The next morning, instead of going to his office, House headed for Wilson's and flopped into the chair in front of his desk with a sigh.

"What's going on, House?" Wilson asked, only mildly curious. "Did somebody steal the handicapped space?"

"I slept with Cameron." House said bluntly.

Wilson's eyes widened in surprise, both at his admission and at the fact that House had actually told him something without him having to beat it out of him. "Wow, when did that happen?"

"Tuesday night. And again on Wednesday night."

"Trouble in paradise already?"

"Thats the thing; I don't even know." House's hand went up and rubbed at his eyes. "She's giving me all these mixed signals. Like the first night, I slept at her apartment and she had already left when I woke up. And last night? She left right after." House's voice rose a little in indignation.

Wilson's lips twitched in amusement, but then tried for a more serious expression when House glared at him.

"But then she makes me coffee, makes sure I have my pills. You know, nice." House said it like it was a dirty word, causing Wilson to roll his eyes.

"Right, what a surprise. Cameron is nice to you. Whatever shall we do?" Wilson said in the most sarcastic voice he could muster.

House gave him another one of his death glares as an answer.

"What's really the problem House? You want to be the one to leave first?"

"Yeah, Wilson. I feel used." House sniped, growing frustrated with the conversation.

"Well, call me old-fashioned, but you could always just talk to her about it." Wilson suggested.

House just rolled his eyes. "Cause that's always worked out so well."

"House, just talk to her. Or at least go to your office. Some of us actually come here to work, you know."

"Fine. You're no fun anyway." House got up and went to the door. "Wilson! I do not want to have a threesome with you and your assistant! That is so unprofessional!" he yelled as soon as he stepped into the hall.

House grinned as everybody in the hall looked up. Talking. Figured Wilson would tell him to take the sissy approach.

Cameron was going through mail when House sauntered in. He looked around the otherwise empty office and sat down at the edge of the table. "Where's the testosterone?"

"Chase is in NICU, and Foreman is in the clinic," she says, throwing away requests for House to lecture or attend a medical convention. When there was nothing left for her to fiddle with, she looked up at House for the first time since he walked in.

He was sitting on the corner of the desk, looking at her like he was mentally undressing her. Cameron flushed under the heat of his gaze and glanced away. "Coffee?"

"Did you make it?"

Cameron just grinned and went to pour him a cup. When she came back to hand it to him, House put the cup on the desk and drew her to him for a kiss.

She remained stiff, gazing at him with wide eyes. "House, what are you doing?"

"If you have to ask, I must be doing it wrong."

"Anybody could come in." Cameron protested, her voice growing softer as House's hands went to her waist, holding her.

"Would that be so terrible?"

"Yes! I mean, I don't think the hospital needs to know I slept with my boss."

"Well, there wasn't much sleeping involved..." House teased. "Fine, so no groping at work. Will there be groping at your place tonight?"

"My place?"

"Yes. You see, I come over, we eat food, there will be definite groping, and then I'll hog the covers. Most cultures call that dating, or something."

She finally relaxed against him, and with a glance to assure there was nobody about to come in, she brushed her lips against his for a short kiss.

Cameron rested her head on his shoulder and nestled herself against him. House's words were just sinking in, that he wanted to be with her. She had been so sure this thing was just temporary she hadn't even let herself consider the possibility of it becoming more.

"Or something." Cameron repeated, a smile slowly spreading over her face.


A/N. Ok guys, minor change of plans. This fic will be in two parts, and this is the end of part one. The sequel will be about as long as this fic has been, and I will start posting it when I have most of it written, so I can update it regularly. I just want to thank you guys for reading, and sticking with me when there was a long wait between chapters. I hope you all hate me a little less now, with no cliffhanger :)