I can't take it anymore, Aster thought as he laid in a room with his arm in a cast. This family is going to KILL me! I got to escape!

The Atticus hand entered the room.

"Why so glum, dude?" he asked.

"I need to get home," Aster said. "I have to..uh...get to a Halloween party."

"PARTY?! DUDE! Can I come?"

"Of course," Aster smiled. "But you have to get me out of here without anyone knowing..."


The hand jumped up and Aster shook it.

"Here's what you have to do..."


Aster was heading for the door, with his hand in his pocket, when Zane stopped him.


"I'm going to see how my car is doing," Aster replied to the questioning butler.


"Why not?" Aster smiled.

While they were talking, Atticus climbed up on Zane's shoulder. He tapped it. Zane turned his head towards him.

"Do you have a headache?" Atticus asked.

"Why?" Zane asked.

Aster took out a hammer that he was hiding and knocked Zane unconscious.

"Just wondering," Atticus said.

"So," Aster said. "That takes care of our "Lurch Problem." What about Jess– I mean Fester?"


Jesse was whistling and playing with all the wires of Aster's car. The electric shocks really didn't seem to bother him.

Aster looked over his shoulder.

"Howdy!" Jesse greeted the silver-haired boy.

"How's my car?" Aster asked.

"Uhm..." Fester took up some wires in his hand.

Atticus attempted to jump in Fester's hand, but the wires gave him an electric shock!

He can turn into a foot. He can turn into a hand. Whatever it is, you'll never see Atticus Rhodes turn into a BRAIN! Aster thought.

"You all right, Thing?" Jesse asked as he picked up the hand.

Aster took the wires from Jesse's hand and shocked him. Jesse fell backwards. Aster ran back into the house.

Blaire, Alexis, Chumley, Jaden, and Alice all stood around a, now awake, Zane.

"Something wrong, Aster?" Jaden asked.


Jesse came into the room. His lightbulb was glowing brightly.

"Quite a shock you gave me there!" Jesse laughed.

They closed in on Aster. He let out a scream of pure terror.

He opened his eyes, and saw that he was in the DA nurse office.


Jaden and the gang entered the room.

"GOMEZ!" Aster yelled. "What happened?"

"Gomez?" Jaden asked. "Man, you must've hit your head too hard."

"What?" Aster asked.

"You fell at the Halloween Party while we we watching the Addams Family," Alexis explained.

"I think you slipped on an ice cube," Atticus said, who now had his body back. "That's something I would've done!"

"So," Aster said. "It was a dream?"

Zane turned and left the room. When he was alone in the hallway, he took off his Obelisk shirt and revealed his butler outfit.

"That's what he'd like to think..." Zane said in an eerie voice. "Happy Halloween..."