HI! This is my first ever story about a T.V. show/cartoon/anime/whatever that I've actually taken the time to type. To tell you the truth this is actually an assignment from my creative writing class. ' This is the alternate ending of an episode of "I Love Lucy" I have no idea what episode it was and how it actually ends, I also have no idea if I got the characters right. And theres probably lots of mistakes but, Forgive me. This is probably the first and last time I write "I Love Lucy" So enjoy.

Just then Lucy knocked Ethel's purse off of the balcony. The two duos obviously didn't notice, but the lady behind them noticed. So entranced, in the show, that they didn't even notice the sound of the person who had been hit by the purse.

"Ow!" the person cried out, before several people hushed him.

After the shoe Ricky, Lucy, Fred, and Ethel came out with the crowd. Just as they thought the coast was clear their usher came up to them and said

"Hey! Aren't you two ladies the ones who were in the Paraides seats?" They all froze, none of them actually thought about the consequences of getting caught. Lucy was the first to recover, and put on the "innocent face"

"Sir, are you sure?" She asked. The usher paused for a moment, and then he spoke

"Yep, come with me."

Lucy and looked helplessly at Fred and Ricky.

Just then an idea popped into Fred's head.

"Say, whats your name?" Asked Fred.

The usher turned back to look at Fred

"Bob Wagner." was the answer.

"Yes, Bob, how much would it be to let the ladies go?" The usher, Bob, thought for a moment then he said

"Four hundred dollars."

Ricky, Lucy, Fred, and Ethel's eyes went wide, they all shouted at Bob

"FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS?!!?!" Bob winced then he grinned evilly.

"Yes, four hundred dollars, the chances of you having four hundred dollars is slim, so if you have four hundred dollars give it to me."

"No problem," Ricky said. Lucy, Ethel, Fred, and Bob looked at him surprised.

Ricky turned to Fred, "we can use your five hundred." Fred look appalled to be asked to give up most of the money he collected.

"What?!?" Fred asked rather loudly

.It took several more minutes to convince Fred to use four hundred out of his Five hundred.

"Ethel, where is your purse?" All of them at Ethel, she looked down at her empty hand and said.

"I, I don't know." All there hearts sank in despair, except for bob's of course.

Suddenly a man in black ran past them with a purse in hand, Ethel's purse!

"Stop that man!" Ethel shouted, "He has my purse!" Then the older woman, who was sitting behind them, came rushing past and tackled the man in black.

The older woman, known as Mrs. Paraid, got up, brushed her bangs out of her face, gave Ethel her purse back, and was on her way. All four of them stared dumbfounded at their strange luck.

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