Always Be Mine

A/N: Okay here it is! This is a sequel to Unexpected Passion! You know what that means…more Mandy goodness! You readers got what you wanted, lol. So I hope you will enjoy this chapter and please make your reviews. Happy reading!

Synopsis: Randy and Maria are now a happy couple. But when a certain diva makes her return to the ring, she has her eyes set on the legend killer...and aims to tear the couple apart…A Sequel to Unexpected Passion.

Chapter 1: Spending Time Apart

"Alright everyone, that's a wrap!"

The brunette woman whooped along with the crew members. Maria Kanellis had fun during the photo shoot at the beautiful sandy beach. But she was exhausted all the same and she longed to hear those three sweet words.

That's a wrap.

Maria got up and began dusting the sand off her legs. Then she dried herself off before wrapping her slender body around her purple towel fetched to her by a crew member along with a chilled bottle of water. Maria took the bottled water and thanked the woman.

"That was great Maria," said the photographer.

"Thanks Jay," Maria beamed. "I can't wait to see those pictures when they come out!"

"Oh you'll see them soon enough," said Jay, smiling broadly at her.

"Well thank you so much for your time in this photo shoot. It's been great working with you."

"And it's been a pleasure working with you. I hope we'll do more again soon."

"Yeah I hope so too. Take care."

Maria shook hands with the photographer. She waved to the crew members and thanked them for their time to make the photo shoot a successful one. Dusk was coming close so that was the time to head back to the hotel room. She drank some water while walking over to collect her beach bag. Maria twisted her hair to squeeze out the water dry before taking up her beach bag that was sitting under the coconut tree, the very spot where she had it. She then went to the beach house just to take a shower to wash the sand off her body before heading back to the hotel.


After a long day at the beach, Maria was back at last in her hotel room. She went into the bathroom hastily to take a bath and then blow dried her hair. After spending about an hour, Maria stepped out of the bathroom and went towards her bed. She turned her back facing the bed, stretched her arms across, closed her eyes and then let herself collapsed onto the bed.

"Yes….finally…time to relax…"

Maria had her eyes closed for a few moments and then her eyes were opened to see the ceiling above her. As she looked at the ceiling, she was in deep thought about something…or rather in deep thought about someone.

I wonder what he's doing.

She sat up at the edge of the bed and reached for her cell phone from the bedside table and opened the flip. Displaying on the screen before her was her cherished wallpaper of herself and her boyfriend beside her. Both had smiles on their faces. They looked so happy together.

And it just so happened that they were.

A smile formed on Maria's lips as she looked at the little picture and soon her attention turned to the keys as her thumb were pressing away the numbers of a particular caller in mind.


The crowd on television was cheering raucously during the third quarter of the basketball game. It had appeared to be an exciting match but there was no one watching it in the living room. Well there was someone watching the game in the living room as a matter of fact, until he had fallen asleep just an hour ago.

The brunette man was lying on the couch sleeping soundly. Despite the noise coming from the television, it had appeared to be a peaceful place to sleep in….

That was until a ringing sound blared out of nowhere.

Randy twisted and turned while groaning softly when he heard the noise but then he finally opened his eyes only to get blinded a little by the light from the television. He sat up with his eyes scrunching slightly for the remote to tune down the volume before taking up his cell phone from the coffee table.

"Hello?" he answered in a groggily voice.

Hey honey.

"Hey babe," said Randy with a drowsy smile on his face, knowing that it was his girlfriend Maria on the other line. "I'm so happy you called. I miss you."

I miss you too. Are you sleeping by the way?

"I guess I was," said Randy with a slight chuckle. "I just woke up when you called."

Am I disturbing you?

"No not at all. I was in the middle of watching a basketball game actually and I probably missed about half of the match…" He turned to the television to see a player that just scored a two pointer. So far the score was 45-60.

"….and I was right."

He heard her laughing on the other line.

Aw, you must be tired.

Randy grinned as he wiped his puffy eyes a bit. "I am, yeah."

Then go to bed mister.

"Not without talking to you first," said Randy. He was now wide awake and sat up properly on the couch. "So how was the photo shoot?"

It was fantastic. I had a blast!

"That's good. I'm glad to hear that."

So what did you do today?

"Nothing much," said Randy. "All I did today was training, missing you, watching movies, visiting my parents…did I mention missing you?"

She grinned.

Yes you did and I miss you too!

Randy laughed. "I don't know if I can spend another day without you."

Aw don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow.

"I know, I can't wait to see you," said Randy and smiled. "We have a lot to talk about when you get back."

Oh yeah?

"Yes. I would talk about it over the phone but I rather talk it over with you in person."

That's fine with me. It's better up-close and personal.

"Don't you know it," said Randy and made a smirk. Maria was giggling on the other line by his response in a seductive manner.

Oh Randy, I'm so exhausted you have no idea. I've been walking up and down the beach for the whole day.

"Well you've got some exercise. That's nothing to complain about."

Very funny.

Randy laughed. "Besides who said that photo shoots are all about making poses? There's gotta be some exercise somewhere around that right?"

Uh huh sure. Just be lucky that you don't have to do that. Well most of the time anyway.

Randy chuckled. "Right."

Well I'm going to sleep now so I'll see you tomorrow.

"Okay, I can't wait."

From the sound of her voice, he could tell that she was smiling throughout the whole conversation. Her voice was what he missed the most and his weekend had been so quiet without having her around.

I love you Randy.

Randy smiled. "I love you too Maria. Sweet dreams."

And same goes for you. Good night.

"Good night."

Randy closed the flip of the phone and smiled to himself. He sighed happily knowing that his girlfriend would be back in St. Louis tomorrow. He couldn't wait for that day to arrive.


Maria couldn't stop giggling. She missed Randy so much. She had been away for the weekend and the thought of seeing her boyfriend the next day made her smile even more. She put her cell phone back on the bedside table and then lifted the covers for her body to slide under them. Maria reached for the lamp and turned it off before resting her head comfortably on the soft pillow. Soon she was sound asleep and that smile of hers hadn't faded away.