It was raining the next morning which meant Kakashi would cancel training.

'Big deal'

"Just because my idiot student doesn't want to get his book wet does not mean you get out of training."

Naruto turned to find his father standing there.

"What are you doing here?"

Just then there was a knock at the door.

The older blond faded out of sight well the younger answered the door.

"Neko-san" He addressed the ANBU

"The Sandaime wishes to have a word with you at his home."

"Oh, alright. Thank you."

A nod and she was gone.

"I wonder what he wants?"

"Let's find out"

"You're coming"


Naruto shrugged and grabbed his jacket before locking his door and heading to the Sarutuobi home.

When he arrived at the front door he knocked and it was answered by Asuma.


"Hey kid, here to see pop?"

"Neko-san said we wanted to talk."

"Well come in out of the rain then"

"Thanks, Hey ojii?"


"Got any new wind jutsu?"

"Nah, to busy changing diapers."

"Oh, well do you think you could help me with one later, I can't seem to make it work."

"Sure kid."


Asuma lead Naruto into the Sandime's home office where Iruka and Ibiki where waiting with him.

"I swear I didn't do it! And it wasn't my idea either!" exclaimed the blond at the sight of the Interrogation master.

"Nice to see you to kid"

Iruka and Asuma chuckled at the boy.

"Calm down Naruto-kun, you're not in trouble. I just have a few questions"

"And you decided to invite him?"

"I'm just a curious person." Answered Ibiki.

"Curiosity killed the cat."


"Ha, this guy is funny."

'Who asked you?'

"Do you want to run extra laps?"

'No sir'


The boy was brought to attention by the Sandime's voice.

"What ya need jiji?"

"Come sit"

Naruto took the chair in front of the old man and looked from his face to the faces of Iruka, Ibiki and Asuma whom the old man had motioned to stay as well.

"Naruto-kun, you trust me don't you?"

"Of course"

"Then if I ask you something do you promise to be completely honest with me?"

'Uh oh!!!'

"Oh boy, good luck son"

"What's wrong jii-san?"

"Please answer the question"


"You don't trust me?"

"It's not that!"

"Then why? Why did you never tell me of the neglect at the academy, the shopkeeper's discrimination, Kakashi's favoritism? Why?"

'Shit, what do I do? What do I do! What do I do?'

"There's only one thing you can do kiddo"


"Tell the truth"


"That's five more laps later"


"Will you not answer me Naruto?"

Naruto looked at the man he considered a grandfather, the man's eyes where sad and had a pleading look to them.

*Sigh* "I just didn't want any more trouble jii-san and you had so many more important things to worry about"

"I would have done something, you had only to ask."

"You've done so much for me already"

*Sigh* "Well what is done is done and we have other things to worry about"

"The Akatsuki"


"What do we do?"

"Well, I have two people willing to train you in light of Kakashi's neglect and during said training you will be made to disappear."


The retired Hokage dug in this desk for a moment and pulled out a scroll.

"So that's where it was."


"Do you know what this is Naruto-kun?"

Naruto shook his head.

"This is the last will of the Yondaime" Sarutobi extended it to Naruto.

Naruto looked down at the scroll but did nothing.

"Blood seal, open it"

He did as told.

Ignoring the letter since his was standing right next to him even if only he could see him he looked at the storage seals and began to release them.


A three pronged Kunai

A sealed envelope

Scrolls for Jutsu his father created

And a set of throwing knives with arm sheaths.

"The keys are to the Namikaze home, it is secluded as it is and No one goes there mostly out of respect or something. You will stay within the grounds for the next month as you learn what Ibiki and Genma have to teach you."


"The Proctor from the third part of your first Chunin exam."


"What about nin and Tai jutsu? And my Genjutsu is really bad."

"I will arrange for Gai and Asuma to have time to help you if neither objects."

Asuma nodded. "I can talk to Kurinai about genjutsu for you too." He offered.

"I will also come by from time to time as will Iruka, he can help you with trapping and tracking, he is very good at those things." Said Sandaime.

"No kidding"

Everyone laughed.

"Dose Baa-chan and Ero-Sanin know about this."

"Not yet. There was something else I wanted to talk to you about."


"How long have you known about your parents?"

Naruto's eyes nearly shot out of his head.

"Busted! Run kid."

"Now don't look at me like that. You expected us not to worry when you left uneaten ramen and ran away faster then Jariaya fleeing and angry Tsunade?"

"Stupid crystal ball"

"Namikaze- Uzumaki Naruto, Answer the question."

Naruto started at the use of his true name and stared at the stern face of the normally kind old man.

'He knows'

"So it would seem"

'Should I'


"Since the first trips with Jariaya." Naruto did not look anyone in the eye


"I died"

Iruka stiffened and looked as if he where about to say something.

"And he came to you" Sandaime smiled


"Is he here now?"

In answer the Yondaime made himself viable to everyone.

Asuma and Ibiki blinked.

"The weirdest shit happens to this kid." Said Ibiki.

Asuma nodded

"Minato-sama" addressed the Sandaime.

"Old Man" Minato's voice was cold.

"You are upset."

"No shit."

"Tou-san" Naruto reprimanded his father.

"Why are you here?" Sandaime asked.

"To help him"

"How did this come about?"

Naruto and Minato exchanged looks. There where things they could not tell.

So instead Naruto told about the fight with Orochimaru, dying and meeting his father and what they had done since then.

"Well, your lucky my boy" said the aged former Hokage. "Many come close to death especially in our line of work but things like this" and he nodded to Minato, "I have never heard of."

"I would have come sooner if I could" said the dead Hokage.

"Sooner?" questioned Iruka.

"That was not the first time he nearly died, but he just wasn't ready to see me."

Now four pairs of eyes hardened and focused on the blond boy before them.

"And exactly how many times have you nearly died young man?" The Sandaime's voice was low and firm and told the boy that it would not be wise to try and avoid the question or lie.

"Nice going tou-san"

"Naruto!" Yelled Iruka.

Naruto looked from one face to the next. 'Shit'

He knew they had him, and if he lied his father would know and tell them.

He mumbled the answer.

"What was that?" Iruka growled"


"36!" exclaimed Iruka and the former Hokage.

After receiving a prod in the ribs Naruto added, "Before making genin."

"And after?" asked Asuma


"Son of a bitch"

"Iruka-sensei !!!"

"Alright, let's calm down" said Asuma seeing that his father looked about ready to strangle something and the Chunin looked ready to spit nails instead of bad language. "We can't change what's happened the best we can do is prepare the kid for what is to come. He's got a group of super strong psychos on his tail and he needs us to help him survive it."

"Yes, you are right Musuko."

"Grrr" confirmed Iruka.

"Well, my boy we will inform Jariaya and Tsunade of the planned training and Iruka will take you everything you need later today. For now go and settle as much as you can into the house."

"Okay jiji."

And with that Naruto left.

Minato stayed


"I will continue to train my son."

"That is your right."

"You have a lot to answer for old man"

"Yes and when I die I will LET you kick my ass all 'round the Elemental Nations until then lets focus on helping him shell we?"

"Fine" And he left to be with his boy."

"Better not kick the bucket anytime soon pop."

"Indeed, I think my successor has an unpleasant number of unspeakable things planned for those he feels wronged his son."

"That lets out about five percent of the village population."

"Oh well, karma and all that. So who is telling Tsunade and Jariaya?"

The Sandaime was suddenly alone in the room.