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Chapter One- Woopsie...

"Yo! Jetfire to Optimus Prime, you getting this?"

Optimus Prime's head jerked up from the data pads he was scanning, a wide grin crossing his face.

"I cannot tell you how good it is to hear your voice again old friend! I am reading you loud and clear."

"Great! I'm about to make planet fall and I'm bringing some friends. Got co-ordinates for me?"

"10028-E by 3029-S, aim for cover and scan an alt, then proceed to 50038-W-3299-S. We'll meet you there."

"Roger that. Catch ya on the flipside."

With a smirk, Optimus Prime got to his feet, heading towards the rec room. It would be good to have the somewhat cocky, always cheerful commander in his ranks again.

-45 minutes later-

Four silver streaks, in perfect formation, gracefully cut through the night sky, hitting the ground several feet from each other in sync. Moments later, four protoforms stood, one massive, the other three smaller but equally impressive. Three turned to look at the smallest of the three as it let out an audiable gasp, concern filling bright blue optics as they spoke softly in an alien tongue. The smallest shoved them away, obviously insisting it was fine and transforming, somewhat sloppily into a bright pink 997 Twin Turbo Porsche. The other three looked at each other and shrugged, two shifting neatly into Lamborghini Galladro, one red and one gold and the other leaping into the air, turning into a B-12 Spirit Stealth Bomber Jet. Together they made their way down the highway, the Pink Porsche with the Lamborghini's flanking it and the Jet flying protectively overhead.

A bright blue and red semi truck, a yellow and lime green search and rescue vehicle and a bright yellow Camero with black racing stripes sat in a line on the top of the lookout. As the two cars pulled up, the jet transformed in mid air, landing gracefully on his feet. As if on cue, the others followed suit, the bright yellow Camero launching himself through the air as he transformed and tackling the Jet, who laughed and caught him in mid air, face planting him into the ground.

"Missed ya too lil buddy. You still can't hit worth a dead con, but I missed ya. Commander Optimus Prime Sir! I've brought the twins and..." Still holding Bumblebee face planted on the ground, the Jet saluted crisply, much to the amusement of everyone, before he was interrupted in mid explanation but a pain filled gasp. Ratchet moved forward as Sunstreaker caught the smaller pink one, a look of concern on his face.

"OUT OF MY WAY" Concern crossed their faces as the medic examined the heap of pink metal on the ground.

"A femme?"

Jetfire nodded. "Sharp Shooter. Her name is Starshot. She seemed fine on entry. Dunno what happened..."

"This femme is carrying a sparkling..." Ratchet looked up at them, an expression of joy mixed with concern on his face.

Sunstreaker optic's widened in a familiar Oh Crap expression. "Wha...What?"

"Sparkling..." Optimus breathed, joy filling his spark.

The twins immediately began to fight, yelling at each other in twinspeak, Jetfire and Optimus struggling to pry them apart. There was little doubt as to who the father was.

-4 years later-

Four wonderful years later, life changed again.

"I'm sorry Sunny, I couldn't save her..."

Side by side they stood, as it had always been. But this time, three sparks beat as one, where there had once been two. Sunstreaker hadn't had a chance to spark bond with Starshot. In a way, all three of them were grateful. It would have made today that much harder if he had. Sunstreaker hung his head. He had loved her, that much was true. The twins looked down at the little sparkling between them, each holding one of her tiny hands in their own as streaks of blue trickled down her cheeks. As they saw her pain, they too opened up, letting tears of grief fall in honor of the passing of the femme that had brought them so much. Normally, the loss of one of her creators would do increadable damage to such a young sparkling, but that night, as the twins slept together on the same recharge berth, as they had done before Starshot had been dragged irreversibly into their lives by a one night stand, Starstreaker curled up between them, feeling comforted and safe pressed against two strong chest plates. She did not feel the loss of her mother so strongly now, as the void created by her death was filled by her father's other, much stronger half as the brothers let their bond weave itself soothingly around her tiny spark. Together, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker helped her heal and in turn, her bright little spark healed them as well.

-Two Years Later-


Ironhide smirked softly, not pausing as he carefully cleaned his cannon. He did however lift his head as there was a loud crash outside his door. Optics moving to the weapons crate he knew she was hiding behind, he raised an optic ridge.


The door slid open, revealing a frantic looking Bluestreak. "Hide! Have you seen Starstreaker? She's gotten out again."

Ironhide continued to smirk, turning back to his cannon. "Nope." It wasn't exactly a lie. Technically, he hadn't "seen" her.

"Slag! Where could she be? The twins are going to kill me!" Bluestreak charged out of the room, the door sliding shut behind him.

"Ok, what'd you do this time?"


"Star." He raised both optic ridges and the spindly little sparkling sheepishly came out from behind the crate. He knew what was coming. He twisted his face into a hardened scowl and prepared for battle as she widened her big blue optics and slowly smiled up at him.

"What makes you so sure I did somethin?"

"Cause I know you lil runt. You did somethin. Now fess up or I'm gonna tell Blue where you are."

"I swear! I didn't do nothin!" Those big blue optics didn't fool him for a minute. Years of doing battle with a sparkling Bumblebee had trained him well. He let her know she wasn't winning with a look and she finally caved, climbing around his cannon and curling up in his lap. He smiled.

"It's no fun if I tell!"

He looked down at her expectantly. She sighed, bringing her foot up to kick his chin. He caught her foot, chuckling. "I took all the bolts but one out of uncle Optimus's..."

She was cut off by a loud crash and a suprised hollar. Ironhide groaned as a grin of triumph crossed her cute little face. Like father, like daughter.