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It had been a couple of months after the Centre had fallen and still there was no word on what they were going to do with the Centre. Jarod had moved to Blue Cove to see what would turn out. He had been trying to get back in touch with Miss Parker and rekindle their relationship and hopefully it would grow into something more, but she would rebuff his advances and he was tired of trying.

Jessica had come into his life a week after he broke it off with Miss Parker. She had just moved here and they had hit it off. There were times that he wished that it were Miss Parker that he was with, but he knew that she would never love him.


Miss Parker watched as the two lovebirds were kissing on the front porch. She was tired of watching them kiss and hug each other. Didn't Jarod know that she only pushed him away because she was afraid of losing him? He's a genius and he couldn't figure that out? Well two can play at that game and now after seeing him with someone else she was ready to take the chance with Jarod. She guessed that it took her seeing him with someone else to feel these feelings towards him.

"Hello, Jarod." She said cheerfully when she really didn't feel it.

"Hello, Miss Parker." He wondered why she was there. They barely talked and now suddenly she was always almost over at his house.

"Jessica." She turned to the brown haired woman.

"Miss Parker." She nodded to her.

"What are you doing here, Parker?"

"Oh, just wanted to know how you were doing."

"Fine. How about you?"

"Just peachy Jarod."

They talked some more on the porch and then suddenly the phone rang.

"Excuse me, ladies."

With Jarod gone Jessica turned to Miss Parker.

"I know what you're doing and it's not going to work."

"Really, do you?"

"You want Jarod, but listen to me. He doesn't want you."

"And he wants you?"

"Of course he does. He tried with you, but you didn't want him."

"And you're the rebound girl."

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are. But you better listen to me little girl. I know Jarod and you don't."

"You had your chance with Jarod and you threw it away."

"How do you know all of this?"

"Because he told me. We have no secrets. Now go away."

"I'll go, but I'll be back and I'll win. I always do."

Jessica glared at Miss Parkers back as she walked away. She turned to the house and walked inside. Jarod was still on the phone and didn't hear the argument outside. He had no idea that they were fighting about him.


Miss Parker had been right about winning Jarod's love. It had taken sometime, but Miss Parker had won. They were now dating starting from scratch and it was wonderful.

The End.