Chapter 1 : New Town

Yes ! I revised this fanfic a bit. I didn't want to delete it, since it was like, my first?? I dunno. Anyway, this version should be free of typos ! Go anti-typos !

Twelve year old Adle Anale was bored. She was waiting in a U - Haul, while her dad was unloading boxes full of stuff into the new house. Her emerald green eyes looked at the shrubs and pine trees surrounding the area. It was undisturbed, almost preserved. " The area looks like a ghost town, " she thought.

Adle had moved from Violet City in Johto to Pallet Town in Kanto. It was just her and her dad, since her parents were divorced. She thought that Pallet Town looked very dull as she twirled her long fluffy blonde hair around her finger.

However, Adle was more mad that she had lost all of her friends. She was angered, but at least she had her pokemon, which were Mareep, Fearow, Rhyhorn, Ekans, Ponyta, and Beedrill. They were all like her siblings, especially Mareep, who had been there ever since she was caught. Adle gave a small grin and looked at the sheep pokemon.

" Well, Blossom. Are you ready for another adventure ? " she asked Mareep.

" Reep ! "

" Me too. Let's just hope that Pallet doesn't suck so much ! "

The Mareep that was called Blossom nodded her head. Adle got out of the U - Haul with Blossom and waved to her dad. " Um, I'm going to go explore this dump, Dad ! " she called out.

" Okay, bye, Adle ! "

She continued to wave as she went walking with her pokemon.