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A Racer's Mechanic

Chapter One

The twenty three year old raven haired man just turned the final corner of the track in his vehicle, a good distance in front of the other competitors. Within two seconds, he had crossed the finish lineas the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. He heard none of this as he slowed down and turned in to enter his team's pit.

His team's suit consisted of a pair of dark grey trousers with a dark blue streak one either side; the jacket had the same dark blue streak continuing upwards and along the top and bottom sides of the sleeves. The jacket itself was also a matching dark grey. The helmet which the racers wore was dark blue. And lastly, to finish off the look, there were the numerous sponsorships decorating it from head to toe, everywhere apart from on the helmet.

He pulled in and came to a stop, quicklyyet smoothlyexiting the vehicle before being greeted by the manager of their team, one Hatake Kakashi. He owned the Hatake race course which the raven haired man had just completed and won.

Hatake was also the brand of car which he used, along with his teammate, who had also just pulled into the pit.

"Congratulations Sasuke, another win for the book, as per usual."


"As talkative as ever, aren't we?" Kakashi joked. "Oh yeah, before I forget, one of your sponsors is having another… gathering tonight, and your presence is needed there."

"A party." It wasn't so much of a question as it was a statement.

"Yes, well, that also means that you'll need a date. Should I arrange one of the usuals, or have you finally found someone who peaks your interest?"

"One of the usual will do."

"Okay, I think that Sakura is free tonight, so I'll give her people a call."

Sasuke just nodded as he began to walk away, in the direction of his teammate who had jumped out of his vehicle.

"Oi, Sasuke!" He called and said person turned his gaze over to him.

"Nice win… I came third, can't believe that I lost to that Neji guy. Though I gotta admit, he's one hell of a driver, though not nearly as good as you."

"Hn… Kakashi said that we had another 'gathering' tonight, dates are expected."

"Alright! Can't wait to tell Hinata-chan…"

"And don't bring Akamaru this time, it didn't end too well last time."

"Oh come on Sasuke, lighten up, it was just an accident and it won't happen again. Anyway, Hinata and I were supposed to go on a date tonight anyway, so it won't be a problem… So… who you taking tonight? Ino or Sakura… or one of the others…"

You see, Sasuke didn't have a girlfriend, or anyone at all who peaked his interest, but he had to have a date when he attended events and such, so his manager, Kakashi, had to set him up with numerous women, though he knew that Sasuke didn't really care. Ino and Sakura, both of whom are models, were the usuals.

Inuzuka Kiba had been dating Hyuuga Hinata for seven months now, so it was no big surprise that he always took her to events and it was also well known that the two had something deep going on between them. Whilst Kiba was twenty and Hinata, nineteen. She would turn twenty after Christmas though. She was the Hyuuga heir, her father being the owner of the grand hotels which had been situated throughout many of the countries inthe world. The hotels' name being '. Though she wasn't a fan of being in the spotlight, she enjoyed being with Kiba, and several rumours had spread around the magazines that they were engaged, though Sasuke knew that that was not true.

Sasuke just shrugged as he made his way up the stairs which lead to his private changing rooms. Kiba also had his own, which was situated next to Sasuke's, though he had to walk up the neighboring staircase.

"See ya Sasuke!"


When he had entered the changing rooms, he securely locked the door, a memory always flashed through his mind when he did so.

You see, a year back, when he had been in this very room, the door had burst open as numerous members of the paparazzi had come in with cameras flashing and dozens upon dozens of questions flew his way. But the problem was that Sasuke only had a pair of boxers on, after coming out of his power shower, so his body had also been glistening wet and his hair soaked. And to add to that, his boxers had been dark blue, which was normal, but, there had also been countless numbers of little pink cartoon pigs stamped everywhere on them. The pictures of him in this situation had been on the front cover of countless newspapers and magazines, so no doubt everyone had seen him like that. He did not enjoy that month one bit, especially when he received fan mails, where girls had sent him plushies, and they were all pigs. He had also been given the option to be sponsored by a couple of pig farms and pork sausage companies.

No, he didn't want to think of this, and to make sure that that didn't happen again, he had had extra locks installed as well as three security cameras outside and a security guard.

Anyway, back to the story.

He walked over to the door which lead to the large bathroom and entered it, locking the door several times, for obvious reasons which had just been explained above. He took his suit off to reveal and fitted black turtle neck along with his trusted boxers, though he had burnt his pig ones.

He stripped himself of his shirt as he went to turn on the water for a nice hot bubble bath. Yes, he enjoyed these luxuries. He poured in his favourite scented bath oil; lavender and jasmine. The mixture of the two always seemed to calm his nerves, so he had not problem with them sponsoring their team.

As the minutes passed, the extra large bath tub was finally full and Sasuke stripped himself of his final piece of clothing before he lowered himself into the hot water, letting out a sigh of relief.

By the time it was six, Sasuke had come out of his changing room, which, in a way, could actually be seen as an apartment, as it also had a small kitchen, a lounge, and even a bedroom. He walked down the stairs and walked through the halls until he exited the stadium and was now standing outside, in the private parking area. A few seconds passed until a member of the crew came driving over to him, in a pitch black sports convertible. Sasuke's car.

"Alright, Mr. Uchiha, the cars all done for you. The head mechanic had a good look at it and fixed it up for you, the phone has also been replaced in there along with a new number. You were complaining about all of them girls ringing you when you were out driving about, weren't you?" The man asked, he was in his early thirties, had chocolate brown eyes and matching hair which was put up it a pineapple like style. He had a scar going across his nose, which he had gotten in an accident a few years back when something in the car he was fixing had caused a spark and there had been a small explosion, causing the guy to stay at the hospital for a few weeks, but he had quickly gotten his job back on the team.

"Thank you Iruka…" Sasuke said as he was given the keys to his favourite car, surprisingly, this wasn't a Hatake.

"Oh, don't thank me, thank the head mechanic. One hard worker that one is, and a nice one at that."

"Well, then thank Uzumaki-san for me."

"Will do… now, why don't you go and skedaddle before another crowd of girls come… You better go and pick up your date as well, wouldn't wantto get her angry, she might break the glass of your car with her voice."

Sasuke gave him a small smile, which was hardly ever seen, though he found it easier to smile around Iruka. The two had known each other ever since Sasuke had been employed. Iruka had already been there at the time. Sasuke had been nineteen at the time.

Sasuke nodded as he started up the engine and drove off, leaving Iruka waving at him.

Sasuke pulled in at the drive of one Haruno Sakura's house. The first time he had been here, he wasn't surprised at how many Sakura trees there were around, or even the fact that the entire house was pink on the outside, though he didn't know what it looked like inside, since he had never been there, no matter how many times Sakura had tried to persuade him to come in and have some 'fun' or to just 'talk', though he knew what she meant when she said that. She just wanted to get him in bed with her, but he had no intentions of doing anything like that with her. She was just too eager and well… they had nothing whatsoever in common and he didn't really like her if he had to be honest, but he had to try to get along with her for Kakashi's sake, and his reputation.

When he stopped at the end of the long drive, the main door to the house opened and there stood the model, wearing a tight hot pink dress which left nothing to the imagination. It finished at mid thigh, with a slit on the left hand side which showed off her perfect skin and you could even catch a glimpse of what underwear she was wearing, which was currently a baby pink frilly thong. The back of the dress was open, ending at the small of her back and the front clearly showed off her cleavage, and you could see that she was wearing no bra.

Sasuke shook his head, he still didn't understand why Kakashi set him up with her. She just wasn't his type, nope, not at all.

Her hair, which was the only thing that Sasuke sort of liked about her, was down and it looked silky when the light reached it. She had soft pink lips and her eye makeup was soft and neutral, though you could see that there was a hint of pink eye shadow. Sasuke was thankful that she didn't have anymore make up on, or she would surely be called a slut, which, in many ways, would be true, but, no-one ever directly said it.

She also wore no jewelry apart from a small silver locket, which was given to her by her now dead great-grandmother. Sasuke respected her for wearing that piece of jewelry all the time, keeping the memory of the woman.

"Hey baby!" Sakura called out as she made her way smoothly to the car. One of her guards was behind her, so that he could open the car door for her, and when she was inside the car, he closed the door again and walked away.

"I don't get why such a cute guy like you would want a dull color like black for their car. Why not something more fun like pink?"

Sasuke just shook his head. No wonder she's known as the Princess of Pink… and Barbie Girl for that matter… He started the engine, reversed and made a U-turn as hedrove along the drive and exited.

"Oh you're such a good driver Sasuke-kun. I watched your race today and you were amazing!" She declared.


"Oh come on Sasuke-kun, don't be so modest, when you're good at something, you should flaunt it, otherwise, what's the point at being good at anything?"


The two drove in silence, Sasuke hating the fact that Sakura kept on looking at him with lust filled eyes. He hated it when she did that.

After a twenty minute drive, they reached the hotel which had been rented for the evening.

He parked the car and the two left and walked in through the entrance, Sakura hanging off of Sasuke's arm, purposely making sure that her breast would occasionally brush against his arm. Sasuke ignored it however, much to Sakura's chagrin.

That night went as one usually would for the two. Sasuke would say close to nothing to anybody, apart from Kakashi, the sponsor, and of course the couple consisting of Kiba and Hinata. He would dance a little, nibble on snacks and have the occasional drink, whereas Sakura would do the complete opposite, as she would beg him to dance over and over again, often dancing with another partygoer, she would drink until she was in the toilets, being revisited by both her lunch and breakfast, though it consisted of very little as she said that she needed to 'get skinnier so that she would be perfect'. She also ate nothing for the same reason.

When it was close to midnight, Sasuke had decided to leave and had a guard there carry the now unconscious Sakura over to his car and he placed her inside as he drove her home first and then himself.

He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Yes, it was very tiring to be Sakura's date.

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