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Chapter 13 – The New Trainee


I never wanted everything to end this way

But you can take the bluest sky and turn it grey…

"I swore to you that I would do my best to change BUT YOU SAID IT DON'T MATTER!"

The two divas danced on top of a double bed, pretending to have microphones in their hands and opening their mouths to project their voices. Tuesday morning had finally arrived and it seemed that the fun from the sleepover they had last night was not intended to end anytime soon.

Torrie and Candice sat on one bed singing while the two hyper ones, being Maria and Mickie were singing to one of songs by McFly. A few minutes later the song had reached to its ending as faded off from the speakers.

"Aw it's over already," Maria said with a pout.

"Not exactly…" Mickie trailed off and then made a playful smirk on her face.

"What do you mean by…"

But there was no need for the bubbly diva to ask what Mickie meant. The CD player took care of the explanation as the familiar tune of the piano was heard, prompting the four women to laugh.

"It's playing again?" Torrie asked.

"So I had it on repeat," said Mickie and shrugged innocently. "Sue me."

The two divas that were 'taking the stage' wasting no time to get back into position and sang POV for the second time. The blonde Boise belle rolled her eyes while Candice burst into a fit of giggles.

Four minutes later, Maria stopped the player.

"Shall we play one more song before we go and get ready?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Mickie was quick to agree and jumped up and down the bed. "Let's….play…Backstreet Boys!"

Maria giggled. "I like the way you think."

"Alright then," said Torrie as Maria took out a disc from Mickie's CD case and slotted it into the CD player. "I don't see why not right?"

"Right," Candice agreed. "And I doubt the guys will be up by now anyway."

"Yeah especially with John." The blonde rolled her eyes. "I always had to wait for him to wake up. I swear he's turning into a sleeping beauty."

"So did ya kiss him to wake him up?" Maria teased.

"No. I was too pissed to do that so I hit him with a pillow."

"Aw you're such a meanie," said Mickie and laughed. Suddenly she squealed at a high pitch. "My favorite song! Come on everyone let's dance!"

Maria joined back with Mickie on the bed. Torrie and Candice grinned and soon they climbed onto the bed and joined the brunette duo in the singing as the first chorus came into play.


Today, she was definitely in a good mood.

The conversation she had with Randy last night turned out to be smoother than she thought. She figured that things had not changed between them.

And she wanted it to stay that way.

Of course she couldn't be very much close to the wwe champion anytime soon.

But she was a very patient woman.

If she had to claim the man of her utmost desire in her clutches, then she would have to find a way to get a certain diva out of the picture, out of his mind….

Stacy stared into her reflection in the mirror. "I hope that you are enjoying your time with him Maria 'cause he's going to be mine in no time…"

Twirling the ends of her thin blonde curl with her finger, she smirked to herself.

Her cell phone disrupted her thoughts. She was confident that it would happen soon. But in order to get her wish, she would have to be sure that her first step of the plan would be executed.

And about five minutes later, it had proved to be.

"Hey Stace. Do you want to go to the arena today?"

She smiled at the question. "Yeah sure."

"Cool. Meet me by the elevator in ten minutes."

"I'll be there. See you then. Bye."

Stacy closed her phone and her smirk grew wider. "Perfect."

But this wasn't the end just yet. It was just the beginning.


"Yo I'll tell you want I want, what I really really want," Mickie sang.

"So tell you want, what you really really want," was Candice's voice following hers, pointing a finger at Mickie.

They were supposed to be out having breakfast by now but it seemed that it was out of their minds for the moment.

Blasting from the CD player was the song Wannabe by Spice Girls. This was the fourth CD to be played after the Britney Spears one.

Their bodies moved rhythmically to the beat, taking turns to sing their part of the song. Maria was Baby Spice, Torrie was Ginger Spice, Candice was Posh Spice; Mickie was more than happy to be both Sporty Spice and Scary Spice.

If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends

Make it last forever, friendship never ends…


"What in the world is going on in there?"

Randy bit his lower lip as to hold in the laughter by the look on his best friend's face as it was scrunched up with confusion. John pressed his ear against the door to listen to the noises that were made inside.

"Sounds like a party if you asked me," said Randy and laughed.

John groaned. "And pop music of all things! This is torture!"

Randy chuckled. "Chill out man. It was only for one night."

"It may be for just one night but still…" he trailed, turning to face the door. "They better not mess up my room."

"You mean yours and Torrie's right?"

John's eyes turned to where Randy stood and a glare was made. The Legend Killer pointed a finger to his face.

"Hey, don't you give me that glare," he scolded. "I offered you to stay over in my room since Maria went to the sleepover. So you should be thankful for that otherwise you would have been sleeping out here in the corridor."

The Chain Gang Soldier kept quiet and he turned to the door. The pop music was still playing.

That was it. He couldn't take any more of it.

"I'm going in," John announced as he pulled out a keycard.

"Are you sure about that?" Randy asked with a knowing look.

"Yes? It's my room so I can basically go in whenever I want. I have the key right here…if you can see it," John waved it over Randy's face in a 'You-Can't-See-Me' motion.

"Yes John," said Randy with a roll of the eyes.

"Good." John inserted the card into the rectangular hole and instantly the green flash was made.

"Are you coming?" he asked, grabbing the door handle.

Randy nodded. "I want to see Maria before I head out."

John pushed the door open and Randy followed him inside. Once they had reached further past the short hallway, both had smirks on their faces.

"Guess we came at the right time," said Randy.

"You damn right," said John. He tilted his head downward as if to get a better view of the blonde from her behind. All four of them singing and wearing only just their tops and underwear.

Unfortunately their 'sight seeing' wasn't going to be for much longer as Maria noticed her boyfriend's presence. Though Randy smirked in her direction, he expected her to do the same in return.

How wrong he was. Her smile dropped into a look of horror.

"BOY ALERT!" she screeched.

The three divas stopped dead and snapped their heads to look behind them. They screamed at a high pitch.

"Hey! Hey!" John protested, covering his ears. "We didn't do anything!"

"You came in without us knowing!" Torrie snapped. "Get them!"

They snatched a pillow and leaped down to the floor to hit John and Randy.

"Hey! He's the one who came in!"

"You…should…have stayed outside!" Maria said with each hit she made with the pillow.

"Don't you know about knocking?!" Mickie roared, hitting John on the head.

"But this is my room!" John shouted.

"Excuse me?!"

By the expression on his girlfriend's face John realized he has just said the wrong thing. "No wait I meant to say…"

Too late. Now he had to suffer the wrath of his girlfriend as she continued pummeled him with the pillow, harshly.

"Girls come on!"

"Shame on you!" said Candice as she helped Maria in the pummeling.

"I can't believe you would do that!" said Maria, ignoring his attempt in giving his reason.

That was until something fell with a thud. Maria saw what it was a gym bag.

"Wait Candi, hold on," said Maria, prompting the dark haired diva to cease. She turned to Randy. "Are you going somewhere?"

Randy rolled his eyes in a 'finally she notices' way. "Yes I am. I need to talk to you before I go."

"Ohh. Well I'll just grab my shorts and meet you outside, okay?"

"Aw but if Randy's out of it then I don't have anyone to hit," said Candice with a pout.

"There's still John you know?" Maria giggled.

"Ooh yeah good point." Candice smirked at the idea and met the Legend Killer's eyes. "You're safe Randy."

"Good to know then," said Randy. Then he cackled into laughter as Candice joined the two divas. He picked up his gym bag and stepped out of the room. Maria joined him outside a minute later with her jeans shorts on.

"Alright," Maria began once they were alone. "So what's up?"

Randy opened his mouth to speak. "I just want to let you know that I'm going to the arena this morning for a training session."

"Oh alright. With John?"

"No, not with John," said Randy. "Actually I'm going to be training someone."

"Okay. And that person is…"

Though there was no need to ask that question as she heard a voice behind her.

"Hey Randy."

The voice sounded familiar to her. She turned around and there stood the tall blonde, dressed in her grey sweats and a black sports bra.

"Oh hey Maria."

"Hi," was all Maria could say to her.

"Stacy asked me about training last night," Randy explained. "So I told her that I would help her get warmed up."

She didn't quite know what to think. Her eyes were still onto the blonde. "Oh. I see."

"Uh huh," said Stacy. "You know how you've been away from wrestling for two years and it seems just awkward?"

"Well going through a bit of ring rust is normal. You just need to be trained to get out of that phase."


A whisper came into her ear. "So you're okay with it right?"

What could she tell him? That she wasn't because she still had a bad feeling about her?

"Yeah of course." Maria managed to fake a smile to confirm it. "I hope you guys will have a good training session."

"I'm sure we will," said Stacy, grinning. "He is one the best superstars. And of course he is…"

"The wwe champion?" Maria finished.

Stacy tried not to make her face sour as the brunette dared to finish her own sentence. "Yeah. Exactly."

"Alright girls enough about the talk about me…which I certainly wouldn't complain about…" He cleared his throat. "Anyway we should go now."

"Oh right," said Maria. "Have fun."

"We will," said Stacy with a smile.

Maria nodded and turned to her boyfriend. "So I'll see you later."

"Yes you will."

The tall blonde felt like puking the minute their lips got attached.

"Love you."

"Love you too."

"How sickening."

"Bye Stacy."

Her voice snapped her mind. "Oh right, bye!"

"Have fun with John!" said Randy with a smirk.

Maria laughed and gave him a wink. "Will do."

Once they walked away together and disappeared behind a corner, she couldn't help but to have a feeling of uncertainty building up inside her.


"God Torrie. I said I was sorry for a thousandth time already. What more do you want to hear?!"


"Tor, wait! I didn't mean--"

But John didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as he got attacked with pillows beating him repeatedly and more with the help of Mickie and Candice of course.

Mickie caught a glance at the sight of Maria returning. "Hey Ria! Come on and grab a pillow!"

"You guys can go on ahead. I'll stay out of it."

"Huh?" Mickie asked in bewilderment at Maria's sudden change in her tone of voice. Torrie and Candice stopped to look at them before looking at each other. The pillows were dropped eventually and were topped over John.

"What's wrong?" Torrie asked as she sat next to her. "And where's Randy?"

Maria looked across at her. "He's with Stacy."

Torrie was in disbelief of this. "What?!"

"I don't get it. Why is he with her?" Candice asked.

"Why is he with who?"

The divas' heads snapped to John's direction. He was now sitting up and trying to recover from brutal beating of the pillows.

"A little privacy if you don't mind," Torrie hissed.

"So this is the thanks I get for letting you girls use my ro…"

It only took just one glare from the emerald eyes that could get him to shut up at once. John knew to never piss off his girlfriend any further.

"Right then," said John, standing up to his feet. "I'll go get something to eat now."

Then he left.

"So yeah as I was saying," Candice resumed, repeating her question. "Why is he with her?"

"Yeah Ria, why is he?" Mickie questioned.

Maria made a sigh as her insecurities started to bug her again at the thought of blonde diva with her boyfriend.

"Because Stacy's his new trainee now..."

Next chapter: Maria and the girls plan to spy on Randy and Stacy's training session.