House sat down at the table with Wilson, scowling at him.

"Remind me why I let you drag me to a seedy bar like this."

"Because it's Friday night, this place serves alcohol and it's close to the hospital." Wilson replied a little wearily, signaling a waitress over.

House had opened his mouth to answer, when a figure on the dance floor caught his attention.


Cameron dancing, in a low cut top, looking almost edible.

Another look around the room and he saw Chase and Foreman were there as well.

"What did you do, take me to the duck pond?" House asked Wilson, growing annoyed. Like he hadn't seen enough of those two for the week.

"Yeah, House. We're at a duck pond. Don't forget the bread." Wilson snapped at him.

House really hated when Wilson tried to be sarcastic.

The night wore on, with House and Wilson sitting in their corner booth with only a bottle of scotch for company. Chase and Foreman were in a group of people and hadn't noticed him. Cameron glanced in his direction once, but didn't react. Thank god she didn't seem to notice him. House took another sip of his drink, and continued to study Cameron. Watching her dance was hypnotic. The sway of her hips, her hair swinging freely in dark curls around her head. God, that ass. Those legs. Cameron had turned her back to House, completely oblivious to the effect she was having on her increasingly inebriated boss.

House could feel his jeans growing tighter, his treacherous body responding to her like it always did when he allowed himself to really look at her.

Downing his drink, he switched his attention to Wilson, who was telling House about the settlement his now ex-wife was trying to get out of him in the divorce.

He was so focused on not really listening to Wilson, that he missed Cameron making her way over there.

"Hey, guys." Her voice is slightly breathless from dancing.

"Hey, Allison. Sit down." Wilson smiled at her, and gestured to the chair next to him.

Allison? Since when were they so friendly? House narrowed his eyes slightly as he studied their easy smiles and relaxed conversation. Has Wilson been putting the moves on Cameron, without saying anything to him?

His gut clenched and all of a sudden he had a strong urge to deck Wilson. What the fuck? Since when was he jealous? And of Cameron of all people? No matter how much he might lust after her, House had always realized nothing could happen between them and had been able to maintain a safe distance between them. Emotional, and for the most part, physical. Not counting in the lab when he sometimes brushed up behind her, pretending to be looking at what she was working on.

Wilson stood up after a few moments, saying he needed to go to the bathroom, leaving House and Cameron alone.

"So." He said, glancing at her. "Having fun?"

"Things are looking up." Cameron grinned at him.

House fell silent, not really sure how to proceed. The usual tension that seemed to be constantly between them was ever present but now dulled by alcohol.

He was spared from making small talk as Chase and Foreman appeared taking a seat, and when Wilson returned to the cramped table, Cameron seized the opportunity to move closer to House.

House sat back, studying the people he worked with, halfheartedly joining in on occasion when he spotted an opening to mock Chase.

When he was about to take a sip of his drink, a warm hand slid up left thigh. Narrowly avoiding choking on his drink, he shot a glance at Cameron. Her face was the picture of innocence as she listened to something Wilson was saying. Nobody else noticed anything, and her wandering hand began a rhythmical stroke up and down. Each time getting just that bit closer to his throbbing erection.


This could only end badly. If he told her to leave him alone, she'd look at him with those green eyes, full of hurt making him feel about as small as one of his Vicodin.

Her hand trailed down, almost to his knee, before continuing its leisurely pace up, leaving a trail of fire in it's wake. Up...and this time her fingers brushed his erection firmly.

House swallowed a gulp and finished off his drink, putting the glass down with a little more force then necessary.

Standing up, he headed off in the direction of the bathrooms, figuring they would take the hint without him announcing it.

With his erection showing no signs of going away his limp was a little more pronounced then usual, but nobody seemed to notice.

When House returned he went over to the bar and took the stool there that was farthest away from the group he had been sitting with. Hoping he wouldn't be noticed, he ordered a beer.

"Avoiding me, House?" A low voice sounded in his ear.

"As a matter of fact, yes." House said flatly, hoping that would get her to step back. Having her so close, he could feel her body heat, smell her faint perfume...fuck.

"And here I thought we were having fun, back there." Her voice trailed off suggestively.

House swirled around in his chair to face her. Raising his eyebrows, he studied her. "Funny. Here I thought it was called sexual harrasment."

Cameron licked her lower lip and House could feel the breath hitch in his throat. "What are you doing Cameron? This isn't you."

She stepped forward until she was standing between his legs, and looked up at him. "I like you, House, what do you mean what am I doing?"

"Don't do this, Cameron. Seriously." House muttered, his tone turning uncomfortable.

"House, when I tell you I like you, I'm not suggesting we get married, have two kids and a golden retriever." Cameron grinned at him and leaned in to whisper in his ear "I'm thinking I just want to have fun with you. The sweaty kind of fun."

His mind flooded with images. Cameron, naked. Riding him, head falling back, breasts in the air begging him to touch. Cameron under him, legs wrapped around his waist, screaming his name.

A slight shudder ran through him, and judging by the devilish glint in Cameron's eyes, she hadn't missed his reaction to her words.

Although Cameron initiated the kiss, brushing her lips tantalizingly against his, it was House that drew her to him and deepened the kiss. His tongue slid into her mouth, demanding entrance. His hands went to her waist, pressing her against his body.

He heard Cameron moan through the cloud of his own desire, the sound adding even more fuel to the fire that had sprung between them.

House finally released her mouth, continuing his assault on her neck. Skimming his lips over her soft skin, he replaced his lips with his tongue, aching to taste her. He let the stubble on his cheek and chin graze her skin and was rewarded with a whimper. He could feel Cameron's hands clutching at his shirt, and her hips grinding against him. His cock twitched at the friction, and he growled, almost desperate for more contact.

Now it was Cameron who shuddered, and he couldn't help grinning before nipping at her skin with his teeth.

Cameron shuddered again, but this time it seemed to jolt her into some kind of awareness. Her deathgrip on the front of his shirt slackened and she took a step back. "We can't do this..." She finally said.

House was for once speechless he watched her walk away, and out of the bar.