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At Last

He walked up the steps to his sisters and her husbands new home that he had taken them too. Only he knew where they were. He hadn't found his mother and his father and the boy known, as Jeremy hasn't contacted him in a long time. The only part of his family that he kept in contact was with his baby sister.

He had been staying there for a couple of days to regroup from his last pretend. It was draining and the Centre had almost caught up to him, but he eluded them and for now he was safe.

Turning the doorknob he walked in and sat on the couch. Emily and Adam were already there watching the news that night. Sometimes after dinner they would retire to the living room to either watch a movie, a show, or the news. Jarod picked up the book that he had left on the couch that he was reading when a news story made his head snap up.

"This just in the news. A building that is in Blue Cove, Delaware has been taken over by the Government. The place is called the Centre and nobody knows what went on in the building." The newsman said as the cameraman zoomed up on the building. "We will fill you in when we have more news to cover. For now back to you Brian."

Jarod stared at his childhood home that he was forced to stay at.

"Jarod are you okay?" Asked Emily as she saw Jarod staring at the T.V.

"The Centre is gone?" He turned hope filled eyes toward his sister.

"That was the Centre? It sure is a big place." Replied Adam.

"You have no idea. Not only is it that huge, but it has 27 stories."

"Wow. That is huge."

"Excuse me." He said as he got up and went to his room to pick up his cell phone.


"Are you okay?"

"Just peachy Jarod. All this time I spent at the Centre and it's gone."

"Tell me what happened."

"Angelo came into the tech room when we were trying to find you and said Go, Go now. We tried to get anything else out of him, but he kept on telling us to go before it's too late. So we left and when I went inside to turn on the T.V. there was the news that it was over."

"So it was Angelo that helped."

"How could he help?"

"Why wouldn't he? He helped me and Kyle."

"Cousin It helped you?"

"Don't call him that. He is a human being you know."


"I'm coming up tomorrow."

"You don't need to be here."

"Yes, I do." He said as he turned the phone off.

He walked out back to the living room and saw that Emily and Adam were still on the couch.

"I'm leaving tomorrow."

"Where are you going?"

"Blue Cove."


"Because I need to go."

"Then I'm going with you."

"No, Emily you don't need to go."

"Please Jarod. Let me go."

He looked at Emily and nodded. "Okay, but you better be ready to go." He said as he went back to his room. He needed to get some sleep because tomorrow was going to be a big day.