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Title: What he Feared
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Genre: Romance
Rating: T (to be safe I guess, if this one's not really rated that, later ones will be)
Word count: 1839
date of completion: 5:34 pm, August 6, 2007
Summery: He never gave anyone a day off because of it, but the thing he fears most it about to happen anyway. Rai x Kim oneshot.

From early on he'd sensed the sparks between them. It was inevitable that they'd get together, but like a father on his favorite daughter's wedding day, he refused to accept it. So he chose to ignore the two's obvious growing feelings for one another.

He'd made sure to tell them it was against the rules multiple times. They seemed never to hear him though. It wasn't like he forced it upon them every time he mentioned it. It was a casual reminder when things started to progress with the pair. He'd warned Kimiko about kissing Raimundo's cheek, but it didn't even phase the girl, and she grew more affectionate with the wind boy. Sometimes he felt like him telling them it was against the rules, only made them want each other more.

He was fully aware that when something finally happened there would be no stopping them. They'd be an out-of-control fire destroying everything in their path and breaking many of his rules.

He'd put Dojo up to spying on the pair on occasion, but the green dragon would just report that the two were friendly, but not overly friendly.

He wondered how long this could go on. He wouldn't say it was too much longer because Raimundo and Kimiko were starting to realize it themselves. They weren't as shy as they had been when the crush was nothing more than a young seed implanted in both their minds. It was coming into bloom now, and both were beginning to see its beauty. It had grown from the ashes of Raimundo's betrayal, it had weathered a great deal of struggles and storms, and it was stronger than ever when Raimundo was promoted to Shoku warrior.

He had hoped since he appointed the Brazilian monk Shoku leader that it would force him to obey more of the rules (especially the set he was most concerned with), but the boy was like the wind, and would still do what he wanted.

Sometimes the wise, old monk worried more about Kimiko though. The girl certainly knew Raimundo well, and she had grown very beautiful in the time since she had first come to the temple. She was a temptation to Raimundo that Master Fung knew would get the better of the brunette boy.

If the two started something it would flared up quickly. 'Like wind makes a fire do,' he mused unhumored. The fiery girl, and quick moving boy were sure to make things progress faster than a normal relationship would.

It was this passion that scared him the most. The boy and girl were still just teenagers, and Master Fung stayed up most nights worrying about what they would do if given the chance.

He thought of his other two students for a moment, trying to pinpoint where they stood on the topic of Raimundo and Kimiko.

Omi. The poor boy had no clue what was happening around him. He wouldn't understand what the someday-to-be couple would do. Master Fung tried his best to shield the boy from things like that. Omi truly was like a son to him since neither of them had a family. He did not want to see the young boy's naivety, and innocence demolished by the knowledge of sexual desires. As a monk he should not know of such things.

And then there was Clay. The Texas cowboy seemed already to know of the growing feelings of his friends. Clay would poke teasing fun at Raimundo about the wind warrior's crush on Kimiko. Master Fung also saw how the blue eyed blonde treated Kimiko like a little sister, looking out for her, and comforting her when things went bad. The old monk was certain that even if Clay encouraged Raimundo, he did not want to see Kimiko get hurt.

It would only be a matter of time before the quiet normalcy of temple life was brought to an end. Master Fung didn't know how much longer it would last, but he tried to put that off for another day's worries.

Why worry about things you cannot prevent?

No matter how much he delayed it, he knew it was going to happen. He was scared to give them days off because he knew it would only bring the Japanese girl and Brazilian boy closer. Every day, every weather condition, even holidays he made them do training to take away from the chances. When they weren't training there was a long list of chores they had to complete before they could rest. No opportunity, no problem.

Until today that was true, but even the master of the temple couldn't have predicted that his own technique would become the spark the two would need to start the fire.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Dojo asked sitting on the troubled monk's shoulders.

"I just have a bad feeling Dojo," the old, worn out monk sighed walking outside to start the training.

"Today you will be working without your elements. This is based on natural ability only. You are to go through each part of the obstacle course, and if you do not do it perfectly, you will re-do it as many times as it takes to perfect it." Master Fung explained, "you may begin."

He stepped off to the side with Dojo and they watched as all four made it through the first part together, but Clay fell behind on the second part. He was struggling to fit under the crawling part (like in army training). He was larger than the other three so he had the hardest time.

The training seemed easy for all once Clay wiggled out of there. They breezed through the rest of it until they came to a tall, wooden wall. Raimundo, Clay, and Omi made it over, Kimiko did not.

She just didn't seem to have enough body mass to throw herself over the wall.

She tried again, but missed the wall (and good thing too, if not she would have crashed right into it.). she felt herself falling, and braced for impact, but none came.

She opened her ocean blue eyes to find Raimundo's emerald green looking back into hers.

"Thanks Rai," she blushed noticing that he had caught her.

"Anytime," he grinned putting her down. "Try it again, but catch a little more speed before jumping."

"And if I miss?" she playfully asked.

"I'll catch you," he laughed. "Have I ever let you fall?"

"Not usually," she smiled knowing that he was going to fight back.

"I never let you fall, and you know it girl," he boasted.

There was something about that confidence that was rather endearing. She didn't know why, but she found that cocky remark cute.

"Uh-huh," she giggled racing off to get a running start before attempting another jump.

"Have I ever let her fall?" Raimundo asked the cowboy standing next to him.

"Only when you fell too, so ya couldn't catch her, or someone else caught her first." Clay reasoned shrugging, "why's it important?"

"Just curious," he blushed as the girl went flying way higher than she intended. She caught too much speed, and had too much force, and the brunette boy darted off to catch her.

He got there just in time to be knocked to the ground. She landed on top of him in an extremely awkward position, but didn't bother to move.

"You okay Rai?" she asked gently touching a new bump on his forehead lightly with her fingers.

"Yeah, just fine. You?"

"I'm okay, but I'd be better if you caught me." she teased.

"You didn't touch the ground did you?" he asked wiggling an eyebrow.

She propped herself up on her elbows on his toned chest to find that no part of her was touching the dirt.


"Then I caught you," he grinned.

"For an outstanding catch you win a kiss," she flirted.

"I think that sounds fair," he joked.

The thing Master Fung had feared most happened then. It was only a matter of time before his other fears would happen as well.

Raimundo and Kimiko, lost in their world of desire and passion, simply forgot they were still on the training grounds, and that their friends were watching with their mouths on the floor. The kisses continued and Master Fung sighed.

"Why is it that Kimiko is trying to eat Raimundo? Do girls do that?" Omi asked Clay frightened.

"Well actually they're kissing, but I think we better leave now. Master Fung looks like he's getting redder than a barbeque on the fourth of July." Clay explained walking with Omi back into the temple.

"Do girls eat boys when they partake in kissing?" Omi puzzled worried for Raimundo's well being.

"No Omi, no one gets eaten. Rai's going to end up with bruised lips if he's too rough though." Clay shuddered, too afraid to even cast a simple glance back at the pair.

"Ahhh, young love." Dojo sighed still perched on Master Fung's shoulders.

Master Fung glared at Dojo for a moment before turning his attention to the two warriors still engaged in their lip locking.

"Ahem," he coughed.

The two broke apart blushing ferociously. Kimiko climbed off Raimundo and they both stood up.

"Sorry Master Fung," they apologized in unison.

"Do not-" he started before Raimundo interjected.

"Do this ever again. We know we're not supposed to date Fung-man, but can't you cut us a break for once. Maybe a day off from the rules, or just a day off training?"

He was elbowed by a confused Kimiko who mouthed "do you want more chores?"

"I see...this is very hard for me to say...but I give my permission to you two to be together. I have a few requests though. You are not to be overly affectionate around Omi and Clay, and you are to sleep in your own rooms." Master Fung sighed sadly, "I always feared the coming of this day."

He walked off without another word leaving the two dragons stunned.

"So we can be together?" Raimundo asked bemused.

"Yeah, if you want to be that is..." she blushed timidly.

"Of course I do, what about you girl?" he asked.

"Yes." she grinned kissing his cheek lightly.

Master Fung watched the new couple talking and laughing in the training grounds from the window. He sighed uncertain how he felt about this change.

Well, you cannot prevent what has already happened.


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