Once upon a time, as all stories begin, there was a town which existed in a prosperous land. The town was small enough so that everyone knew each other but large enough so that secrets could still be kept.

"Did you hear? The milkmaid was caught kissing the baker's son behind his shop."

"I heard that the mandarin's wife dyes her hair but claims it's natural."

"The caretaker of horses is being brought to trial for selling the king a lame horse!"

Well, the more subtle secrets can be kept.

What is not a secret is that whenever someone was fed up they would declare:

"I am going to live in the kingdom of the cats!"

Now oftentimes the person who said that statement would end up halfway down the lane before turning around. Occasionally a person would travel to the cat kingdom, stay for a few days and end up back at home.

These people are easily forgotten and are not worth mentioning. One girl, however, defied the odds so much that a tale was woven around her experience.

This is her story.