The music was slow and moved about the room like smoke on air. It grew with a steady pace, louder and louder till not even one's breath could be heard.

Sarah dipped and swung around in her partner's embrace, she felt like a piece of gossamer delicately clinging to that one brick that it so desperately needed. Anchored to this man, she knew she would never leave. Not even if she so willed it to be.

Like a spider's web he had woven his enchantment, the twists and turns like the Labyrinth she was now wonderfully trapped in. She giggled but the sound was lost amongst the notes of the music. She had no memory of how she came to be there, in his arms surrendering like the rose relinquishes its blossom to be plucked. The only thing she was aware of was his hands, his body, his breath as it slowly climbed up her neck to reach her lips.

Waiting, gradually parting, she smiled. His lips brushed over hers like soft silk, but he knew how she longed and he loved playing games. He trailed his lips to her ear and lifted his head with not even a whisper to her. She moaned wishing he would be merciful and relieve the ache that was spreading over her body. But no he was a cruel man and she had known this, known and still she wanted him.

She pressed herself into him hoping he would understand. And understand he did, though he laughed at her. He parted their bodies and looked her over as though she had been a piece of flawlessly made pastry, and he was contemplating just where to bite first.

Her breath hitched in her throat and she knew what he had planned, she dreaded it and yet she could not help but want it. His hand moved to touch her cheek, slowly and carefully as though she had been made of powdered china he ran his hand down her throat, her shoulder and down to her hand. He plucked the small bit of flesh and bone from her side and brought it to his lips. Like fine lace on water his lips touched her and she sighed deeply.

Before she could think he thrust her in a spin and she landed on her back on the bed. The music had died down, or had their breathing grown louder? There was no time to contemplate this as he descended upon her with a wild smile. He looked more like the predator than she had remembered. Like a cobra he moved about her, the only thing left for her to do but watch. He would not leave anything left of her, not flesh, not a bone. And she could do nothing but welcome it.

Slowly, and with an annoyance much like being nagged, a noisy chiming echoed through the room. She groaned as it grew louder and louder till she could not ignore it. She fluttered her eyes open to the view of her white ceiling. A noise that could only be described as a cross between laugher and a scream wailed out from between her swollen lips.

It had been a dream, a dreadfully wonderful dream. She flung herself out of bed and sat at the window. This dream had haunted her for years, and for years she had known how truly real it was. He was watching her, torturing her. He was cruel, and even when making love to her he would be cruel. He wanted her to know, and she knew that when he did finally come she would not refuse him.

Let him be cruel, let him be merciless, she thought. But over all let him come, she knew not how much longer she could take this.


Author's Notes: Ok so a little treat for everyone while they wait for me to get the next chapter out for the other Labbys I am writing. I was just listening to White Rabbit, the darker remake, and thought of this.