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Danny sighed, sitting weightlessly on the edge of someone's umbrella. He was both invisible and intangible, head resting on his hands, elbows on his knees.

He sighed again, no air entering or leaving his lungs. Breathing was an old habit, he would learn to forget it in the end, after all, even a half-ghost didn't need to, but for now it seemed appropriate.

His life, and afterlife, had been changed completely, with just one moment.

So now he watched the people all dressed in black come to scatter handfuls of dirt on the coffin after it was lowered into the open tomb, and the diggers neatly pat down the surface, and his mother sink a small plant pot of snowdrops into the dirt near the headstone.

He read the words again, etched into the stone, and sighed, again…

…After all, it was pretty morbid, coming to your own funeral.

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