A.N. Hey all! Sorry I've not updated in a while, but I ran out of ideas and I had coursework to do (evil evil). But here's a preview of an upcoming story I've had in the works for a while, It's called Homecoming, and in my version Danny is wrongly accused, but, as with all of these, you can adopt and expand on it as you see fit. Make him evil, make him insane, make him full ghost! Go bananas!



Amity Park, it's a nice place to live, and so the sign on the city outskirts reads, the holographic words reassuring every new arrival of their safety under the soap-bubble like dome of the Amity Park ghost shield. Of course, ghosts still find ways to get through, in fact there are probably more under the shield than outside it, and every citizen carries a ghost weapon, but you wouldn't expect any less from the most haunted place in America.

Today is a special day; the hundredth anniversary of the day Danny Phantom was defeated and captured once and for all. Today the streets are decked in bright colours, and even brighter floats carry people, smiling and waving at the crowds. These are the descendants of the legendary Fentons, whose son, Danny, disappeared the same day that Phantom was captured, and are here to honour the sacrifice he made to keep the town safe from the menace of the ghost boy.


Far from the fun and happiness of the celebrations, a battered cylinder of metal stands, it is many years old, and inside it resides the spirit that was caught one hundred years ago this fateful day. Too dangerous and too powerful to be released to study, he has been locked inside the Fenton thermos, behind walls of three foot steel with no door, in an underground room with no above ground access and no clues as to its whereabouts from the outside. Of course, a chunk of metal can only hold for so long, and when the metal starts to crack…


A glowing green fissure appeared, not as long as a human fingernail, but it quickly spread and soon the tightly fastened lid of the thermos split in two, leaving the ghost inside free, for ten feet of solid rock and metal is no problem for somebody who can turn intangible.

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