Chapter 7 : Epilogue

Puffy, A.K.A. Betty, sneered. " Well, well, well. Look what we have here. A couple of twerps and the three city oafs who can't even capture a single pokemon - Jessie and James. How pitiful. You two are really desperate losers. The Boss is really frustrated with you guys. I really have no idea why you guys haven't been fired yet. "

" You killed my pokemon ! " Adle cried out.

Betty smirked and rolled her eyes. She wagged her knife. " Well, duh. Of course I did. And you better watch your mouth, or I will kill this thing, too ! "

" Blossom - use thundershock ! "

The Mareep tried, but was unable to launch the attack correctly.

Betty sneered. " You're still stupid, little girl. I don't even know why you pressed so hard into becoming a trainer. Why don't you just crawl up in a pit and die already ? "

Adle wasn't listening. " Okay, Blossom ! You're going to have to use headbutt. I know you can do it, though ! You're very strong ! "

Mareep nodded and headbutted, until she evolved into a ...

" Wow ! A Flaaffy ! " Ash muttered.

Adle grinned. Blossom, now a Flaaffy, tore out of the net. " All right, Blossom ! Use thunderbolt on Betty ! "

Blossom did that, and Betty died out of the powerful aftershock, coughing up blood and flipping everyone in sight off.

Adle kicked the corpse. " An eye for an eye. Are you okay, Blossom ? " she asked as Blossom waddled over to her.

Blossom nodded and hugged the trainer.

James scratched his head. " What the hell did the twerpette do ? " he inquired.

" I don't know. Let's get out of here, though ! " Jessie replied.

And Team Rocket ran off again.

Adle and Ash looked at the corpse for a moment. Then Adle spoke up. " Well, we did it, Ash. We defeated one more bad person in the world. "

" I guess so. But what do we do with her ? " Ash asked, pointing to Betty's remains.

" Eh. Just leave her there. We have to get back, " Adle replied, shrugging.

As the two went back to Pallet, Adle gave a soft smile. She made a new friend, and killed an old enemy. Maybe Pallet Town wouldn't be so boring, after all. After all, if she hadn't moved to Pallet, she would have never been able to avenge her Totodile. Only time would tell.