AN: Sorry for all the facts and stuff first but before the story ya might want to know a little about the new characters first. This story is a Fast and Furious 1,2, and three eventually and a crossover from Holes and Gone in 60 Seconds with three new OC s My Oc 's are Nellie O'Connor, Jody JoJo O'Connor, and Tyrie. I do not own any of the characters from Holes or FatF except for my Oc s. I do not want any burns or mean reviews if you think my story is that bad then maybe you should email me privately. FIRST PAGE IS DONE YAY STORY STARTING NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!

TIMELINE For Jody and Nellie

Born on Sept. 4th, 1984 Parents killed at age 10 October 11,1994 Brian adopted

them at the age of 12 Sept. 13, 1996 Oct. 14, 1998, Girls went to Juvi for Boosting

cars and other various accounts Oct. 20 1998, Girls met Alan for the first time at Juvi. He

became their best friend Oct.19,2000, Girls released from their fiftieth Juvi facility

Nov. 2000, O'Conner's moved in with Rome in Barstow Nellie has Tyrie at age 17

Dec. 24, 2001 Fast and the Furious May-June 2001 Girls get revenge on the Trans May

22,2002 Girls go to Camp Greenlake May 2002-2004 2 Fast and 2 Furious June-July

2003 Tyrie lives with mom Nellie and aunt Jody at Greenlake for a week May 2004,

Girls go back home to Barstow with all the Greenlake boys after each one gets out of

Greenlake June 2004, Girls meet Roman's, Brian's, and get back together with their whole

crew Fast and the Furious: Tokoyo Drift June-August 2006

Nellie Rose O'Conner

Gender: Female

Age: 17/18

Birthdate: Sept. 4, 1984

Description: White girl with long wavy brown hair down to her waist with black, auburn, and

silver blue highlights. Her eyes are mostly green, brown, and silver. The clothes she usually

wears are some boy clothes and regular girl clothes Like Letty without

the skirts and she almost always wears a Camouflage hat or bandana on. For jewelry she wears

on her right wrist a ponytail, a silver engraved bracelet, and15-30 armbands. On her left wrist

she has a watch and three charm bracelets. On her neck is a dog heart chain, a hoop necklace, a

N diamond necklace, and dogtags. She has her belly button pierced, her left eyebrow pierced,

her nose on the right side, ears pierced, and her left and right cartilages. Her height is 5' 3 ½".

Her weight is unknown. Nellie has 16 tattoos. Before Greenlake she has a wolf on the right inner

ankle, pixie on lower back with the word PIXIE under it, a unicorn/horse on her right shoulder,

Brian's name on her left wrist, Jody's name above Brian's, a tiger on her left outer ankle, a sun

and moon on her left shoulder, Artemis above left inner ankle, volleyball on right inner ankle,

Chevrolet brand on her upper butt, dagger and gun on her left hand, VIRGO in black block

letters across her upper back. She has a butterfly on her left side of lower stomach, Drifting

Princess DP on her upper left breast.

Family/Crew: Older Brother: Brian O' Connor

Older Sister: Jody O' Connor

Roman Pearce

Child: Tyrie O'Connor-Pearce

Reason going to Camp Green lake: Nobody wanted her because her sister and her had gone to

Juvi for a alot of charges and they threatened people with their switchblades and lighters. Also

murdering two people with her sister. Child Tyrie can visit themNellie & Jody in Greenlake.

Nicknames: Baby O'Connor, Pixie, Tempest at Camp Greenlake, Artemis, and Drifting


Warning: Has a bad temper. Will threaten anybody that makes fun of her or her family.

If anybody tries to touch her silver bracelet or dog tags she will beat them up. Has a

black belt in karate and reigning champ in tag team wrestling/boxing. If she has her

temper STAY AWAY!!!!!

Jody Ann O'Connor

Sex: Female

Age: 17/18 2002

Birthday: Sept. 4, 1984

Description: White girl with shoulder length straight brown hair with blond highlights and green

eyes. She is usually wearing are mostly girly girl like skirts and tube tops (AN: no offense to girls

that wear these) but has an occasional time where she has no skin showing like when she's in a

t-shirt and jeans. For jewelry she usually wears a shell necklace and a ring on her left middle

finger. She is 5' 6 1/2" and her weight is unknown. Jody's nicknames are JoJo, Flirt, and Street

Racing Princess.She has 12 piercings: 3 on the back of her neck, lip pierced twice, nose, her left

eyebrow twice, cartiliages on both ears once and ears pierced twice, and her belly button.She

has 9 tattoos: black tiger on her right shoulder blade, She has 9 tattoos: a black tiger on her right

shoulder, a tiger ripping out of her middle back, 5 stars under her left arm, barbwire around her

right bicep, bomb on her lower thumb, yellow and lime green dragon wings on her upper

back,JoJo on her chest in black gothic letters and Pepsi symbol on her right inner ankle. She

has SRP (Street Racing Princess) on her forearm and a cirlce around her belly button.

Family/Crew: Older Brother Brian O'Connor

Younger twin sister Nellie O'Connor

Sister's Ex-Boyfriend Roman Pearce

Nephew Tyrie O'Connor-Peacre

Reason for going to Greenlake: Nobody wanted her and her sister because her sister and her

had gone to Juvi for jacking cars anf they threatened people with their switchblades and lighters.

Also because she and her sister murdered two people. Baby nephew can visit them at


Warning: If somebody makes fun of her she will flirt with males and seduce them to do her bidding. (Gang beat etc. the person or group)

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