'll tell you, Mr. Pleasure Pickle downtown ain't helping the situation too much."

"Uhoh, is this about Jayden?"

"Yes, Carla, you've got to help me. I can't get the damn girl out of my head."

"Just ask her out."

"I did. Aaaand I was rejected." He said mildly.

"Oh yeah." She said, pretending she had known.

"I mean, I just don't get her. She rejects me, making me feel like a royal ass, and then she goes around pretending nothing happened."

"Women." Carla said sarcastically, shaking her head.

"Seriously. I mean, what am I supposed to do? She keeps flirting with me and dropping hints, and sexual comments. Ititit it's just not fair!" He stuttered.

"You know what? She likes you. She really does. She's just shy is all."

"Nonononono" He said, standing up straight and looking at her. "She wouldn't be saying things like 'Hey sexy how's that ass doing?' to me if she was shy."

"She's teasing you."

"Why do women think that teasing a man would help them in any way?"

"Well you can't stop thinking about her can you?"

"I just don't know what I'm supposed to do."

"Ok, here's what you do then: Walk up to her, all sweet and cute, then be really nice to her, complimenting her on her outfit or hair. Then just ask her for help on a patient, and tell her you want to discuss it over coffee."

"That would never work!" He said as if it was just redundant to even mention the thought.

"Oh yeah? Just try it. Couldn't hurt."

"I will not tr-oh!" He started to speak, but cut himself off with a soft 'oh' of surprise. Jayden had grabbed his backside. When he turned around, she laughed cutely.

"Haha, goose!"

Dr. Cox looked to Carla for help.

"Hey...uhm, Dr. Cox, Dr. Coones, can you come here for a second? I have this patient who we believe has mono but his tests came back negative for everything."

"Let me see." He ordered to her. He looked at the chart, Jayden looking over his shoulder, and read all the negatives.

"Okay, I'll solve a mystery for ya. Oh, uh Jayden, do you want to go somewhere and get some coffee to help figure this out?"

"Love to."

"Oh, and did I not mention before how much I'm loving those black scrubs against you nice blonde hair?"

"Dr. Cox?"

"Yes m'lady."

"Be straighter."

"...right, of course..." He mumbled as they went to check out of the hospital.

At the coffee shop.

The two drink coffee, a chart on the table, and discuss what the problem could be. They sit in a corner booth table, about a foot away from each other.

"Maybe the blood tests are inaccurate." Jayden said.

"Yes, but Carla said they checked them over three times. What about anemia?"

"No, they tested for that right here." She pointed to a line on the paper. "Negative."

"Leukemia? They must have checked for that."

"They did. Negative." Jayden answered.

"God I hate this." He said, annoyed. Jayden laughed

"These tests aren't the only things that are negative I see."

"Well you must not know me very well because I hate...everything. It's mostly myself, especially lately since I screwed myself with this one woman."

"Tell me about it." She asked, sounding concerned.

"My uh, my ex-wife. We were starting to see each other, and I told her that I wanted to be with her again. She told me to prove I was a changed man and uh...and I couldn't. So she left." He told her in a sort of somber voice, his face like a stone statue.

"Oh, sweetie I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it. I'm nearly over it. It's been six months after all. Besides, I've kind of got another woman on my mind now." He flirted.

"Hmmm tell me about her." Jayden flirted back.

"Well, she's nothing like other women I've dated. She's sweet, sexy, and very well put together." He moves a little closer to her and she blushes.

"In fact, she may very well be the single best thing in my life right now."

"There's always time to figure things out." She said.

"Is there?"

"Of course."

"Say Jay, I'm taking a long shot here but, would you like to go out to dinner tonight?" He moved a little closer to her.

"Sure, I need to get out and do something and see someone. I've just been hanging out at my place reading up on the latest medical discoveries since I've gotten here."

"Great. Pick you up around seven?"

"Yeah, that's okay."

"Where abouts do ya live?"

"Oh, it's 8 Syrum Street. It's a big apartment building."

"Whoahoho! I live there." He laughed surprised.

"Floor three, room 303..." She saw the eerie look on his face, then said, "You don't live in that room do you?"

"No, I live a few down in 307. Wow...two rooms away...why haven't I seen you there before?"

"Thanks for the ride J.D., see you tomorrow!" Jayden says, stepping out of the old dump of a car and walking to the sidewalk.

She sticks her arm up in the air.


We see her fly up to her window, open it, and fly in.

"You've been getting rides from Nerdy Mc Nurse Shoes?"

"Excuse me? I uh...I ride the bus." She said matter-o-factly.

"Oh nonono, not anymore ya don't. I'll drive you. Just meet me outside on the ramp at six."

The waiter came and Dr. Cox picked up the tab. He climbed out of the booth seat first, and before he could turn around, Jayden grabbed his behind again.

"Oh!" He said in surprise.

"Goose!" She said playfully as she got up to stand beside him. He laughed/sighed.

"Why?" He asked, shaking his head, trying to hold back a smile.

"Because you leave yourself open for attack that's why." She said as she started to walk in front of him, teasing him by shaking her booty. He reached to goose her back, but she put her hands over her behind so he couldn't.

"It's called the element of surprise Dr." She turned and walked towards the door. Dr. Cox stood there for a second, melting for the girl he thought was so sexy, but so full of energy and zest.

"You coming? We only have a few minutes before our breaks end." She said. He came back into reality, and followed her out to his car.

"Yo vanilla bear."

"What's up brown bear?"

"Lookit what I got my favorite white chocolaty buddy!" Turk said, pulling two tickets out of his pocket and waving them in J.D.'s face. It lit up with joy as he realized what it was.

"No way! Journey tickets!"

"I know!" Turk yelled. They hugged each other, jumping up and down as they did so. When they broke apart, J.D. asked:

"Dude how did you get these, I heard the concert was sold out!"

"It was the weirdest thing. Some smelly hobo came up to me, said he'd pick-pocketed a guys wallet, and these were in it. We talking front row baby!"


They jumped around the nurse's station excitedly. From behind, Dr. Cox came up and started jumping and celebrating with them.

"Oh that is so fantastic Katrina!" He said sarcastically.

"I know!" J.D. answered. Dr. Cox stopped jumping, and whistled in his ear.

They both stopped and looked at him.

"Oh gosh Mrs. and Mrs. LaFonda, so sorry to interrupt your little love dance, but I need Natalie here to come and pronounce a patient who she was supposed to be taking care of, but instead was celebrating over some little queer thing you two are going to do together."

"Mrs. Lynski died? How? I had nurses check up on her every half hour." J.D. said seriously.

"No need to treat it like a quagmire of epic proportions, after all, it is just a woman who had dozens of close and loving friends. One of them, of course, being a very well known lawyer."

Turk walked away quietly. J.D. checked his beeper to make sure it was working and Dr. Cox yawned sarcastically.

"Okay let's rap this little baby fest up Newbie. The woman had terminal lung cancer, ya couldn't have done anything if you'd actually known a thing or two about modern medicine. Although that bastard lawyer might try to skin you, chances are he won't find anything."


"Atta girl. Now I've gotta be going in a minute to go home and get ready for a romantic date with a woman who's type I've never been with before."

"Did you check with Ken from pediatrics to see if you were a good match?" J.D. asked as they began walking down the hall.

"Yes I did and he said when the date is over, we'll be having a bangtastic night. Now, I'm going to give you a few of my patients to watch over, please do not kill them." He said, handing J.D. a few charts.

"Sure." J.D. said as he watched Dr. Cox walk away. It was weird. He seemed happy, almost peaceful.

"Thanks for the ride Dr. Cox I-"

"It's Perry. Just because I'll rip others heads off for calling me Perry doesn't mean I'll take yours off cutie."

They got into his Porsche, and Jayden said:

"Okay, Perry. So where are we going for our date?" Dr. Cox put his seatbelt on and the key in the ignition.

"We are going to go to Le Caveneau. Personally I don't care for French, but the setting is romantic, and the corner booth I reserved is pretty private so no little nose-picking four year olds can stick their head over the back of my seat and puke on me."

Jayden laughed.

"Snotty little brats. Don't you just want to pick them up and strangle them?" Dr. Cox laughed hard at this, obviously finding it very funny.

"Hah, gosh Jordan you are so sexy!" He sighed and turned the car on.

"What did you just call me?" She asked, a little annoyed.

"Jayden." He answered, believing he'd in fact called her Jayden.

"No...no, you called me Jordan."


"I did?"

"Kind of."

"Ah geez sorry Jay. I guess you just sounded so much like a friend of mine that I didn't realize who I was talking to." He lied. She couldn't know Jordan was his ex-wife. She'd freak out.

"It's fine. Can we go?" She asked a little impatiently.

"Yes we can." He backed his car out of the space, put it in drive, and left the parking lot.

"So everyone in the hospital calls you a jackass. But I don't get it, is it some sort of 'big bad wolf' act you put on to make people afraid of you?"

"I can't help it. I actually started to act like that when I became an Attending, just to, you know, freak the interns out a little...but I've never been able to stop."

"Sure you can't. Then why are you so nice to me."

"You? You're something else that's why. Usually I would try to break someone like you's spirit. Maybe it's because I think you are so incredibly sexy that I don't even care how soft I look when I'm being nice to you, or maybe I think you could actually help me out a lot with being such a huge jackass. Then again, maybe it's just because I want someone to care about me again."

"Well maybe you can get all three." She flirted.

"That would be one handsome deal." He said, smiling.

"Then I guess it's a good thing you're so good-looking...otherwise you wouldn't get that deal."

"That didn't even make sense."

"I don't care."

"Huh." He said to himself.

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Dr. Cox is frustrated from being turned down by Jayden, but that doesn't stop him. He's still acting like his old self by mocking J.D. but seems to have an added peacefulness..