Pickles was getting old.

Staring at his reflection in the mirror; the oldest member of Dethklok frowned, slowly reaching up to touch one of the heavy bags under his eyes.

There had been a time when those eyes had been lined with heavy black eyeliner, making him look almost exotic with his wild mane of red hair.


Grimacing, Pickles ran a hand over the top of his head, where the only hair left on top had been put into dreadlocks across it in a kind of metal version of a comb over.

Once upon a time, Pickles had been the owner of one of the biggest manes back in the days of hair bands. The fact that it also looked like his head was on fire was a bonus and his band mate Tony had sometimes compared him to the Biblical character Samson; the one who needed to keep his hair long to be strong.

And now look at it.

He was going bald and his hair only looked right when it was in dreadlocks now. He had tried to get it back into his old style when Snakes N' Barrels did their reunion concert, but it had looked so pathetic that he had been forced to put them back into their new dreadlocks.

"I am a mess…" he muttered to his reflection before opening the medicine cabinet to take out some of his weed for a late night smoke.

When he shut the cabinet again, he was surprised to find Toki standing behind him with a smile on his face.

"Toki, what..?"

Giggling softly, Toki suddenly produced a banana sticker from his pocket and he stuck it onto Pickles' arm.

"Feel better, Pickle!" he said before giving the drummer a kiss and leaving him alone once more.

Blinking, Pickles watched the second fastest guitar player leave his room before looking down at his arm and the sticker on it.

A small smile touched his lips as he lightly touched the sticker and he put the joint away as he went to follow after Toki.