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Epilogue: Watch the Sky

For me, life was never going to ever be normal again, no matter how hard I may want to try. Edward and his family had made absolutely sure of that. Though, I was still at fault for it, in some ways, but it was all because I had the fortune to have fallen in love with a vampire. Esme though, had gotten the fate which I was only now starting to long for.

It had been a few months since my near-death experience in London, and Esme had been gradually coming to terms with her having being turned. Over the conversations I'd had with her, by phone usually, but now she was emailing me on a regular basis, she'd explained that it was something that she'd accepted. At the very least, she would never have to worry about Renee ever being alone.

That was my worry now, for Edward.

He didn't want me to become one of them, but with my luck, we'd be facing something big soon. And even though I was prepared, and wanted too, become one of them, Edward wasn't willing to have to face that reality. It left me with the problem of wanting him to be the one, and going with what was practical, and just asking Charlie to do it. I knew that if I presented to him a good enough argument, that he'd cede and grant my request.

Edward would be so angry with both of us, I knew that, but I knew that he would eventually come round and understand. That was what I had to hope for.

But I still had to finish school, and I was willing to put off my turning until I had finished high school. So that I could leave to be better thought out and planned for a later date.

This brought me back to the present, which was glaring at the phone which was sitting too innocently in its cradle while I awaited the dreaded call from Billy Black. He called every day, at exactly the same time, so I was prepared, more so then I'd been when he'd called in the past.

Since Esme hadn't come home, and he knew that the Swans were involved, he was assuming the worst; and nothing I said could convince him otherwise. If he didn't buy the truth, then I'd just have to tell him that I'd call Esme, and that she could get back to him, though she'd tell him the exact same things that I had.

Just like I'd predicted, the phone rang. I sighed heavily and picked it up, hitting the 'talk' button as I did so.


"Is Esme there?"

I let out another heavy sigh, was it too much to ask that he could be more polite? "I told you yesterday Billy, and the day before that, that my mom isn't here; she's in Alaska."

"The Swans -"

"Did nothing, and Esme will tell you the same thing. They wanted me, and they were willing to go through Esme to get what they wanted." There was silence on the other end of the phone, and I was sorely tempted to just hang up and have my mother call Billy and try to talk some sense into him.

"They really did not do anything to her?"

"Yes, she's in Alaska for a reason, Renee took her there to protect others." To protect me.

Cold hands smoothed over my shoulders in a comforting gesture, and I knew that Edward was there behind me without having to turn around. I'd recognize him and his unmistakable presence anywhere; it was burned into my memory.

"Have her call me; I want to hear this from her."

"I know."

The line clicked dead.

Sighing, I replaced the phone in its cradle and turned to Edward, burying my face into his shoulder and letting his arms wrap around me. He knew that I hated this, because Billy had been my mother's friend for years, and now their friendship was going to be destroyed over such a small thing as her humanity. I mean, Esme was still the same person she was before, just not human; nothing else had changed but that. It was enough, though, for Billy to believe that my mother, the woman he'd been friends with for years, was gone completely.

It hurt, a lot.

"I want to tell you that everything will turn out well in the end," Edward murmured into my hair, "but I don't have that ability."

"Say it anyway, please." I pulled him closer, trying to keep my own emotions in check. Now I was the sole human who was the one weak point of their family, and it was painful to know. All of them would be more than willing to throw their lives away to protect me, which was something that I'd never be able to stand for.

"Everything will be alright, Jasper, you'll see."

It was easier for me to believe it when he said it. Edward had that confidence about him, the kind that came from years of experience, which only those with plenty of wisdom had that made you believe anything that they said. And even though I knew that there was no way that he could guarantee that, it still made me feel infinitely better.

I grabbed his hips and held them in my hands tightly. I didn't know why, but I suddenly felt like crying. My entire world was falling apart around me, and it was painful; everything was different now, and I was going to lose people I cared about, but I still couldn't regret the choices that I'd made.

The scar that Maria had left on my neck was proof of the danger that I now had to live with on a daily basis. And, somehow, it made me feel horrible, dirty almost.

When I pulled back, I realized for the first time that his eyes were the same color as pitch. He'd have to go hunting that meant he'd be leaving me in Bella's care for the night and most of tomorrow.

"You have to hunt." It wasn't a question.

"I've been putting it off for as long as I can, I don't want to leave you." The set of his jaw was much tenser now, I realized, and it reminded me of those first few painful days back when I'd come to Forks. "It's getting difficult, to resist."

"Bella will be with me, I'll be fine. I worry about you too; I don't want you to be starving yourself because you don't want to leave me. Please, take care of yourself Edward."

He sighed, than took a deep breath, inhaling my scent. "Bella hunted only this weekend, you'll be safe with her around. James will stay too, just patrolling the area thought; the rest of us will be out hunting."

Lightly, he pressed his lips to mine; this time a chaste kiss since he wasn't willing to risk losing control by tasting me. I didn't mind so much, I'd gotten used to this sort of kiss whenever he was about to go hunting; it was his way of saying that he would see me soon. He pulled back all too soon, and I let out the breath I'd been holding without knowing it.

"Be careful, okay? And call me when you get back, call me the moment that you're finished," I pleaded with him.

"I always do, don't I?" He smiled at me, giving my cheek one last caress before he vanished; moving too fast for my eyes to follow. I heard the front door close softly as he left.

Unconsciously, I reached up and touched the mark which Maria's teeth had left in my neck. My mind wandered, and I blushed when I realized that I'd been thinking about just what it would feel like if it was Edward's fangs which had sunk into my flesh and left their mark. Somehow, that didn't seem so unpleasant; instead, it sent thrums of pleasure rocking through me. If he wanted my blood, I'd gladly give it. I couldn't deny him anything.

"You don't like having that there."

Bella's voice startled me, and I whirled around. I hadn't gotten used to how quietly they moved; it was silent and quick. There was no way that I could follow it with my eyes; to me, they were just blurs if I even noticed it at all.

Even though I knew it wasn't a question, I still answered it like it was one: "No, somehow it makes me feel... I don't know, dirty. Like I've done something wrong and it's eating away at me from the inside."

Delicately, she approached me and hopped up onto the kitchen counter, "Edward doesn't want you to know, but you'd ask anyway. You would want to know why he looks at that mark with such hatred, why it is that he feels such anger towards Maria for what she did. It's more than just how she nearly killed you, it's more then something he is consciously aware of."

"Does this have to do with... that mating stuff you talked about before?"


I waited expectantly, and Bella didn't disappoint.

"It should be his teeth that left that scar on you, not hers. If he gave into his instincts, something that he's resisting, that mark wouldn't be there; it would be his there, covering that mark and dominating it. Erasing it, if you will." Her eyes were distant, and I hadn't realized it until now, but there was the slight sheen of a crescent of teeth marks which marred the side of her own throat.

"Like the mark you have?"

She looked to the side, away from the window, "I was turned by someone other than my mate. This means that it was their mark which I carried from my human life into this one. When I met Alice, she erased that mark, replacing it with her own; just as I did."

"Edward wouldn't ever do that. He's afraid of killing me; he doesn't want me to be what you are."

"It's unavoidable, one day, he'll have to understand that he will have to either turn you, or let you die as a human. Though, if he chooses that route, eventually he'll just give up and go ask the Volturi for death."

"I don't want him to die."

"None of us want that either, both of you mean too much to me, to us, for any of us to allow it. If Edward doesn't turn you, I am sure that another of us would turn you. Charlie, Alice, myself; any of us would do it if we felt that not doing so would bring either of you harm."

"Edward would be so angry, though, if you did."

"He'd understand it, eventually."

That was what I was hoping for, what I knew he'd do. It would take time, but if it did happen like that, Edward would eventually come round and accept that it was for the best. I had to believe that he'd love me enough to accept that it was what I wanted and that I wasn't going anywhere. Even my being turned wouldn't change how I felt about him. I loved him, and that wouldn't change. Ever.

.:-o-:. .:-o-:. .:-o-:.

My birthday wasn't as huge an affair as I'd thought that Alice would've made it. I guessed it was because it was a school day when it happened, and she'd remembered, thankfully, that I was human and needed to sleep. Also, I had exams that I needed to study for. I needed sleep and time to study.

Which was why all of them had crammed themselves into my house, bringing with them presents and a birthday cake which was too big for me to finish on my own; I'd shoved the leftovers of it in the fridge, where it would sit until it went bad or I could con it off to others. The rest of the party, though, was bearable.

Bella had given me a cell phone of my own, while Alice had bought me another complete outfit that probably cost more then what I'd been wearing at the time. I'd taken to wearing scarves and turtlenecks, to hide the scar which Maria had left, which was why Riley had seen fit to give me a scarf for my birthday. It was black and gray striped, and so long that it fell to my hips when I wore it. I was relieved to find that it covered the bite.

Rosalie's name had been hastily scribbled onto the card below Riley's, and I knew that she didn't like me enough to even deign give me the time of day. She'd been conspicuously absent from the party, though no one else made any mention of it.

Lastly, Charlie had gifted Edward and me a Romanian vacation home. I'd looked over the pictures, and was almost horrified when I saw that he'd had it custom built for us. Everything about it was new, and it was styled in the modern way. In fact, it looked a lot like the Swan family home here in Forks. There were a lot of windows, which surprised me, and I was looking forward to the summer holidays so that Edward and I could go there and check it out.

I was hoping that it hadn't cost too much, though that probably was too much for me to hope for.

Edward had been forbidden from spending anything on me, since he'd already given me so much. I got lucky; he didn't spend anything on me, technically. He got away with his presents because he explained, he technically had spent nothing, everything he gave me were things that he already owned.

In front of everyone, he'd gifted me a small wrapped gift. Inside, was one of those cheap jewel coloured CD cases, with a burned CD inside. I looked up at him for an explanation.

"As promised, I spent nothing. It's just recordings of me playing, I thought that you would enjoy it; you inspired one of the songs on there." He was smiling, so I knew that there must be more. Edward read my expression, and I continued. "And since you don't have a car... I thought that you'd appreciate my gifting you my Volvo."

"I couldn't-!"

Edward shook his head and held up his hand to stop me, "No protesting; its fine. I only bought that car because we needed to blend in here in Forks. I think that you would probably appreciate it more than I ever did, or could."

Since there didn't seem to be any way to talk him out of it, I grumbled out an acceptance. Edward grinned broadly, and I felt him press the keys into my hands. Instinctually, I curled my fingers around them and then grabbed his hand with the other.

I looked up at him, not sure what I was asking for with my eyes, but I knew that I wanted something. If his family hadn't been there, watching our every move, I probably would have thrown myself at him asking for something that I knew he wouldn't give me.

The rest of the evening was spent quietly, I stayed on the couch between Alice and Edward, curled into his side. I didn't want him to leave, even when the rest of his family left to keep up appearances, which left him and me alone in the house together.

Edward wasn't silent, and was staring at the TV without really seeing what was on. His hand absently stroked my arm, sliding down to my elbow. I looked up at him, watching him.

"You seem... upset about something." His voice broke the silence.

"It's – I just – Edward... I don't know..." And really, I didn't. The feelings I was experiencing right then were confusing, and I didn't know exactly how they could be resolved. For one, I was feeling that pang that told me I was worried about how I'd be leaving him alone in the world one day when I died of old age. That was only if I stayed human.

The other feelings were those of how I would feel if I was turned. I wanted that, I didn't want him to ever be alone, but I reminded myself about their treaty with the werewolves here in Forks. Though I didn't know if they were real or not, I didn't want to have to be the reason for why they would have to leave everything that they'd built here. I couldn't be selfish like that.

But... that was the future that I wanted. It was hard to imagine, but it was what I wanted, and I knew that somewhere, Edward wanted that too.

His fingers pressed gently to my lips, silencing me. I looked up into his soft golden eyes, and melted. If he had something that he wanted to say, than I'd listen. Obviously this was important, otherwise he wouldn't have waited until the others had left.

"I have something... that I wanted to talk to you about."

I waited, silently with bated breath.

"There was one more thing that I'd like to give you." He shifted, pulling something out from his pocket. "I know that... we haven't talked about anything like this, and the risks involved... though I know that you don't want me to be alone."

"Did Bella talk to you?" He looked at me, confused.

"About what?"

"Nothing, nevermind then." If she hadn't told him, then I figured that he didn't need to know about what we'd talked about that one time when he'd disappeared to go hunting. He couldn't read my mind, just as he couldn't hear hers, which meant that our conversation was a secret between us, and it would remain that until I could find it in myself to tell him.

He frowned, but continued, "I don't know if I have the strength to do it... but one day... I would like it, so much, if you would be at my side... forever."

I inhaled sharply, looking up at him and searching his face for any signs of deceit. I couldn't find any, and everything seemed to drop away from around me. All that I was seeing was Edward, and I knew that this was it; he was offering me a chance at eternity, and damn it! I was going to take it!

"You really mean that? You want me... one day, to be like you?"

"It's dastardly of me, I know, and horribly selfish. But... I don't think that I could ever live, go on, if I were to lose you to something mortal, something that I couldn't stop from happening. I can't stop you from aging, from dying like that, and if I lost you to disease, it would end the same. You mean so much to me Jasper, I don't even know if you could understand it completely..."


"What?" He looked at me, shock written all over his face. I don't think that he understood my answer, I took a deep breath, I'd have to explain.

"I'd like that... I don't want to lose you, I... I hate knowing that if I ever died, that it would bring about your death, it hurts. That's what I don't want to think about. You have to keep living, always, for me," I touched his face, tilting it down so that I could better look into his eyes. "I want this, what you're offering, I want it. I want it so much, even though I am just a little scared. In the end, I know that it will be worth it, if I can be with you. Always."

I smiled at him, letting him know that I was sincere. This wouldn't be tomorrow, it wouldn't be in the immediate future, but I knew that the promise was there. Edward seemed to understand, and know, that there was no way that his family would let either of us die ever. I think that he would rather have control over what happened to me, rather than leave it to his family. Yes, it was selfish of him to want that, but I wanted it too.

"You want this? You want this... damned existence?"

"More than anything, I love you Edward." I leaned up and kissed him briefly. "I don't think of you as a monster Edward, no matter what you've done, I love you. I've told you this before, I belong to you just as much as you belong to me. I never want to leave you."

He sighed, his cool breath ghosting over my lips as he did so. I could see the pain burning in his eyes, despite my words, and I knew that he still didn't want this, no matter what I said or wanted. Edward saw himself as being a monster, and I didn't think that there would be any way to convince him of otherwise.

"I want to do it myself... even though... even though I don't want you to become like this, like me. You deserve so much more than this. You've given yourself to me, you've given me love even though I feel that I'm undeserving of it. For whatever reason it is, you love me, and I don't want to hurt you."

Cold lips pressed to my temple, my cheek, the corner of my jaw. Then, there was the slight pressure as Edward nuzzled against the scarf which covered the bite. I shuddered, hating that I was hiding it from him; that I had to hide it because I felt shame about something that I couldn't have helped. Again, I felt that desire to want to have his teeth sink into my flesh, to blot out that despicable mark.

I felt something rough and worn on my wrist, as Edward's fingers quickly placed something on my wrist. When he pulled away, his eyes sparkling yet still far away, I glanced down.

It was a black wristband, which was leather that looked rather worn. I guessed that it was a bit old and had probably been worn a lot at one point or another. The part that faced upward was rather plain, with engraved patterns on it, but when I turned it over, I gasped softly. The part that covered the inside of my wrist had a crystal in the shape of a heart fastened or attached into the leather. It was beautiful, and I was surprised that Edward had given me something like this, I looked up at him for answers.

"Think of it as a promise... one day, I'll make you one of us, when you're ready. I won't do it before then, no matter what." His eyes held that promise, and I knew that there would be no convincing him to do go forward with it now or any time soon. I had said that I was afraid, and he wouldn't turn me until I could honestly tell him that I wasn't.

"You're not going to change your mind? Ever?"

"No." That sounded final enough to me, and I smiled up at him. Grateful suddenly, I knew that I didn't have to worry anymore about him being alone, about being without me. He would go through with this, he'd promised me, he knew it was inevitable.

I smiled up at him, "Thank you."

"Please don't... don't thank me for this. I don't want to end your life, yet I will one day, because I don't want to ever lose you."

"Yes, but I want to be with you, I want to be with you forever. It's not what you want, I know, but I love you and you're willing to go through with it. It's more then I could ever hope for, that's why I'm thanking you Edward."

Again, he pressed his lips to the corner of my mouth, before pulling back to hover just millimetres from my lips. I made the move, leaning forward just enough to capture his lips with mine. Drawing him in, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him flush against myself as I fell backwards against the couch.

I was happy, and relieved at the same time. Edward had promised me eternity, and even though it wouldn't come soon, it was still a promise, and I knew that he would keep that promise to me. This was hurting him, I knew that, but he would accept it eventually and he'd harbour more regret if he didn't do it then if he did.

For now, the crystal heart he'd given me would symbolize the future that we would have together. I could wait until he was ready, until I was ready.

.:-o-:. .:-o-:. .:-o-:.

The summer holidays took too long to come, and I knew that I'd have to plan a visit back home to visit Carlisle; he wanted to see me again, and introduce me to the person who he'd been dating for several months. I was right about my moving out helping his love life; apparently, the woman didn't like men who already had kids who were above the age of ten.

Edward hadn't been sure about coming or not, and eventually he talked me into going alone, and he would join me at a later date. The one small stipulation I gave him, was that he had to let me take some pictures of the two of us and his family so that I could show Carlisle. It would make him feel better, I thought; if he could see them before I introduced him to my boyfriend; there wasn't any other word that I could apply.

It was Alice who volunteered to be our photographer, and she took the 'putting together some pictures of my time in Forks thus far' to the extreme.

My kitchen table had disappeared under everything needed to make the perfect scrapbook. Alice had promised that she'd clean up while I was gone, but I didn't trust her. All of the pictures that she took were candid shots; some of which I had to veto, because they were of the subject matter that I didn't think that my dad would approve of.

Lightly, Edward ruffled my hair and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. We were sitting in the living room of my house, watching Repo! The Genetic Opera, for kicks. Oddly enough, I found that singing while killing or death was going on was very amusing. I laughed, and Edward stared at me, when Luigi and Pavi Largo were singing about what they were going to inherit from their father while there was this poor woman dying on the floor.

It was just so outrageous that I couldn't help but find it amusing. Edward seemed to think that I was a little strange, finding something like that amusing.

The only other person watching the movie with us was James, since everyone else had gone hunting for the weekend. Charlie was planning to take a short 'vacation' to visit Phil and also iron out a few more details involving the house he'd given Edward and I. Bella and Alice were also planning a small getaway, just the two of them, before coming back to Forks.

Riley and Rosalie would be staying here, but since they'd 'graduated' from high school, they were planning to get married, again, and then take off on their honeymoon. I was a bit envious of them.

Anyways, I was surprised that James had decided to join us; he normally kept to himself even though he was now a member of the Swan coven. I think that he was just going to need some time to heal, time that Maria had never allowed him, and to come to terms with the his family's murders. I couldn't help but feel sympathy for him.

Other than that, he was very polite, and mostly spent his time reading or out hunting in the forest. He'd chosen to spend the evening with us, because Alice had hinted that there might be something good in it for him.

I don't think that he really enjoyed the movie, though. Come to think of it, I think that I was the only one who really liked it; Edward seemed a little shocked that it was as violent as it was, with such dark themes. Some of the songs hit a little too close to home.

The movie didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, and it ended around just a little before nine. I got up to turn off the DVD player and switch the TV back onto its regular channels, but the ringing of the doorbell caught me off guard.

"Edward? Can you put the DVD away and turn it off for me? I'll go see who's at the door."

Edward nodded, breaking the illusion that he was a statue which had been carved on my couch, and got up and was at the machine in the space of less than half-a-second.

I'd gotten my cast off a few weeks previously, but Charlie had still advised that I take it easy. My wrist was healed too, so I was completely cast and bandage free. I walked quickly to the door, unlocked it, and opened the door.

Standing on my doorstep, in the pouring rain of a wet June evening, was Jacob Black.

This was the last thing I'd expected, Jacob hadn't come to visit me at all since that one time months back, and it surprised me that he'd come now. I think that Billy had something to do with it, he didn't trust the Swans, and didn't want his son associating with them. The fact that one Swan was almost always with me probably had kept him at bay.

"Hey, can I come in?"

I noticed that he had duffel slung over his shoulder, "Uh, yeah, come on in Jake. I was just finishing up watching a movie with Edward."


Rolling my eyes, I walked into the hallway, leaving him standing in the open door, "You're not interrupting anything, promise. Charlie's nephew's in town, so he's over too."

That was the lie which the Swans had come up with to explain James' sudden appearance in Forks. He was Charlie's other sister's son, and she wanted her son to spend some time with his uncle and adoptive cousins before he went off to university. It was a lame ass lie, but pretty much everyone bought it, which was what we wanted.

"... you don't mind if I crash here tonight, do you?"

I looked at him, confused. Jacob hurried to explain.

"Billy and I got into an argument, and I ran out of the house; he's still pretty pissed at me, and I don't wanna go home right now to face him. He should've cooled off enough in the morning for us to have a calmer conversation."

"Yeah, it's fine, don't worry about it. But don't you have friends on the reserve whose places you could crash at? Not that I'm complaining or anything."

"Dad's the elder, remember? My friends wouldn't care, they'd let me crash there, but their parents are a whole different story. Almost all of them have bought into the whole 'the Swans are our enemies and we shouldn't associate with them' crap, and I can't take it."

"Oh really?" Neither Jacob nor I had heard Edward's approach, and both of us jumped at his sudden appearance. He was leaning against the wall just behind me, looking extremely sexy with his eyebrow quirked and a lazy smirk on his lips. I got the feeling that he knew exactly what was running through Jacob's mind at that moment, and he found it to be very amusing.

"Hey Edward," Jacob's voice was low, and he looked down at his shoes. I saw his ears redden just a little; he was embarrassed.

I looked at Edward, searching his face for some sign of rejection for whether or not Jacob could stay. It was my house, and I could control who stayed and who didn't, but Edward had been planning on staying the night, like he always did, and I didn't know if he'd be willing to do so with Jacob in the house. That would be suspicious.

"I was just going to leave in a little while," Edward replied, though it was aimed more towards me. I caught the meaning in his words; I'd be alone for a while tonight.

"Don't leave on my account, sorry if I'm crashing the party." Jacob held up his hands and smiled. I felt infinitely more at ease, even though Jacob had been taught that the Swans were evil and not to be trusted, I didn't think that he really felt that way. It was a relief, and it meant that he and Edward actually got along with very little effort.

"Who's here now?"

The instant that James joined us, the entire atmosphere shifted.

Jacob's head snapped up and I saw his cheeks redden just a little; he met James' eyes and quickly looked away. The door shut behind him with a soft click, and he scuffed his shoes on the welcome mat that sat innocently on the floor.

For a few moments, I saw James' golden eyes warm up so that they resembled Edward's whenever he was looking at me. There was warmth in them, a light that hadn't been there before. I was starting to recognize it as being something akin to love, though that would come later.

On the other hand, Jacob seemed embarrassed by the attention that James was paying to him, because I guessed that when you're from a small town, having some gorgeous guy staring at you with undisguised interest was flattering. Even though James' eyes were unsettling in how they were still golden but flecked with red, I could tell that Jacob was flattered by the attention. He was shyly checking out the vampire in return, his eyes flicking over him quickly and carefully.

He probably didn't want the other to realize that he was returning that interest tentatively. Oddly enough, I found it entertaining.

Finally, the silence which had settled over all of us broke when James finally spoke. His face broke into a huge grin as he said one of the things that I'd remember for the rest of my life, simply because of how funny it had been and the reactions that it had spawned in all of us.

"I'd tap that."

.:-o-:. .:-o-:. .:-o-:.

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