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Part One; Running Late

It was a quiet and calm August day. The sun was peeking out from behind the clouds that were left behind from yesterday's storm. The roads were still wet, but no one seemed to notice. A car drove down a nearly empty road. Midway down it, the tires screeched as the driver drove to a halt just in time.

A teenager had just run over the road without looking to either side. It was a boy, not quite eighteen yet with light brown hair and deep brown eyes. A backpack was thrown messily over his shoulder and he continued to run as he ignored the driver's outraged yells. He wore a pair of loose jeans and a light blue tee. The black jacket flew around his sides as he skidded around a corner and seemed to speed up even more as a tall building came into sight. Dark sneakers hit the sidewalk in a fast pace as their owner panted.

And, just in front of him, the bell rang. The building was the local College in the city Carvahall. The teenager swore heavily as he entered the school gates.

A few minutes later the teen had run up a staircase and down a hallway until he finally came to the room he had been looking for. Quietly he opened the door and sneaked inside. The class was already snoring away as the teacher talked in a creepy yet somehow sleep-inducing drawl. No one made a sound as the brunet entered and took his seat.

"Late again Mr Rider."

The brunet, Eragon Rider, stiffened. The teacher turned around with a disapproving look on his face.

"That's the third time this week." Mr Durza said in that special drawl of his.

"I'm sorry Mr Durza, but it-"

"I don't want to hear whatever excuse you have for me." Mr Durza interrupted. "But, seeing as you made it here before the five-minute line…"

The class had suddenly become silent. They seemed to be holding their breath as they waited for the teacher to hand out his punishment.

"I won't give you a detention, this time."

Eragon felt a small grin enter his face.

"However." Mr Durza continued a little louder, a smirk starting to appear on his lips. "There's a new student arriving today. I will assign you to be his guide for the day."

Eragon's face fell. He didn't know what was worse; being stuck as a guide or to get detention again.

"Stay after class so that I can give you the information." The teacher said smugly when Eragon didn't object. "Now back to the subject…"

Eragon groaned inwardly. The lesson, for once, seemed to fly by. Eragon was positive that even time was against him today. First his alarm clock hadn't gone off and then he had been unable to find his keys. Nothing was going his way, and the clock was barely 10 a.m.

The bell rang, signalling the class ending, and the rest of the class got up and merrily walked out of the room. Eragon stayed behind, slowly making his way to the teacher's desk. Mr Durza looked up on his arrival.

"Ah, there you are Mr Rider."

Eragon smiled stiffly.

"Now, the new student is not in your year or even class but there was no one else available to guide him. He will be arriving during lunch." Mr Durza said, still sounding as eerily as always. "You are to meet him outside of the door at 11 a.m. Any questions?"

The brunet meekly shook his head. He just wanted to get out of the room as fast as he possibly could.

"Good. Here are his papers. Don't lose those." The teacher said coldly before waiving him to the door. "Go on and at least try to make it to your next class on time."

Eragon walked out of the room, a dark scowl firmly on his face. He had been unable to eat breakfast, and now he had to skip lunch too? No, the world was not on his side today.

"There you are Eragon!"

For the first time that morning Eragon smiled. He turned around to greet his friends.

A short blonde waved at him as she came closer. Her sapphire eyes shone behind her long forelock. She wore loose knee-length pants and a soft purple top. A dark jacket hung over her bag that it bumped into her leg as she walked. The blonde wore converse shoes and a gentle smile graced her face.

"Why did it take so long? Did he have to tell you the exact minute you were allowed to leave as well?" The girl laughed.

"Nah, just where to meet this guy." Eragon answered. "He's making me miss half of the lunch, Saphira."

Saphira shook her head. The female beside her grinned. Eragon turned to face his other friend. She had short black hair that framed her face and sparkling green eyes. She was a year older than Saphira and Eragon but had always stayed by their side. She was dressed in tight blue jeans and a tee that showed off her shoulders. She wore dark brown boots that she had put over the bottom on the jean-legs.

"What now Arya?"

Arya laughed softly.

"You always nag when you miss lunch." She said. "You had to skip breakfast right?"

"How did you know?" Eragon asked sourly.

"That's why." Arya smirked. "You're moody. You're always moody when you're not fed."

Saphira giggled. Eragon rolled his eyes and followed the two girls into the cafeteria. Behind them the clock showed fifteen minutes until Eragon had to leave. The brunet groaned softly at this. The friends quickly located a table and sat down.

"I'm do glad I don't have Durza anymore." Arya said after taking a bite of her salad. "I used to fall to sleep as soon as he started to talk."

"It's gotten worse." Eragon commented with a large sigh. "People fall into comas now, and that's just when he walks into the room. I'm having troubling finding out whether it's because of his voice or creepy demeanour."

Saphira laughed softly and put down the bottle in her hand.

"I could have told you that, but Eragon tells the story so much better." She said with a wink.

The friends continued to eat while talking between bites. Ten minutes had never flown by faster. Before Eragon really knew what was going on Arya had pushed him out of his seat and nodded to the clock.

"Time to play guide 'Agon." She said with an encouraging smile. "It's not as bad as you think it is. Just give him the file, tell him where everything is, and walk away."

The brunet sighed.

"And stop sulking." Saphira told him. "That look is not allowed on your face remember?"

"Now I do!" Eragon exclaimed and turned around.

"See you in History, Eragon!" Saphira called after him.

Eragon just waved over his shoulder. He was only focused on showing this new guy around and then getting back to his friends. Once again he cursed his teacher. Why did he always have to be tortured?!

He shook his head and threw open the double doors leading into the school. Outside he could spot a few students enjoying their lunch together and could hear someone play on the various fields the school had. Eragon took a deep breath and stepped out. He checked his wristwatch. He still had four minutes.

Eragon ran a hand through his hair as he sat down. His gangly limbs hung as he tried to relax. Eragon had never been quite good at meeting new people. He tended to shy away from those he didn't know. Eragon didn't know why but it had always been that way. His brown eyes looked up at the sky, careful of avoiding the glare of the sun, and waited.

"Hey, I'm supposed to meet a guide here…?" A male voice enquired lazily.

Eragon was startled. He stood and brushed his hands off on his jeans.

"Yeah, that's me." Eragon answered and raised his gaze.

And almost fell over. The teen in front of him smirked. He had brownish black hair that fell messily around his face and startlingly hazel eyes. He had a bag thrown over on shoulder and was dressed in mostly black. Black and grey pants clung to him in the right places and a black t-shirt didn't hide any of the muscles underneath. Eragon gulped.

"Murtagh Morzanson." The teen said and held out a pale hand.

Eragon shook the hand and tried to smile.

"Eragon Rider." He said. "You're the new guy right?"

Murtagh chuckled.

"Who else?"

Eragon flushed softly. He couldn't quite understand what was going on inside of him. His knees felt strangely shaky and he could have sworn his heart hadn't been beating that fast a minute ago!

"Well, here's your file. It has all the papers you need around here." Eragon said, shaking himself harshly out of his thoughts.

Murtagh accepted the brown envelope and stuffed it into his bag without a second glance. Eragon only looked up from the slight line of flesh that had been visible on Murtagh's stomach as the teen coughed.

"Can you perhaps show me around on this place?" He said smirking.

"Sure." Eragon said meekly. "There's still forty minutes left of the break."

The next fifteen minutes Eragon spent showing Murtagh around the school. Everything was easy enough once Eragon explained that each year had a floor of their own with their separate classes. Eragon mentally calculated that the other was nineteen years old and two grades above him. The brunet showed him the gymnastic hall and the rapidly emptying cafeteria. Eragon was sad to see that his friends weren't in the room anymore.

"And I guess that's it."

Murtagh nodded.

"Hey, where's the football field?" The older male asked.

"Outside, it's the largest one to your right." Eragon said and pointed to the doors.

Murtagh grinned.

"See you later kid."

Eragon stared after Murtagh as he walked up to the doors and out of them. He cursed himself softly. He had always been uncomfortable around new people, but had he never started to blush before! He didn't know was going on, and had a sneaking suspicion he wasn't going to like it either.


The next few days passed in a blur. And still Eragon couldn't forget the new boy. He didn't know why he couldn't stop thinking about him, or even looking at him. Eragon was just glad his friends hadn't noticed yet, the keyword being yet. That yet wasn't about to last long.

It was a normal Thursday and Eragon had once again been seconds away from being late to class. His alarm clock was still not working. Saphira had of course told him to not fling it into the wall when it started to screech, but Eragon had no memory of flinging it anywhere. It must have been true however since he had to pick it up every morning and put it back onto the nightstand.

And because of Eragon's hurry to get to school, he had dressed poorly again. So poorly that Saphira had laughed when he had entered the classroom. Though, the boxers that had been stuck to his leg were probably the reason for that. His jeans were the pair that his mother had tried to throw away some weeks ago due to the faded look and all the holes in it. Eragon had rescued them before Selena had the chance however. The tee he wore was an old one, black and that sat a little tighter than he really liked. He huddled inside the sweater he had grabbed with him for that reason. He was getting teased enough as it was.

"I'm just curious Eragon, where did your boxers go? Saph told me you flung them somewhere…" Arya sniggered. "Shouldn't you be wearing them?"

Eragon blushed.

"I am… shut up." He replied grumpily.

Arya doubled over from the force of her laughing. Saphira sat beside her, thankfully only giggling softly. Both of them had been teasing him since the beginning of lunch, and Eragon was getting tired of it.

"I don't think you should be wearing those however." Saphira said innocently. "They looked a little… dirty."

Arya sniggered almost uncontrollably. Eragon just continued to sulk. He knew there was a reason that he should have had a guy friend.

"We're sorry Eragon." Arya said as she finally stopped laughing. "We won't tease you anymore."

"Today that is." Saphira said with a small smirk.

"I feel so loved." Eragon said deadpanned.

"And that you should!" Arya winked.

Eragon shook his head and went back to his lunch. The girls beside him started to talk between themselves, about something Eragon didn't really bother to listen to what was. Almost unwillingly, the brunet found his eyes shifting across the cafeteria where he had earlier seen Murtagh sitting.

Murtagh was dressed in tight black jeans and a deep red t-shirt. A black jacket was thrown over the tee and he sat with his legs crossed. Beside him sat a tall male with messy red hair and a bored look on his face. Eragon recognised him as Thorn Marron. Thorn had light brown eyes flecked with red and an almost permanent crock of his right eyebrow.

Beside Thorn again sat a smiling girl. She had delicate brown skin and sparkling black eyes. Her black hair almost reached her shoulders and was completely straight. Her name was Nasuada Black.

Eragon didn't realise he had been staring for quite some time until he felt a poke in his side. Shaking himself out of his thoughts, the brunet turned to face his friends. He instantly didn't like the identical smirks on their faces.

"So, what do you think of the new guy?" Saphira asked innocently enough hadn't she been smirking.

"Eh, he's okay I guess…" Eragon said hesitantly.

"Okay?" Arya chuckled. "You've been staring at him since he got here. He has got to be more than just okay."

Eragon felt himself blush again.

"I have not been staring!" He denied quickly.

"Oh yes you have." Saphira told him. "You were practically drooling too, I might add."

"I wasn't!" Eragon exclaimed, though he couldn't stop a hand from checking.

"Then what were you doing?" Saphira asked him.

"I just… I don't know."

"Do you like him?" Arya said after a tired sigh.

"Like him?" Eragon frowned. "Sure, he's nice I guess. I haven't really talked to him, so I don't really know."

Arya rolled her eyes skyward. Saphira shook her head. Eragon quickly realised that Arya had meant something else completely.

"I… you think I… what!?" The brunet almost yelled.

"Calm down Eragon!" Saphira said gently. "No need to yell."

"I just asked you know." Arya said with a smirk. "Because he's not really my type. You can have him if you want."


Several people around them stopped eating and stared at them. After several scowls and glares from the girls they turned back around. Eragon had his head firmly planted onto the table, banging it softly against it while he muttered to himself.

"Eragon, what's going on?" Arya asked him in a whisper as she touched his shoulder.

Eragon sat up and sent her a dark glare.

"I'm not gay." He ground out.

Saphira shook her head. She stared deeply into his eyes and Eragon found himself unable to look away. After a while she nodded and looked away.

"Denial." The blonde stated simply.

Arya started to nod as if it was obvious. Eragon stared at them in obvious shock.

"I am not gay damnit!" He hissed. "Don't you think I'd known if I was??"

"Not if you're way down the river." Arya joked.

Eragon sent her a dark glare.

"It's okay Eragon." Saphira said then, getting his attention effectively away from Arya. "Some don't realise it right away. And -"

Eragon held up a hand. The blonde instantly fell silent. He shook his head tiredly. The brunet stood up and sighed.

"I appreciate what you're trying to do but, you're wrong." Eragon said firmly. "But I'm not, and that's final."

Before either female could protest Eragon had turned and stalked away. He was not gay, he couldn't be!


The day didn't turn out any better for Eragon. Roran, his cousin, had been unable to pick him up and Eragon was stuck walking home. He supposed it was better to walk home than to school, but it had never felt that way. It might have had something to do with both Saphira and Arya having things to do after school and him having to walk alone. Eragon liked solitude, but too much was just boring.

The brunet kicked a random rock sullenly as he continued to walk. Just his luck that his iPod was out of battery too. Eragon sighed and buried his hands deeper into his pockets.

"Hey, Rider!"

Eragon frowned. He looked over his shoulder and promptly had to keep himself from stumbling over his own feet.

"You live down here?" Murtagh continued as he walked up to the other.

Eragon swallowed. Wouldn't it be just his luck that it was warm out and that he was stuck wearing a too-small tee!

"Uh, yeah." Eragon answered.

"Mind if I walk with you?"

"Not at all." Eragon said sheepishly.

Murtagh smirked.

As they continued to walk Eragon couldn't help but to realise how blank Murtagh looked. It was as if he never showed any emotions. Eragon wanted to ask why, but didn't want to bother him either. Then he began to question himself. Why did he want to know?

"You alright over there?" Murtagh asked, successfully startling Eragon out of his thoughts.

"Yeah!" He practically exclaimed in answer.

Murtagh crocked an eyebrow. Eragon felt a stick of jealousy. He had never been able to do that.

"You sure?" The hazel eyed teen said.

Eragon nodded. Murtagh chuckled softly before turning his gaze away. Eragon breathed quietly out in relief. It didn't stop his racing heart however.

"You're quite different from what Nasuada described." Murtagh commented after a few minutes of walking in silence.


Eragon felt like hitting himself for the pathetic reply he had come with. He'd do it when he got home.

"Always talking, she said. Can't really shut up, be it complaining or sarcastic comments." The older teen told the brunet.

Eragon frowned.

"And here I can count how many sentences I've gotten out of you." Murtagh finished with a smirk.

"Didn't she tell you I hate talking on an empty stomach?" The brunet said suspiciously.

"She might have mentioned that." Murtagh chuckled.

"You really shouldn't let her talk to Arya. Arya's bad. Only lies come from her mouth." Eragon warned him with a childish tint to his voice.

"Oh, so you didn't have a pair of boxers stuck to your leg today?"

And Eragon blushed. He fiddled with the sweater around his hips as he concentrated on walking.

"The washing machine of doom." He murmured.

"Ah, yeah I have a shower from hell. It can never decide between warm and cold water." Murtagh commented with a shrug.

Eragon snorted.

"Hey now, I haven't commented on your shirt yet have I?" The dark haired teen teased.

The brunet felt himself blush again. A hand automatically began to pull down the material.

"I told you the washing machine was evil." Eragon grumbled. "This one was large before."

Murtagh leaned his head back and laughed. Eragon found himself blushing an even darker red from the sound. He had never heard a laugh like Murtagh's. It was really nice. And that his brain chose to inform him of that made Eragon wish he could tell it to shut up.

"You are certainly something Rider." Murtagh chuckled.

"Thanks." Eragon drawled.

"It's a good thing." Murtagh said with a wink.

Eragon snorted in disbelief. Murtagh ran a hand through his hair, messing it up thoroughly. Eragon let out a sound of protest.

"If you're going to look like you've just come out of bed, you should at least pull of the look completely." Murtagh commented innocently.

Eragon glared at him. Murtagh just sent him a smirk.

"Don't make me cut off your hair for doing that." The brunet said darkly.

"You wouldn't dare."

Eragon grinned.

"One of my best friends is Arya. You should know better than that." Eragon informed him casually.

"Oh really?" Murtagh asked with a hint of interest in his voice.

"She's crazy! I have to come up with paybacks to get her off my case."

"Prove it." The other male dared him.

"Okay." Eragon said and fixed the stop on his bag. "Arya has blackmail material on everyone. You're still to fresh, so don't worry. If I want stuff to be kept hidden I just threaten her DVD collection. That stuff is sacred to her."

"Her DVD collection?" Murtagh drawled.

"She has some pretty strange stuff in there. And she keeps those hidden." Eragon commented as he kicked a random stone again. "And I always manage to find them."

Murtagh shook his head.

"You have crazy friends." He said.

"Tell me about it." Eragon moaned. "I need guy friends, seriously. Or I'll die from over-exposure to gushing."

One of the corners of Murtagh's mouth twitched. If Eragon hadn't known better, he could have sworn Murtagh was smiling.

"You'll come around." Murtagh told him then. "But this is where I leave you. See you Rider."

"Yeah, later!" Eragon called after him.

The brunet watched as Murtagh continued around the corner and down the sidewalk. A blush found its way to his cheeks when he realised he was staring. Eragon practically ran home in mortification.

He had to lock himself in since his mother was still at work. Selena worked on a local but very popular restaurant called the Ellesméra. She left an hour before Eragon and came home just in time for dinner. Eragon kicked off his shoes and walked inside. He nearly stumbled up the stairs as he was too consumed by his thoughts. Eragon shook his head and walked up to the next floor. He pushed open the door to his room and fell onto the bed. The bag he threw into a random corner.

Eragon crossed his arms over his chest and bit his lip. The week hadn't gone as he had imagined. It wasn't new to get students in the middle of the year, so why did Murtagh make him feel so strange? Could the girls be right? Was he really…

Eragon frowned. He wasn't gay. He had even had a crush on Arya a few years back! That was until he found that his feelings weren't returned and they disappeared. He had never felt any attraction towards the same sex before. Then Murtagh had to come sauntering into his life and change everything!

Eragon was still grumbling to himself when his phone started to ring. He fished it out of his pocket and answered.


"Hey, how are you?" Saphira's worried voice sounded.

"Oh hey Saph." Eragon answered. "I'm okay. Why?"

"You haven't been in the best mood today Eragon. Just making sure you're okay." Saphira explained.

"And I am." The brunet said. "That can't be the only reason you're calling."

"Well no…" Saphira admitted. "Arya told me that she had seen you walking about with the new guy."

"Is she spying on me again?!" Eragon exclaimed and sat up on the bed.

"No." The blonde giggled. "She did however see you two when the buss drove by."

Eragon mentally hit himself over the head. Of course!

"So, how are things with him?"

"Things?" Eragon said confused.

"Yeah. Or haven't you thought over what we talked about yet?" Saphira asked gently.

Eragon fell silent. Oh he had thought alright! And he wasn't happy about that fact.

"I don't like Murtagh like that. I'm not gay." Eragon stated.

Saphira sighed sadly.

"Whatever you say Eragon." She said. "Just know that it doesn't matter to us. You'll always be Eragon, whether you're gay or not."

Eragon smiled softly.

"Thanks Saph." He murmured.

"Anytime." Saphira giggled.

They talked for a few more minutes until Saphira had to go. They said their goodbyes and Eragon put away the cell-phone. Many thoughts were circling in his mind. Saphira had the tendency to make him think, and that wasn't always a good thing.

Eragon plumped back onto the bed. He buried his head underneath the pillow. He didn't like the thoughts that seemed to be multiplying in his head, and neither did it seem like he was getting rid of them. Eragon groaned. He wasn't homosexual, and somehow he was going to prove that to himself. No, he was not going to prove it to himself, but his friends. They didn't know what they were talking about, Eragon decided. He didn't stare at Murtagh, he just stared into the air and Murtagh just happened to be seated there. Every time. Eragon frowned.

"I'm not gay." He whispered to himself. "I do not drool at, stare after or at Murtagh."

He blushed a second later. Who was he kidding?! No, he was not gay. He was just… curious! Murtagh was new, he was curious about him.

Eragon nodded his head. It didn't matter that he had never been curious about new people before. He was allowed to once in a while.

"Eragon, I'm back sweetie!"

The brunet sat up at the sudden sound of his mother calling. The pillow fell gently into his lap.

"I'm upstairs." Eragon called back.

Eragon continued to fiddle with the pillow until Selena knocked on the door and peeked inside.

"How was your day?" She asked him with a smile.

"Heterosexual." Eragon murmured to himself.

"What was that sweetie?" Selena said with a small crock of her eyebrows.

"Nothing special." The brunet stressed.

He felt a blush shine in his cheeks. He was positive it even reached his ears.

"What do you want for dinner then?"

"Proof that I'm straight." Eragon grumbled.

Selena blinked.

"I mean… I'm not hungry yet!"

The brunette grinned softly.

"Let me know when and I'll just cook something up." She said and laughed softly on her way down.

Eragon felt his right eye begin to twitch. He grasped the pillow even tighter and flung it into the opposite wall. Eragon couldn't help but to feel disappointed when it didn't make a sound upon impact. He flumped back onto the bed and groaned loudly. This was so not his day!

End Part One

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