Taking a break from "Key Through the Heart" and sharing some of the work I've been doing on The Fanfiction Forums. These are from an omake challenge issued from Epsilon, to write a short piece beginning with an assigned sentence. I wrote several of them, all unrelated to eachother. Just to give you guys something fun to read while "Key Through the Heart" is paused

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Laundry Shots

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, nor am I writing this for profit

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It was a tragedy that no one had a camera to capture Byakuya's expression. They'd probably never see that again.

Renji was already on the floor, sucking his thumb curled up in a fetal position. Ichigo cleared his throat.

"Ah... Hello, Byakuya... Didn't expect you back for... Another hour?"

Rukia nodded, also looking rather mortified.

Byakuya still couldn't say a word, eyes locked firmly on the fact that his sister was dressed in one of his uniforms, hair pieces and all (though the entire outfit was in shreds), while Ichigo Kurosaki, in full Bankai mode and a partial Hollow mask on his face, were on top of his desk. Together. And were they...?

Renji whimpered.

"For the record, I'm definitely not gay," Ichigo supplied. "It was Rukia's idea!"

"Well, being submissive and in a battle are real turn-!" Rukia began, only to fall silent as Byakuya turned around, and slowly walked away, that look of horror still stuck on his face.

Renji just sobbed and began to cry for his mommy.

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