Aster was driving along one brisk,fall evening. He was just relaxing and listening to the radio.

"And don't forget our Addams Family Marathon TONIGHT!" The announcer said.

"I can't believe that show is still on," Aster said to himself. "Anything about a moving hand and a giant furball isn't something I want to watch."

Then, the car broke down.

"Wonderful.." he said as he walked out of his car.

Two flats.

Nearby, there was a little, house. It looked abandoned. It had cobwebs and "Do Not Enter" signs all around its borders. But, this didn't stop the silver haired boy.

"Maybe there is someone inside..."

He went to the door and pulled on a rope, which he assumed was the doorbell. A vine grabbed his feet and made him dangle upside down.

"What the." was all he said. A large, tall man answered the door, but due to his current position, Aster couldn't see his face.

"You rang?" he said in a deep voice.

"My car broke down," Aster said. "Can I use a phone?"

The man said nothing. He took out a knife.

Aster gulped.

He cut the rope and let Aster drop on his head.

"WOAH!" he yelled. As he gathered himself up, he said, "Thanks, ma–ZANE?!"