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Anyways, I got to Chapter 20 of Think Twice and realized that I loved Donnie's character, therefore, I decided to write this slight spin-off of Think Twice about Marti and Donnie's internet-telephone friendship-turned-romance that was mentioned in Think Twice quite a few times.

If you haven't read Think Twice, then you might want to read that before you read this, but it's not required seeing as this story takes place before Think Twice.

My first Life with Derek fan fiction that's NOT a Dasey! Wow. Haha

But, of course, there will be mentions of Dasey in this story…obviously.

Anyways, this chapter is really short, sorry! It's just the beginning chapter, I promise they'll lengthen:)

So, without further adieu, here is (a short!) Chapter One of "Donnie and the Martster"


The dividers for this story are as follows:

-.- means it's in Marti's point of view,

-;- means it is in Donnie's.

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Chapter 1


It is official that I, Marti Venturi, have an amazing parental unit.

Why? May you ask?

Because I now have my own laptop, meaning that I don't have to share with my older sister Lizzie.

Can anybody else say "Hell yeah!"?

After Edwin helps me set up my brand new, beautiful, pink Sony Vaio, I position myself on my bed and quickly log on to MySpace.

Because, I'm a Grade 9…what Grade 9 isn't MySpace-obsessed?

Haha, I can totally tell that you're blanking out on this one. That's because it is a TRICK question. Nobody my age isn't MySpace-obsessed.

Okay, so I'm sure some people aren't, but…I don't know too many.

I already have a New Friend Request waiting for me when I log on.

"Oh, Happy Christmas to all." I murmur with a wicked smile as I click on the words.

'Cooler than Donny Osmond' would like to be your friend!

"Who is this?" I ask myself confusingly. I click on his picture so I can see it closer up. His MySpace is set to private, but I can still be the picture.

It was three guys all standing on a really nice deck with a gorgeous lake and sunset behind them. They were each holding a can of Red Bull and they were all very much beautiful. One is tall and lanky with floppy blonde hair; the other short and scrawny with spiky black hair; and then the guy in the middle is clearly boy-band-perfect. He is tall with tan skin and brown hair with blonde tips and a total baby face and dimples.

If he's the one who added me, than Hallelujah.

I accept his add nonetheless and hurry back to his MySpace to check out his pictures.

Sure enough, Mr. Boy Band is the one who added me.

Oh, happy day.

His MySpace song is "Garden of Evil" by 1997, so I already know that the guy can't be a total loser; because, let's face it, that song is amazing.

I pick up from reading his MySpace bio about himself that his name is Donnie (he even has the boy band name, now isn't that creepy?), and he is a senior at WHS (whatever the hell high school that is) in the "quaint little hell-hole" (as he put it) that is College Park, Maryland.

He is co-captain of the swim team and planning on majoring in journalism at "any university besides Georgetown".

His top three friends on MySpace go in this order:




Wow, if anything could turn you off fast enough, the guy's a total man-whore.

…or he's gay.

I shrug it off, at least he's cute, I think to myself before exiting out of his page and retreating off to comment my best friend Lucy.

I click on her picture and met with her bright, colorful MySpace with an ancient song by Hanson (you know, that "Mmmbop" one that basically makes you want to throw things?). I quickly type her up a comment and hit send.

"Hey dork. Time to compare the goods.

This Christmas, I got…

-unlimited texting (YES!)

-a guide book to Europe, for my trip over spring break (once again, JUST how amazing are my parents?)

-those shoes that we saw at the mall a few weeks ago (you know, the GORGEOUS Keds flats that I nearly had heart failure upon seeing? Thank you, Nora!)

-a new pair of aviators from Casey :) (You should see these things, Luce. They are seriously HEAVEN ON EARTH!)

And most importantly…

-a BEAUTIFUL pink, Sony Vaio laptop!

haha, beat that :)"

By the time I have gotten back to my main page, I have a new message waiting for me in my inbox.

I click on my Messages folder and Donnie's MySpace picture pops up, with the subject "Aloha".

I bite back a smile as I click on the message, opening it up.


"It took me forever to figure out what to get you!" Casey McDonald says towards me, handing me a wrapped up box.

Casey is the fiancé of my brother, Andrew. The two are seated on the couch, Andrew's arm lazily slung over her shoulders, the two eyeing me intently.

I rip off the paper and open the top to the box, finding myself faced with a framed, black and white picture of me mid-swimming pose. My arms are midair and there is water flying out around me, causing a really cool effect on the picture.

Of course, it makes me look extremely conceited. But, Casey doesn't know enough about me to probably be able to be certain what to get me.

Andrew, of course, had gotten me a Georgetown sweatshirt. Because, that is my dream school.


In fact, I want to get as far away from the Georgetown region as possible. My family consists entirely of Georgetown alums.

And then you get me, Donnie Wilder. The only Wilder child to have mediocre grades and compete in swim meets, not math tournaments.

"Wow, Casey. Thanks. It's a really cool picture." I say, smiling up at her.

She smiles, "I'm glad you like it." She says, beaming. "I have two brothers, and it's hard enough to think of what to buy for them." She laughs and gets a dazed look in her eyes, turning away and focusing on the floor.

"Be sure to wear that Georgetown hooded sweatshirt." Andrew advises. "It's much better than that ratty swim sweatshirt that you wear all the time."

I snort, shaking my head at my brother.

For starters, who the hell says "hooded sweatshirt"? It's HOODIE. It takes one second less to say "hoodie" as opposed to "hooded sweatshirt", so why take the time to make yourself sound like a total nerd and say such a simple word in such intellectual terms?

And second,

"I got that hoodie during my sophomore when I made Varsity swimming." I say with offense. "It has my last name and schedule of meets on the back and everything. It's sentimental; I was the only sophomore to land on Varsity."

"Well, you're zip-up varsity jacket is better." Andrew says. "You know, the one you got this autumn?"

I roll my eyes. Typical Andrew.

"Thanks for the gifts." I say to my sibling and future in-law, before standing up and making my way upstairs to my bedroom.

I throw myself onto my bed and open up my laptop, quickly turning onto MySpace.

I see that my friend count has gone up by one person. The only person I have recently added was Casey's sister, Marti. She left Casey a comment on Casey's MySpace once and she seemed pretty cool (not to mention, she was definitely cute), so I added her.

I click on her MySpace and see that her song is "White Line & Red Lights" by Between the Trees, so I can already tell that she has extremely good taste.

According to her MySpace, she is fourteen, a freshman, lives in London, Ontario, and loved music more than anything in the human world.

She has brown hair with lighter brown highlights and a wide, bright smile. Her picture is clearly PhotoShopped, but not in the bad way.

It is PhotoShopped in the sense that the picture is entirely black & white, except for her eyes, which are a bright shade of blue.

Her name is Marti the Monster and my assumptions were correct, because she seems like a pretty cool person.

Of course, she's probably a pretty cool person who thinks that I'm a deranged sociopath who added a complete stranger to his MySpace.

Therefore, I type her a message.

Hey Marti.

I'm about 99.9 percent positive that you don't know who I am. But, your sister Casey is engaged to my brother Andrew. Which should clear up most holes that you have about who I am.

I saw you on Casey's MySpace and figured I'd add you. Hope you're cool with that.

Definitely not a stalker,


I sigh and surf around MySpace, only to see a new message pop up in my inbox within a matter of moments from Marti.

Okay, whatever you say…stalker ;)

TTYL. Marti.

Ah, she's witty too.



Okay, so that was a short chapter. But most of these chapters will probably be more-or-less on the shorter side, because it will mostly consist of comments, messages, phone calls, and text messages.

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