Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: For some odd reason, writing this fanfic is starting to remind me of the memories between Count Bleck and Tippi in Super Paper Mario. Seriously, it's a story about love, and this fanfic can relate. After all, it is a story about love, you know. Anyway, it is in this chapter that Mario and Peach both get the bad news from Master Hand...and it is only a mere step in Luigi's evil plan to get rid of Mario. Oh, what may inspire from such a cruel and unnecessary fate? Find out, ladies and gentlemen, in this chapter! Man, I'm bushed. All right, Disclaimer, give them the old disclaimer.

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Oh Mario, look at how brightly the moon shines on the water.

Yeah, it's so bright, I think I can see the ocean glitter! Ahh, this is just a fine place to look at, especially with someone special like you around.

I couldn't agree more. How about we get something to eat?

Sure, and we can eat it on the balcony, looking out at the beautiful view of the water.

Oh Mario, you sure know how to please a girl. Tee hee hee.

Ohohohoho, my fair princess, I'm quite the character indeed. Now come on, let's go fill out our stomachs.

Master Hand was down in the living room on the first, main floor of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, his face red with anger. Luigi was standing next to him, grinning as he looked at Donkey Kong, Mr. Game-and-Watch, Ness, and Falco Lombardi.

Donkey Kong raised his hand. "So, what have you called the four of us down for?" The burly ape asked.

Master Hand cleared his throat, and he then started, his voice filled with rage, "Mario Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool have left the Super Smash Brothers Mansion and into Nintendo City to have a romantic night with each other. I have specifically stated that there shall not be any relationships of love upon becoming a member of the Super Smash Brothers!" He then pointed at Luigi. "Thankfully, Luigi noticed this and told me all about it as soon as he could."

Luigi smiled bigger, bowing down. "It's a pleasure to have alerted you, Master Hand," The green plumber replied, rubbing his hands together with glee.

Master Hand then turned around to face the other three Smashers. "Listen, you four morons, I need you go go out to Nintendo City and find both Mario and Peach. Then, after locating them, beat them down to a pulp, and if they survive, then tell them that they are NOT allowed to return to the Super Smash Brothers Mansion. Is that cleared?"

Ness rubbed the back of his head with his right hand. "But...what's so wrong with love, anyway?" The young, psychic boy started to explain, "Don't you think that Mario and Peach should be together? I mean, what if they are both truly in love with each other-" He then started to gasp for air as Master Hand closed himself and started to telepathically choke Ness.

Mr. Game-and-Watch, Falco, and Donkey Kong looked at each other with worry as they watched Master Hand released his grip on Ness, the young psychic boy gasping for air.

Master Hand looked up at the three other Smashers again, with Ness getting on his two feet. "Fail to do this mission or question myself like what Ness did, and you will suffer what he has suffered..." He casted an evil glare at Ness, which made him shudder with fright.

Donkey Kong, Mr. Game-and-Watch, Falco, and Ness all nodded, and the four Smashers rushed right out of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, keeping their promises to fulfill Master Hand's mission.

Master Hand turned to Luigi. "Come! SHall we go and have the other Smashers to go and search for Mario and Peach as well?" The giant, magical floating hand asked.

Luigi nodded. "It would surely be a great idea!" He said, snapping his fingers as he grinned with the thought of Mario suffering even more than he was about to be suffered...

Unfortunately for them, Sonic The Hedgehog was spying on them. Shaking his head as he closed his eyes and sighed, Sonic dashed off, preparing to warn Mario about the four Smashers and Luigi's devious plan.

Mario and Peach were both in a fancy, five-star restaurant, having their delicious dinner. Mario placed the money down on the bill as he and Peach got up, heading out of the fancy, five-star restaurant.

"So, Peach-a..." Mario said, raising his right eyebrow, "Do you have anything that you would like to reveal to me?"

Peach gasped, covering her mouth with her right hand. "Oh! Well, I..." She slightly blushed a bright red-and-pink. "There's how I accidentally mistook Toadsworth for my grandmother..."

Mario bursted into laughter, pushing back on his chair and wiping a tear from his eye. "Oh! That's a good one!" He admitted, a wide grin on his face, "Toadsworth is so old, he could be mistaken for any elder citizen!" He and Peach both chuckled, holding each other's hands and sighing happily, looking at each other.

Peach smiled, her eyes lowered. "Oh, Mario," She said in a soft tone, helping the romantic mood of the quiet restaurant, "You quite are the man. I'm glad to have made a good relationship with you. In fact..." She then rubbed her cheek, curiously asking, "How did you came to the Mushroom Kingdom, anyway?"

Mario gulped, tucking his red shirt's collar. "Ermm... well..." He started to sweat a bit nervously. "It's a rather long story, I should warn you. Do you want to hear it?"

Peach gave Mario a nod, smiling. "Oh yes, please, Mario! I really want to know what happened before we first met!" She cooed, inching her chair closer to Mario.

Mario shrugged, letting out a sigh. "Okey-dokey, then, I'll-a tell you." He cleared his throat, and closing his eyes to set the scene, he started with a deep, passionate voice, "It all started when me and Luigi first became plumbers back in the streets of Brooklyn, New York..."

Little did the couple realize was that outside the restaurant, from the tall Oak tree implanted on the sidewalk, Meta Knight was watching carefully. He listened a he heard Mario tell the story of how he came to the Mushroom Kingdom from the real world...