Chapter one

"Rosie, why don't you let your father take the trunk at least?" Hermione walked beside her oldest child, seemingly more excited about Rose's sixth year at Hogwarts, and as a prefect too.

"Do I look like a donkey, Hermione?" Rose and Hugo shared an amused look, as Ron was already carrying Hugo's things, except for his broom.

"You mean mule, Ron." Hermione corrected her husband without really thinking about it, as they made their way to platform nine and three quarters, which were crowded by families saying good bye to each other.

"Ron, Hermione, over here!" They saw Harry's face in the crowd and his waving hand as he stood closer to the Hogwarts express together with his family. Ginny smiled at Rose and tried to give Hugo a hug just to bug him as he tried to get away. Ron was talking quidditch with Harry, thinking back to their own glory days as Rose talked with Albus, who tried to ignore his sister's complaints about him not showing enough understanding towards women.

They talked for a short while before Lily and Hugo decided to take off to find a compartment, leaving Rose and Albus to get all the well wishing from overjoyful parents. Rose almost felt relieved at the thought that today there were only the close family, the big good bye was taken care of the day before at the Burrow when her grandmother had gathered them all-

Finally, almost right before the train began to move did Rose and Albus get on the train together; bumping into various students. Rose could feel how she stepped on someones foot, but forgot it when someone by accident knocked her against Albus. Finally the most students disappeared as they found their friends and the two of them continued their search for their younger relatives.

"Do you have to meet with the other prefects right now?" Albus asked his cousin in an extra whiny tone, while she was dragging both her trunk and owl cage through the narrow corridor, expertly manoeuvring them.

"Of course I have to, Al. Don't worry; I'll come back to you when it's over, you know that." She patted him on the arm and smiled sweetly.

"I'm not worried, I'm just asking." He said in a slightly annoyed voice and dusted off some imaginary dust on his arm were Rose had patted him earlier.

"Yeah, so you know for how long you can snogg Jenny Longbottom before being interrupted."

"Ok, you got me…" He threw up his hands in fake defeat, and they both laughed, while continuing looking for the wanted compartment.

"Hey Rosie, Al, in here!" They turned around when they heard Rose's younger brother Hugo shout over the heads of all the first years, which had appeared moments earlier and were now busy with studying the train in awe, their eyes bright with underlying excitement. Some of them almost jumped out of their skins at Hugo's sudden out burst.

So with difficulty Rose and Albus made their way towards the open door that the boy held up. Inside, except Hugo, was of course Lily and Albus' girlfriend Jenny who smiled at him, which made his face turn into a deep red colour before his face showed a big grin as he slid down beside her.

"Well, I better be of now, don't want to be late." Rose smirked at Albus and then said in a low voice so that only he could hear her. "I'm sure you can come up with something to do in my absence. Or what do you think, Albus?"

She then quickly left before her cousin would do something to her appearance, like alter it, so that she wouldn't be able to show herself at the meeting.