Author's Note: This story picks up where Family Matters left off. Before you read this make sure you read Family Matters so you know what is going on. This is Co-authored with LightOnAHill. Enjoy! R&R!

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Chapter 1

The first thing Samantha noticed was that she was alone. Then that she was in a hospital. Turning her head slightly, she felt dizzy. Sighing she slowly got up, ignoring the pain and dizziness. The door opened before Samantha had a chance to get to it. Her mother and her brother and sisters rushed in.

"Oh Samantha are you okay?" Octavia asked as she pulled her into a hug.

"I don't know mother. I feel dizzy. Where's daddy?" Samantha asked. "He's in the other room talking with your grand father Jedadiah. He's is still sleeping," Octavia said.

Processing all this, "Is grandpa Octavius alright?" Samantha asked.

Octavia ramained silent for a moment, "To tell you the truth Samantha. I don't know," Octavia whispered chocking back tears.

Steve looked up at the both of them. "Don't worry! He'll be okay!" he said cheerfully. Samantha and Octavia had to laugh.

Their laughing went dead silent, once Sam walked in. He was pale and looking grimm.

Octavia walked over to him, "Is...he?"

Looking in her eyes, "I'm sorry Octavia..." Sam whispered.

Tears streamed down Octavia's face, "N-no...Oh Sam no!" She cried, Sam holding her tightly, as Octavia sobbed into his chest.

"Honey he isn't dead. He is in a coma but he might not make it," Sam said.

Samantha couldn't believe this was happening. It couldn't be happening. One of the people she loved most in this world couldn't be dying. "Daddy...please tell me it's not true," Samantha said.

Sam knelt beside her.

"I'm sorry sweetie but it is," Sam said. Samantha shook her head with tears.

"No your lieing," Samantha said, "YOUR LIEING!"

Samantha ran from the room, but instead ran into her Grandfather Jedadiah. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She hugged him as she began to cry. Jedadiah hugged her back. Not knowing what just happened.

"What is going on?" He asked.

Looking up at him, "Wha-what do you mean?" Samantha asked.

"Why are you crying?" Jedidiah asked.

"You...don't know?" Samantha whispered.

"Know what?"

"Grandpa die!" Samantha cried, breaking into more sobbs.

"What?!" Jedadiah yelled.

"Now pa don't fly off the handle," Sam said.

"Oh why not?! My best friend is dying i want to know why!" Jedadiah demanded.

"You, Octavius, and Samantha got in an accident!" Sam yelled.

Jed stayed deathly silent.

"W-who was...driving?" Jedidiah asked.

Looking to the ground, "You," Sam whispered.

Jed went pale. He was the one who was responsible for almost killing his first grand child and now probably his best friend. Jed lowered him self into a chair.

' What have I done?' Jed thought, ' I've probably killed my best friend and I didn't even know it.'

"It's all my fault..." Jedidiah muttered.

Shaking his head, "No it ain't Pa," Sam replied.

"Yes it is Sam!!" Jedidiah yelled, "I almost killed little Samantha and now Octavius might die! And why? Just because I wanted to have a little fun!"

"Pa it wasn't your fault! You were trying to make your granddaughter happy on her birthday! What happened was an accident! It was just an accident! That is all it is! No one blames you!" Sam yelled.

Jedadiah studied Sam's face for awhile before his face finally relaxed.

"Your right," Jedadiah said.

Still feeling horrible, Jed looked up at Sam. "Can I see him?"

"Yes, he's in the other room, come on Samantha, let's get you back in bed."

With that the two left. Sam and Jedadiah walked into Octavius' room. When Jed saw Octavius he almost started crying. Octavius laid there in the cot. He didn't have a shirt instead he had wrappings covering his torso. He was as pale as the sheets that covered him. Jedadiah could barley see his chest rise and fall beneath the sheets.

"What is Octavius condidtion?" Jed asked.

" not likely to make it Pa," Sam replied.

Jedidiah began to ball. Sam felt that his Pa needed to be alone with Octavius. He quitely left the room. Jedadiah sat down in a chair that was beside Octavius' bed. He picked up Octavius' hand and rubbed it gently. "Oh Octavius I'm so sorry. It is my fault you are like this. I know it was an accident but I still feel responsible," Jedadiah said.

Jed sat in silence for a moment just staring at Octavius.

"Octavius please wake up. I need you to. I need to know you will pull through this. Besides who will watch the army and keep me in line if you aren't around? Please just wake up," Jedadiah pleaded.

Octavius gave no response. Jed laid his down on Octavius' bed and let his emotions go.