Title: Who did it?

Rating: T for some violence and cussing

Pairings: Mainly Implied HibaTsuna, GokuTsuna, Tsuna/Haru

Summary: Everyone is meeting up at the school after it's closed and dark. Tsuna went to his house to retrieve something but when Tsuna arrives at the school beaten and with torn clothes, everyone believes that Hibari...what?!

Disclaimer: don't own this but i can draw hibari -smiles- thanks to Moto for editing! i heart you!

Reborn had demanded everyone to gather at the school after hours again, and Tsuna, as always, was getting tired of Reborn being so, well, bossy.

"Ne, Tsuna." Reborn's voice cut through his thoughts and Tsuna replied vaguely.

"Hm?" Reborn's eyes narrowed slightly. He then used Leon who had turned into a slingshot to smack Tsuna.

"Don't 'hm' me; you have no right to speak to your tutor that way. Go back to your house and get my suitcase from your room. I forgot it there when I was thinking of what to do today. You have to do it in fifteen minutes or you die."

"Hiee?! It takes longer that that to get to my house from here!" Already, Tsuna's body was moving away from Reborn and towards his house. Reborn fired a few shots at Tsuna's heels as he departed.

"Obey or die." 'Tsuna's training is coming along nicely. Before I met him he wouldn't have been able to do it but now he can make it if he runs.' Reborn smirked and fired off a few more shots.

"You'd better run or you won't make the time limit!" Tsuna shot off with tears in his eyes, cursing his situation and Reborn's Spartanic methods.

With Tsuna

He ran blindly until he felt the stinging pain of stitches in his sides. Unable to keep running he crouched down to the ground with his arms around his legs for balance, head resting on his knees. Panting, he looked up to see how much further he had to go until he reached his house. He was surprised when he realized that he was at the front gate. Stirred from his amazement, he remembered the time limit. Cursing under his breath, he ran into the house, up into his room, scurrying around frantically searching for Reborn's suitcase. After having searched for it for some time Tsuna found the infamous suitcase underneath his own bed. He grasped it with both hands, careful not to open it because he still remembered the incident with the mini-guillotine trap that was built into it.

"Ahh, why does Reborn always have to make impossible requests of me?" Tsuna frowned as he made his way downstairs and out the house. He sighed and thanked Lady Luck because it seemed that he wouldn't run into any trouble anytime soon.

Back at the school

"Ne, Reborn, Tsuna's late isn't he?" Yamamoto scratched the back of his head and glanced at the school's entrance, feeling a bit worried. Gokudera growled and roughly grabbed Yamamoto by the front of his shirt snarling in his face.

"That's the Tenth or Tsuna-sama to you, you weakling! How dare you call him by his name so casually?" Yamamoto laughed and waved his hands around disarmingly.

"Come on, Gokudera, calm down! Your blood pressure's gonna get really high!" Everyone but Reborn watched the argument as it gradually escalated to yelling. Reborn's lips thinned into a straight line and a corner ticked downwards momentarily.

'It seems that Tsuna may have run into some trouble...well; there will be someone to help him out if he really needs it.' He turned around and interjected between the fight before Gokudera began using his fists.

Back to Tsuna

Screw that. Actually, no, screw Lady Luck because she would rather torture him just like Reborn. Half-way between the school and his house, some thugs that he knew since elementary school decided that the suitcase in his hands probably had some goods in it and decided to bully him for it. He tried to ignore them and run past them in an attempt to lose them but one of them shot out an arm and threw him to the ground before he could really make any steps towards freedom.

"Give us the case and you won't get hurt...too badly!" the thug who had a hold of Tsuna guffawed. Soon after the other thugs followed suit in laughing idiotically. What the hell? Didn't they have better things to do than to rob him? Maybe robbing a jewelry store or something? The extreme fear that came when he remembered what would happen to him if Reborn found out he lost the suitcase caused a momentary lapse of intelligent thinking. He then spat on the nearest guy. Later on he would berate himself for doing such a stupid thing and blame the adrenaline and Reborn for his actions.

So after his defiant act of heroism, he was getting the shit beat out of him while he was curled around the suitcase and trying to protect his head. Tsuna cracked an eye open and noticed that one guy standing in range of his feet wasn't doing anything so he used that to his advantage. His feet shot out and the other guy toppled, causing confusion amongst the others as they laughed their asses off. Tsuna got up and shot off with the suitcase pressed closely to his chest. He desperately hoped that they lost interest and wouldn't chase him.

Unfortunately, fate sucks, and decided that the thugs would notice their prey getting away. They howled like a pack of blood-hounds and Tsuna could feel cold sweat dripping down his face and back. 'Don't look back, don't look back, all those times in the movies they looked back they always get caught!' Tsuna was nearing a walkway he had to turn and he damned himself for glancing behind him just before turning the corner. They were whooping and yelling, and some of their friends had joined them in chasing him down. Thinking back, some of them were drooling as they whooped too. Ugh.

He also had the unfortunate luck to smack into something hard. Spots dotted his vision as he fell however something grabbed his arm tightly preventing him from falling completely. He panicked and tried to pull his arm back, frantically staring at the impeding pack of thugs that got more excited when they saw him fall over. The grip wouldn't release him, if anything, he was tugged upwards before his legs gave out and he slumped down again. They were getting closer and he was starting to hyperventilate.

"Please, please, let me go! I'll do anything you want, just don't let them catch me!" Tsuna's eyes began to tear up; he huddled closer to the person unconsciously in a vain motion of comfort.

"Please...!" He turned his face upwards and nearly wet himself. Aw, hell, he was so screwed. Hibari Kyoya was the one who had his arm in a tight grip. If he wasn't shaking earlier, he sure as hell was shaking now. He could feel his eyes widen and a whimper of fear was unwillingly let loose from his throat. Something flickered on Hibari's face, something he couldn't decipher, and Hibari dragged Tsuna closer to him before releasing his arm.

"I'll hold you to that."

Tsuna curled up around the suitcase and noted with dismay that while he was having a staring contest with Hibari the thugs had surrounded with eager grins.

"Hand over the runt and suitcase and we'll let you go. Deal?" Tsuna made himself as small as possible, and when Hibari spared a glance towards him he saw Tsuna's large teary eyes staring pleadingly back at him with his bottom lip slightly jutted out and quivering cutely. Hibari whipped out his collapsible tonfas without a second thought.

"No. Leave," He directed the cold words to the thug who had a hold of Tsuna. "Or I'll bite you to death." Several of the thugs growled and made movements towards them but they were stopped by the one who spoke earlier.

"c'mon, you seriously gonna stand up for a weakling like that? Just leave and we won't do 'nothin' to ya." He grinned in a way that he thought was appealing. Hibari narrowed his eyes and pressed a button that released thorns on his tonfas and slammed it into the other guy's gut. Tsuna squeaked and prayed that Hibari wouldn't decide to beat him up as well.

Back at the school

Reborn had separated them to opposite sides of the group and had chastised Gokudera fro improper conduct of being Tsuna's right hand man. He also let a light comment on how Yamamoto may be better suited as Tsuna's right hand man. Yamamoto noticed that Gokudera was sulking and decided to go cheer him up into his usually spunky self that yelled at him.

Haru squeezed her handkerchief and chewed on a corner, tearfully watching the school's entrance.

"Where is Tsuna-kun? Why's he taking so long? Ahiii! Tsuna! Come for your future wife already!"

Reborn glanced in the direction of Tsuna's house while a bug landed on his face and buzzed.

"Really? Hm, I see...So that's why Tsuna is late. At least he's binding his family members closer to him so I won't hurt him too badly when he gets back." Reborn smirked and began to think on how he could use this new information on Tsuna.

Back with Tsuna

Many thuds and loud groans later Tsuna opened his eyes when he thought the blood-shed was over. True to Hibari's nature, a large mountain of unrecognizable thugs was piled on top of each other; similar to the way people would throw bags of trash, one on top of the other. Hibari was currently wiping blood off his tonfas with a piece of someone's torn clothing when his locked eyes with Tsuna. Tsuna gulped and slowly got up, keeping his eyes on Hibari the whole time.

"t-thank you Hi-Hibari-s-san...! I'll be t-taking my leave now..." Shaking terribly, he took one unsteady step after another, forcefully pushing down the urge to run away. Tsuna felt the hairs on the back of his neck prick up when Hibari started taking steps towards him. He kept walking and again prayed feverently that Hibari wouldn't hurt him. He continued to stay tense when Hibari just walked a few steps behind him, seeming to follow Tsuna to wherever he was going.

'ahhh! Please don't hurt me, please, please, please!' His breathing picked up as his mind began to imagine up all kinds of scenarios of Hibari beating him and then discarding his body where no one would find him. Tsuna started counting down backwards from one hundred in an attempt to stay calm. He nearly began to cry in relief when he saw the school gates. Tsuna quickened his pace and jogged towards the entrance, almost forgetting that Hibari was still behind him.

Limping past the entrance, Tsuna was knocked over by Haru's and Gokudera's loud screams and yells of horror. They ran over to him while everyone else cautiously approached muffled exclamations of surprise coming from everyone else. Haru and Gokudera fussed over Tsuna, raging and muttering and prodding to see where Tsuna was hurt.

"Ah...sorry, I was...caught..." Tsuna trailed off a bit dazed from the day's events catching up to him. Gokudera clenched a bit of Tsuna's partially torn sleeves; eying the rest Tsuna's clothes which were torn...in some rather suggestive places.

"T-tenth...you...y-you weren't..." Gokudera's voice came out hoarse and it caught everyone's attention. Immediately everyone's attention took in every little detail on Tsuna and came to one conclusion and Haru was the only one who voiced it out.

"R-rape?! Tsuna-kun you were raped?!" Her hands flew up to the sides of her face and her eyes grew large and watery. She wailed loudly in denial.

'eh? Rope? Why is she saying roped?' Tsuna's mind came to a stand-still. He couldn't understand what they were talking about. Haru glomped him around his waist and Gokudera hugged him around his shoulders. Both were blubbering at the same time.

"T-tenth this doesn't change anything between us! I still think you're incredibly strong! Who the hell did this to you? I'll kill them!" "Waaaah! Tsuna-kun was raped! I can't be his first anymore! But that's ok! Haru will help you recover!" Tsuna winced and tried to block his ears when he realized that he couldn't because Gokudera had his arms pinned to his sides and bellowing something about protecting his future virtues or whatever.

"uhh..." Hibari leisurely stepped around the gate and smirked. Gokudera caught sight of Hibari and glared in retaliation.

"YOU! It was you wasn't it? You school-obsessed freak! You raped the tenth!" Everyone froze and stared at Gokudera who had one arm around Tsuna and the other pointing accusingly at Hibari. Hibari stuck his hands in his pants pockets and his smirk grew wider. Haru squealed and then mayhem broke loose.

Gokudera lunged at Hibari with death in his eyes and Yamamoto tackled him to the ground knowing his temper wouldn't help matters any more. Haru slumped down next to Tsuna and cried saying that she had no chance. Kyoko had covered her mouth with her hands and averted her face towards her brother who was standing with his mouth and eyes wide open, unsure of what to do. Lambo laughed and I-pin chased him around, chastising him for being so mean. Dino alternated between blushing, paling and sputtering while Bianchi simply smiled and said that it was the power of love. Reborn snorted and tipped his hat downwards. Hibari however let his smirk grow wider and he approached Tsuna.

He slung Tsuna over his shoulder and walked off, sparing a glare over his shoulder.

"Follow us and I'll bite you to death." He gave them a smug smirk. "I'm going to go claim my reward."

The end.

For now maybe. if people actually like this i might continue...