Extreme Time Twist by CharmingSlayer Chapter One: Back to Basics I

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AN: This story is the sequel of To the Past From the Future, if you haven't read that you will be confused. Please enjoy and review!

Rose smiled across the table at her husband, the Doctor. They were enjoying a rare night to themselves and were currently relaxing at a restaurant in Cardiff, while the TARDIS recharged. Jack Harkness had happily volunteered himself and Martha for babysitting duty for their five children: Alex, Abby, James, Sam and Diana. Taking a bite of her pasta, Rose sighed happily, savoring the peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant.

Reaching across the table, the Doctor squeezed Rose's hand gently and grinned happily as she smiled at him. His grin widened when his wife softly said, "I love you Doctor." Grinning at her, he leaned across the table and brushed a kiss to her lips softly. Sitting back, he ignored the people looking at them with smiles, they probably thought they were newly weds or something. Nope, she had been married to him for more than fifteen years, only a few years after he got her back.
"I love you, Rose Tyler," he told her with a smile.

Sighing happily, Rose sat back and smiled, "It's nice to have a night to ourselves," she smiled and shook her head, "The last time we tried to have a night out we just found trouble." She watched him frown, knowing that he was trying to call up the right memory. The moment he found it she knew it by the grin that took over his face. "That revolution on Vexwer," he informed her with a grin.
"You started that revolution Doctor," Rose said, raising an eyebrow, "Then you nearly got us killed on the moon Triton." Her husband shrugged,
"So we landed in 2913 instead of 2813 when Triton had fallen out of contact with Earth and had regressed back to deranged primitives," the Doctor pouted and Rose just shook her head at him.

Suddenly, Rose noticed the Doctor flinch across from her as he grabbed the edges of the table. His knuckles were white as he grit his teeth to avoid attracting extra attention. "Time Ripple," he hissed to her, "It will pass." Rose bit her lip and made herself sit still for a moment longer as the Doctor slowly relaxed. Seeing the worried look on her face, the Doctor smiled at her and took her hand, "It's over love, I'm fine."

None the less, they quickly paid for dinner and started back to the TARDIS. Rose kept a tight hold on the Doctor's hand. "Are you sure you're alright," she questioned gently, "I haven't seen you like that since..." Rose trailed off and frowned for a moment before gasping and spinning to look at the Doctor. "Wait you said Time Ripple!" The Doctor nodded,
"Yes Rose"
"You mean like last time?" Rose asked gently, "Right before..." The Doctor nodded calmly and squeezed her hand,
"Don't worry, I'm sure-"

The Doctor was cut off by Rose's cell phone ringing. She dug into her purse frantically, knowing that only a few people had that number and they only called in emergencies. Frowning in concern when Jack's name appeared on the caller id, Rose flipped open the phone, "What is it Jack"
"Rose..." Jack trailed off on the other end, "Rose the kids are gone." Her eyes widened,
"What do you mean gone?" The Doctor blinked in surprise at the conversation,
"Martha and I were watching them but then all five of them just vanished." The Doctor took the phone from Rose and smiled at her,
"Calm down Rose," he winked at her as he started talking to Jack, "We know where they are"
"You do?" Jack asked, clearly surprised. Nodding to his wife, the Doctor replied,
"Relax Jack, the kids are fine and in safe hands," he chuckled as Rose giggled, "Ours."

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