Bad Luck meets Gundam's Wing

Chapter seven

An Ending

Dear Diary,

This trip to Japan is one I would like to never forget…at least the time I've spent with my brother, his friends, the Bad Luck band members and of course I never want to forget my boyfriend, Kale. My friend Jacen e-mailed today warning me to be careful and being all worried that Kale would hurt me in some way. I wrote back telling him to calm down and if Kale ever did hurt me, in some way, he could have what ever was left of him after my brother got to him first.

I almost don't want to leave Kale, but my brother would never allow it…we're all the family we have left. Any way…

My brother's band almost had to cancel their concert. Someone actually trashed Wufei's drum set, but then being the talented scholarly musician I know he is, Wufei confiscated a few metal chairs from who knows where. He drummed on those chairs with his drum sticks through out the whole concert and every song sounded great! My brothers awesome and so are his friends. After the concert Kale took me out for ice cream, but we didn't stay very long. I was dead tired and dreading getting up for the early morning plane back to the states.

I love Kale. He's really awesome and my friends are going to so jealous when I tell them about him. Speaking of friends, Chloe phoned me from her hotel telling me that her fiancé has decided to yield to her originally suggested wedding date, Friday the 13th in October. Spooky huh? Not really, though it is Chloe. She likes allot of horror movies and stuff.

Right now, I'm on the plane back home. According to the pilot we're going to be in the states soon. I miss Kale already…and I pray I'll get an e-mail from him the next time I check my inbox.

~ Chihiro Yuy

AN: What did you think of this ending for the story? I would like to know what you think before I think about writing a sequal to this story.