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Chapter 4


So, Jane has made it her mission to improve my grades. "It's like dating a tutor." I mutter towards Calvin, making no mention of the fact that Jane actually is a tutor. I just never figured that she'd be my tutor.

But, alas, I was proven wrong.

"But a hot tutor." He points back out at me.

Kyle rolls his eyes into his salad at the sound of that. "There is so much more to people than their looks, Calvin."

"Like what?" he gargles back out through a mouthful of hamburger.


He rolls at him yet again before glancing over towards me. "He says this because he has nothing to get him buy in life except for looks."

Calvin grins proudly, nodding his head. "Exac—oh, very mature asshole." He points at his chest. "I have so much more to offer to a woman besides my exceedingly good looks."

Kyle nods. "A lifetime of regret, yeah, I know."

While they carry on with their daily argument, I glance around in search of Jane. I'm almost hoping to not find her, however. Because, you see, she wants to meet up in lunch to prepare for the Government exam that we have right after lunch. Nothing's more of an appetite killer than the promise of a good study session.

The moment my eyes lock on the entrance to the cafeteria, she enters; long legs, blonde hair, and all. Her gaze meets mine almost instantly and she smiles knowingly, pointing down to the book in her arms with the word Government tacked onto the spine. Joy.

"I've gotta go." I mutter, standing up from the table and hoisting my bag over my shoulder, grabbing my lunch tray and making my way towards Jane.

"Have fun with The Trunchbull!" Calvin calls out after me, loud enough for me to hear, quiet enough for Jane to (hopefully) not hear.

Kyle snorts. "Oh my God. You did not just reference Matilda."

Their voices fade off as I dump my tray in the trash and meet Jane. She leans in and gives me a very brief, very chaste kiss on the cheek. "Come on, we've got a lot to cover and only a twelve minute interval to do so."

Sometimes, I think that Jane would work really well with Andrew. And then I get pissed off at Andrew because he's stealing my girlfriend when technically he's not doing anything. I guess I just always need a reason to get pissed off at Andrew. Even though he's pretty easy to get pissed off at no matter what the reason.

Andrew, "shockingly," loves Jane. He thinks she's a great catch and he can't wait for us to go to Georgetown together.

I seriously don't know how many times I have told Andrew (and Jane, for that matter) that I am not going to Georgetown. The only person apart from Kyle that's really grasping this whole "not going to Georgetown" concept is Casey's sister, Marti, who just asked me about it last night.

So, it says on your MySpace that you want to go "anywhere but Georgetown?"

Ha, yeah. Seriously. ANYWHERE but Georgetown. I'm applying to WYOMING, for God's sake.

Okay, I'm hoping you applied there for posterity's sake and nothing more.

Well, yeah. And to prove the point that I'd really rather go anywhere but Georgetown. My whole family went there. Will it really kill them to have one member go there.

You know, it just might. You never know. Your uncle Frank could be acting totally fine about all of this "going to a state university" hoopla at first, but then you'll get a phone call saying that he drove himself in to a semi due to the night terrors of you going anywhere other than his Alma matter the next day. He just couldn't take it, Donnie! *sob*

how did you know that I had an Uncle Frank? And that he would probably have JUST that reaction.

OMG. Your family's sad. Lmao

Oh yeah, I know. Just try living with them.

LOL…Casey loved Georgetown. It "brought her to Andrew."

Yeah, I've heard the anecdote too. The fact that anyone would want to be "brought to Andrew" petrifies me all on its own.

I met him back in October; he didn't seem that bad…

He was still playing Harvey Dent, he only turns into Two Face after you've known him for about, like, a week.

Haha, nice Batman reference ;) Anyways, good luck to you and your "anywhere but Georgetown" travels.

Merci beaucoup.

Look who's grasping the concept of French! ;)

We've been talking for about a month now, ever since our Osmosis Oswald incident. She's a pretty cool girl. We haven't discussed much of anything "deep," unless Osmosis concerts, discussions of how I suck at French and she rocks at it, and best movies of the nineties count as being "deep."

Kyle's still convinced that our conversations aren't being fair to Jane or something like that, but, seriously? We're just talking. It's nice to have someone to talk to for a change that's not someone that you grew up in a sandbox with. A few changes of pace, scenery, and point-of-view never hurt anything or anyone, right?

Besides, she's fourteen and a freshman. Anything between us is strictly MySpace-business.

"Donnie!" Jane's voice breaks out, hurling me out of my non-Government-related thoughts. "Are you even paying attention? What was the major legislative branch ruling of 1974?"

I wince. "Brown vs. the Board of Education?"

She slams her book shut. "Okay, we're done here. I swear to God, it'd be easier to teach this stuff to a wall of plywood."

I follow after her as she makes her way out of the library. "Yeah, but a wall of plywood wouldn't be near as attractive."


When I log onto my MySpace after school, there's a message in my inbox waiting for me from Donnie.

The header? The Government vs. Donnie Wilder Case of 2009.


Word of knowledge, when you're a senior. You're going to HATE Government. I already took Economics last semester. Let me tell you firsthand that it was MUCH easier. Good God.

I'm going to go stare at my online grade sheet in anticipation of my steadfastly sinking GPA. Have a good afternoon.


I smirk, hitting the "reply" button.

This probably isn't a good time to rub it in your face that Casey kicked ass at Government when she was a Grade 12, is it?

The reply almost comes instantly.

No. It's not.

"Dearest Donnie, I can't wait for the moment when we can finally meet! I don't care if my sister and your brother are getting married, in-laws aren't blood and it does not matter!" Lucy calls out overdramatically as she enters my room at the sight of me typing. She flounces down onto my massive white fluffy carpet. "Love always, Marti."

I roll my eyes, turning on the first song on my iTunes shuffle, Kids by MGMT, and hop off of my bed, flopping down beside her. "You need a social life, my dear friend."

"I have one," she swats me on the head with my sock monkey. "She, however, is too busy flirting it up with a future in-law."

I snort. "Flirting it up?"

She rolls her eyes. "Shut up."

"And we're not flirting." I correct her. "I don't know why so many people think that talking immediately constitutes into flirting."

"Because guys and girls don't just talk to each other. Unless they're A) related to you or B) gay."

I roll my eyes back at her. "Well, I beg to differ."

"Of course you do, Marti."

"This is just getting ugly." I observe, turning to look at her and wincing jokingly.

She nods, standing up from the floor and holding her hand out to me. "Agreed. Twilight time?"

I latch onto her hand and stand up. "Agreed."

Edward Cullen, here we come.


Derek shows up right at the final scene of the movie, while Lucy and I are engaged in watching Bella promise Edward that she's ready for him to change her once and for all.

"I have no idea how you guys can get so engaged in this shi-"

"SHH!" we shush him loudly at the same time, not averting our gaze from the television as Edward's lips press to her neck in a tender kiss.

Lucy falls against me, squealing.

Derek watches us in amusement for the final minutes of the movie, but doesn't keep quiet while Fifteen Step by Radiohead starts to soundtrack the bill of key cast members (not that I really see how the science teacher qualifies as a "key" cast members, he's in a grand total of, like, four and a half minutes of film time).

"So, what have you guys been up to before this?" he asks, plopping down beside us on the couch.

Lucy shrugs. "Oh, the usual." Her voice is two octaves higher than normal due to the proximity of my brother to her body. Of course, "close proximity" to Lucy when it comes to Derek is, like, twenty-five feet. "I'm being charming and witty as usual, Marti's flirting with internet boys."

"Lucy!" I hiss, kicking her in the shin.

"Internet boys." Derek confirms, sending a knowing glance my way.

I roll my eyes. "He's Andrew Wilder's brother, geez."

Derek tenses instantly at the name Andrew Wilder. God, I'm an idiot. How could I have shamelessly name-dropped like that? Saying the name Andrew Wilder to Derek Venturi produces the same effect as sitting a raw steak in front of a vegan: terrible, sad, and disturbing at every angle.

Ever since he heard that Andrew and Casey had become Andrew-and-Casey, he'd been beyond pissed off. Of course, it's not so much "pissed off" as it is heartbroken, but Derek can put up a pretty decent shield when he wants to. And when it comes to the bad blood that brewed between him and Casey, there's always a shield.

"He's related to Casey's fiancée, how entertaining can the guy be?" Derek asks, raising an eyebrow. He doesn't sound entirely judgmental (but, regardless, judgmental), there's a few splashes of curiosity in his tone as well.

Lucy smirks. "Oh, very entertaining."

"LUCY!" I hiss again. Derek snorts amusingly, and I glance up at him as if to plead my case. "We have the same favorite band, apart from that, there's not much else we even talk about. Lucy's been fixated on this little fantasy of hers ever since he added me back over Christmas break."

Okay, so there's a little bit more than just Osmosis Oswald that we talk about. We had a somewhat lengthy conversation (started by moi) last night over Georgetown University, where he doesn't want to go due to the lack of interest in following in the Wilder Family Footsteps. But, apart from that, we don't talk about much of anything. Lucy just likes to make things sound a lot more appealing and exciting than they actually are.

That girl needs to write for 90210 or something. Never-would-actually-happen relationships pop up all of the time on that show.

And that's exactly what Donnie and I would be classified as.

A never-would-actually-happen.


So, as predicted, the Government test was an epic fail.

Brown vs. the Board of Education wasn't even an answer option on the question about the legislative branch ruling of 1974.

…not that I actually expected it to be or anything.

After my nice 48 pops up on my Powerschool online grade sheet (that I hate to even admit that I check because it just makes me sound like as much of an anal freak as my brother), I get onto my MySpace to see what kind of message Marti has left me since the last time we talked a few hours ago. Not that I'm expecting her to message me or anything. It's not like we're in constant communication with each other or anything. Actually, we're rarely in communication with each other.

And yet, the fact that my inbox has no new messages still makes my heart sink a little.

And that kind of scares the hell out of me.



I know it wasn't a very long chapter, especially for such a long wait that loomed before it, but I just wanted to get something published so that I could get back into the swing of writing.

Hope you guys liked it!


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