"The Invasion" that's what they where calling it now. It had been a week since that day. They had lost many good shinobi and had nearly lost their leader, hell they could still lose him if they didn't hurry.

'Or if she refuses to help….No! I won't let her refuse; I'll make her come with us. I won't fail the old man. '

The young man's face hardened in determination. He would not fail. Jiji was hanging on in the hospital, he had not given up so neither would Naruto. Jiji was counting on them. They would succeed.

They found her, the woman that could help Jiji and would replace him as Hokage, (although Naruto was not to sure about that idea after she insulted Jiji and the Yondaime) in a small town but the snake had already been their and because of him they nearly failed and Naruto had nearly died.

But it wasn't all bad. The old lady had agreed to be Hokage and come help Jiji and Naruto had found something, someone, he had thought lost to him forever.

Tsunade had said he had almost died. She had been wrong, he had died and in those few moments he meet him, his hero, the man who condemned him and yet loved him more then any living being.

Naruto had not wanted to go back to the land of the living had begged and pleaded to be allowed to remain but "HE" had said it was not time to die yet. Naruto had cried that he did not want to be alone and "HE" had smiled and said that he would not be, that "He" would be there as he always had been but that now that Naruto had died Naruto would be able to see and touch him more easily.

"Why did this not happen before?" the young boy asked, after all he had crossed the threshold of death and came back so many times.

"You where not ready to see me yet."

"And now?"

"Now you are ready, ready to know me and ready to achieve your dream."

"Will you help me?"


They made it back to the village, Tsunade healed the Sandime and took her place as Hokage with Sarutobi as advisor.

When he was asked how he survived a jutsu that should have killed him he said that the death good had spoken to him.

"Shinigami said something about making a deal with the one who had called before."

This confused everyone but one blond haired blue eyed boy. But that boy would not enlighten them to the meaning of the Shinigami's words just yet.

Naruto and Jariaya went on a training trip for three years. Unknown to Jariaya their was a third traveler with them the whole time.

The return to Konoha went better then expected. From what Naruto could gather from overheard conversation, his actions during the Chunin exams had apparently changed some people's opinion of him. Not many but it was a start.

Not long after they got back his team had been assigned to retrieve Sasuke. Jariaya had intervened and He and Naruto had carried out the mission themselves. They had dragged the bastard back kicking and screaming but after "HE" had looked at the seal on Sasuke's neck and told Naruto how to lead Jariaya into a way to remove it. Once that was gone Sasuke was back to his old normal emo- bastard self. Not much of an improvement but less of a security risk.

And things went back to the way they had been before except that Naruto had another secret. One that would be reviled soon no matter if he was ready or not.