Angel's Bedtime Story

Disclaimer: I don't own Riddick, sadly, Wolvie, Spike, the turtles or Starfish-who-is-not-starfish. These references are made from Pitch Black, Charlie's Angels, X-Men, Buffy the vampire slayer, the tv series, Men IN Black, Ninja Turtles and the girl down the street. DON'T SEW ME. I OWN LINT!
	Once apon a time there lived a dark blond haired girl in a house 
in a neighborhood. Next door lived one of her best friends who had really 
really blond hair and on the other side of town living on campus for reasons 
unknown was her other friend a sassy red head. One day the girls were out on 
the town on Main Street when four turtles came along with blue, purple, red 
and orange head bands and one of them was weird so the girls decided to shoot 
at them. So they stole some guns from the Men In Black universe and were happy 
with these cool weapons, except for the red head who was pissy she had gotten 
a little cricket of a gun until she shot it off, then she was overjoyed. So 
the girls went through the town shooting all they could find, men, women, 
children, dogs, ect...until they shot off the turtles masks and then noone 
could recognize who they were anymore since for some reason they dont' talk 
in this story. Maybe they're mute. Anyhow, in the process, the girls 
accidentally shot off a really hot platinum blond guys legs and so then he was 
in a wheelchair with no legs bleeding profusly all the way down main street seeing 
as how he and the turtles decided to follow the girls to see why they were so 

	The girls started down the street until they came apon a really weird 
monster creature that had claws and really huge teeth and a head shaped like 
a hammer. Then a man came out of nowhere and started fighting the monster 
and he had a shaved head and goggles and was really hot in those tight black 
pants and boots and nice black tank top. Then they started shouting, "Go 
man who's name we do not know! Go man who's name we do not know!" and the man 
eventually won against the creature by somehow breaking it's odd little 
neck and the girls ran over and were like, "Hurray for the man who's name we 
do not know!"	 

 The man said his name was Richard B. Riddick and he was 'damned 
proud' to be an escaped convict and murderer. So the girls called him that, 
well at first until the sassy red head who wasn't too fond of him started 
calling him Richard and the dark blond called him Riddick and the really 
really blond called him Starfish because she calls everyone Starfish, 
except for Starfish-who-is-not-Starfish, who is actually called Mary's 
daughter, Katie. 

	So the two blonds (light and dark), the sassy red head, Riddick (Starfish), 
Starfish-who-is-not-Starfish (she came along too), the man in a wheelchair with 
no legs bleeding profusly all the way down Main street and the four turtles 
who's names we do not know because their headbands got knocked off and for some 
reason they don't speak in this story started down the street until they came 
apon a huge mansion that was actually in Westchester, New York, though noone 
was exactly sure how they got from Oklahoma Main street to Westchester 
in a few seconds, but lets not linger, eh? Then the really really blond 
girl started going nuts 
and doing a strange monkey on crack dance in circles to get the doors to open.


	The dark blond and the red head who were not so stupid knocked on 
the door.

	A bald guy opened the door in a cool electric wheel chair and the man 
with no legs bleeding profusly wished he had one of those.

	"Welcome to Xavier's School For the Gifted." he said. Then the girls 
quickly blew him away and walked through the mansion followed by the people 
who's names are far too long to list since I've said them already, knocking 
people down until they came to a really cool hot guy who was kinda short and 
had his dark hair up in two points and was flaunting his body like a muscle 
man. He said his name was 'Wolverine' he said and the girls called him that 
except for the really really blond who called him (duh) Starfish. Then 
the red head insisted on calling him Logan even though noone was quite sure 
how she knew his name....*dramatic music*.

	Then the three girls, Wolverine (Starfish), Riddick (Starfish too), 
Starfish-who-is-not-Starfish, the man in a wheelchair with no legs bleeding 
profusly and the four turtles who's names we do not know because their 
head bands got knocked off all linked arms and started skipping down the yellow 
brick road in a line, which when you think about how narrow the road was and 
the number of people was actually more like a semi-circle and the man in 
the wheelchair couldn't really skip, he could only hop on his wheels. So down 
the yellow brick road which was actually painted orange, but what the hey, 
they skipped/hopped until the really really blond girl suddenly screamed and ran 
of into the wild blue yonder. Then the red head ran off with the man in the 
wheelchair with no legs and had lots of babies in wheelchairs with no 
legs all named 'Washitooshimap'.

	The dark blond girl then got the turtles, Wolverine and Riddick 
and had a baby from the turtles which she named 'Leoraphtellangelo' because 
she wasn't sure who the father was and then had thousands more babies 
who were half eye/sun incompatable and half pointy haired wolf man. Then 
years later when the really really blond girl came back from her extrememly 
weird and long journey to Mars, she shared the men and the babies with the dark 
blond and they all lived happily ever after!!!!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Never let your friend who is high on monkey crack tell you 
a bedtime story at three in the morning!

Pictures of the three girls in the story! Not up yet!