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(( No one P.O.V))

23 year old Gabriella Montez stepped out of the Albuquerque International Airport on a Saturday morning with her 1 and a half year old son, Alexander David Montez , Alex for short, by her side. She had left her life back in New York City for good not bearing the life there anymore. She never liked it there anyway. Sure she had friends but she was never close to any one of them, not even her ex-boyfriend, Robert, whom she recently broke up with after he cheated on her and left her for the woman he'd been having an affair with the past six months. She always wanted to live in a quiet, peacefull town away from NY craziness to raise her son so she decided to move out and come live with her mother, Maria Montez here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Gabriella inhaled the fresh air of Albuquerque and looked around at her new hometown searching for her mother who would be picking her up. Wow. The air in this town is so refreshing and clear unlike the polluted air back in NY, and the people here look so friendly, she thought as she glanced at all the people warmly welcoming friends and relatives. She felt a slight tug on her arm and looked down to face her son, Alex.

"Mommy, when is gwandma comming?" he asked. Gabriella smiled sweetly at him. Alex is a clever, cute little boy with curly dark hair and chocolate brown eyes which he inherited from his mother. He has his father's light skin, but other than that he looked nothing like his father. He also had his mother's intelligence and personality, shy and sweet, not to mention his cute little smile that could melt any adult's heart.

"I don't know sweetie. She could be here any moment" Gabriella replied.

"But I'm tierd!" whined Alex. Gabriella laughed and bent low to pick him. She let his head fall on her shoulder so he could sleep. It was now 4:15 pm,(I dont know the time zone so lets just say that NY have about the same time) Alex's nap time and he would usually get grumpy and whiney if he didnt get his sleep.

"Go to sleep honey, and I'll wake you up when we get home" she whispered softly in his ears. Alex yawned and nodded his head in response before closing his heavy eyes and falling asleep on his mother's shoulder. She placed a soft kiss on his forehead and continued searching for her mother.

"Gabriella!" Gabriella spun around and grinned when she saw her mother running towards her.

"Mami!" Maria Montez engulfed her daughter in a big hug, carefull not to wake the toddler sleeping in her arms. Maria pulled back but kept her hands on her daughter's arms. Both woman had tears in their eyes.

"Oh Gabi! Look at you! How have you been? Oh my! Is that little Alex?" she asked, setting her eyes on the sleeping toddler. Gabriella nodded her head smiling, happy to see her mother again. Last time she saw her mother was about a year and half ago when Alex was just three moths old.

"Oh my he looks so grown up since the last time I saw him!" exclaimed Maria happily. "Gabriella how have you been? You look so thin and pale?" her mother asked, her eyes full of worry and concern at her daughter's health. Gabriella smiled and shook her head.

"I'm ok mom, really. Now comon, let's get going." She went to grab the handler of her suitcase but got stopped by her mother.

"Don't. You already have a toddler in your ams and I'm sure your exhausted after the trip. I'll just get a trolly and get your suitcases. Here's the car keys. I parked the car nearby. It's a red 2005 Mini Cooper" Maria handed her daughter the car keys and went to find a cart in the airport. Gabriella picked up her handbag and Alex's diaper bag and headed towards the parking lot infront of the airport gates. She found her mother's car and unlocked the door, dumped the bags in the backseat and sat in the passanger seat with Alex peacefully sleeping on her lap, his head resting on her right shoulder. Maria came a few minutes later with Gabriella's suitcases and dumped them in the car trunk before sitting in the driver's seat. She started the car and they were off in the highway. The ride was silent with a few conversations here and there. Maria turned a corner and they were driving in a cute and peacefull neighborhood. Gabriella watched in amazement at how peacefull the place was. She doesnt remember any of this. She also knew that she made the right decision of moving here.

"Mom, is this our neighborhood?" she asked. Maria nodded her and smiled.

"Why? Have you expected something more?" her mother teased. Gabriella shook her head and giggled.

"Not at all. This is way better than what I have expected. It is so quiet and peacefull in here." Maria pulled over in a driveway infront of a two-story house. Gabriella stepped out of the car with Alex still nestled in her arms. She gasped quietly at the sight infront of her. It was a beautiful red-bricked house with a huge garden at the side. The grass was freshly mowed and there was a set of swings and a slide apparently for Alex. There was also a couple of wooden tables and benches along with a barbeque grill. Maria has repaired the house and remodeled the garden and it looked as beautiful as ever. Maria stood next to her daughter and was imdetialy engulfed in a hug.

"Oh mother thank you! You didnt have to bother with the swings and all." Marie smiled softly and shook her head.

"I wanted to. I wanted my grandson to have the best. Now lets start getting your bags since its almost dinner time."

"OK. Let me just go put Alex to bed. Is my room still in the same place?" Maria nodded her head. "Second door on your left" Gabriella headed toward the newly panted fence and opened the gate. She walked up the steps and opened the front door and was imediatly welcomed with smell of freshly baked cookies. She has never felt so at-home till now. Back in New York, her apartment gave her the creeps and she never felt safe in it. But at her mother's house, her house, she felt safe and at-home. She walked upstairs and opened the second door to her left. She stood at the doorway and faced the room which she occupied 7 years ago. It hasn't changed much. The walls were a light shade of pink. Her wooden desk stood at the right between the bedroom door and her bathroom's door along with some of the books she left neatly arranged on it. Her king sized bed was covered in new, clean purple bedsheets with two wooden nightstands on each side of the bed. A softy, fluffy purple rug covered the middle part of the room. On the left side stood a baby blue crib with a matching changing table next to it. Her wooden dresser stood at the left corner with a vase of flowers on top of it. On the far right side were a double French doors that lead to a balcony. Gabriella walked over to the crib and carfully placed Alex in it after taking off his shoes and socks. She covered him with the blue blanket and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. She then headed towards the dresser and picked up the card from the vase.

Welcome Home Ella! This is something to welcome you with.

Love always, Mom.

Gabriella had a wide smile on her face. She has the most wonderful mother in the world. She was so caring and loving and had always been there for Gabriella. She heard her mother call her name from downstairs. She put back the card and rushed down the stairs.

"Thank you so much mami for the flowers, the crib and everything" she hugged her mother and kissed her cheek. Maria smiled and shook her head.

"Ella its no big deal. Now why dont you go upstairs and unpack while I make dinner. Call me if you need anything" Gabriella nodded her head and picked up the suitcases to take them to her room. By the time Maria called Gabriella for dinner, she had already unpacked both her and Alex's stuff. She glanced at her digital clock that stood on her nightstand and the numbers read 6:48. Wow. Time goes by fast these days. She headed downstairs to the kitchen. The kitchen hasn't changed much with its white walls and wooden colored cabinets and countertops. A table of 4 stood in the middle. Gabriella started to set the table while Maria served the food which consisted of a salad bowl, a plate of lasagna, some orange juice and the homemade chocolat-chip cookies that Maria baked everytime Gabriella comes to visit.

"So have you done all your packing?" asked Maria as she and her daughter took their seats at the table.

"Yep. But I still need a few things to buy from the story since I left many things back in NY. Oh and I also need a highchair for Alex" Maria suddenly clasped her hands on her forehead.

"Oh I knew I forgot something while I went furniture shopping for Alex! How could I forget a high -"

"Mom. Its ok really. You've done more than enough. I'll go shopping with Alex tomorrow. Then im thinking about applying for a job as a science and math teacher at East High. I've searched about it on the net and it seemed like a pretty good school. What do you think mom?"

"Oh yes. It's a very well known school here in Albuquerque. And im glad that your trying to settle in so fast. Why dont you go to that school while I go shopping with Alex. I dont have any work now since I took the weekend off to help you move in" Gabriella smiled gratefully at her mother.

"Thanks mom. But are you sure? I mean I dont want you having to be stuck babystitting Alex" exclaimed Gabi.

"Oh Ella. What kind of a person would I be to miss a chance to get to know my grandson more? I'm positive. Dont worry." Suddenly, a loud crying noise rang throughout the Montez's household.

"Oh thats Alex. I'll be right back" Gabriella stood up and hurried up the stairs to her room where she found Alex sittng in his crib crying.

"Hey sweetie. Shhh..mommy's here." She picked him up gently and paced around the room to calm him down. His sobs turned into hiccups as he calmed down. Gabriella wiped his tears away.

"Now how about we change your clothes? I'm sure you'd like some thing fresh to wear" she said as she opened the top drawers of her dresser where she kept Alex's clothes. Alex nodded his silently. Gabriella changed his clothes into a pair of jeans and a red T-shirt. She picked him up and headed downstairs to the kitchen where she found her mother washing her dish. She turned her head towards the kitchen doorway and grinned when she saw her grandson.

"Aww Gabi! Oh my he's grown so much! He looks just like you"

"Alex say hi to grandma" Alex smiled shyly and waved his tiny hands. Maria wiped her hands on a paper towel and extended her arms to pick up Alex.

"Hii baby boy. How old are you?" asked Maria playfully. Alex showed her 1 finger and smiled proudly. Gabriella giggled at his response and continued her dinner.

"Ooh. What a big boy. Grandma has a surprise for you, would you like to see it?" Alex furiously nodded his head, apparently excited to see his gift. Gabriella gave her mother a stern look.

"Mom. You really didnt have to-"

"Not a word Ella. I'm going to spoil this kid and I shall not hear any complains from you" And with that she left the kitchen with Alex as Gabi rolled her eyes playfully and continued her dinner. Once she was done she stood up to wash the dishes when an excited Alex came running through the door followed by his smiling grandma.

"Mommy Mommy! Look! Gwanda got me a Twain!" He showed her the toy. Gabriella smiled thankfully at her mother.

"Alex, what do you say to Grandma?" Alex turned to face Maria with a huge grin in his face.

"Thank you Gwanda!" Maria bent down and hugged him.

"Aww your welcome sweetie."

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