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Sasori was blushing, and this amused a certain blonde.

"Danna, you're blushing, un," Deidara chirped, grinning as the flustered redhead clung on to the boards for dear life. "I can't believe you've never been on skates before, un!"

The group of friends, well known as the gang called 'Akatsuki' at school, had taken a trip to their local skating rink. They all left early in the morning in Pein's car, which was a huge mistake. Hidan complained about how tired he was, Kakuzu was yelling at Hidan, and Konan was having dramatic mood swings (it was her time of the month).Zetsu was talking to himself about breakfast, Tobi was going on about something stupid (per usual), Itachi was threatening to kill Kisame, who in turn, was telling Itachi that he didn't get enough beauty sleep, and lastly, Sasori and Deidara were complaining about what art was. In the end, each Akatsuki member earned a lovely headache before they got out of the car.

Said redhead glared at the amused, effeminate man. "So? Hidan hasn't skated before, either…" Sasori pointed out, peering past Deidara's shoulder. The blonde followed Sasori's gaze.

"Hidan, let go of me. Now." Kakuzu growled as Hidan latched himself onto the pissed man. Hidan, indeed, was threatening ice, since the poor Jashin-follower had never set foot in a rink before.

"Goddamn ice!" The flaxen-hair man was giving the ice a universal hand sign and flailing about; this attracted attention to the already-wary ice monitors, who continued their circular pattern around the rink. As the Jashin-follower kept on cursing andwaving his arms, it only resulted him to fall backwards.

Unfortunately, Kakuzu fell with him.

As soon as they both connected with the ice in a slight 'thud', Kakuzu went straight for the other's throat. "YOU FUCKING IDIOT! I ALREADY TOLD YOU TO LET THE FUCK GO! AND WHEN I SAY THAT, I MEAN IT!" The money-lover proceeded to strangle Hidan, and finally, the ice monitors went over to escort the two off the ice.

Deidara chuckled, sticking his tongue at Hidan as they passed them to the rink's opening. The scythe-wielder, of course, took notice of this. "JUST YOU WAIT BLONDIE!!" The blonde artist continued to act childish and tease his friend, and in return, received a colorful choice of curse words.

"Hidan's gonna kill you one day, Deidara. You know better than to piss him off." The two smirked at each other, both having different reasons for doing so, before the blonde unexpectedly pulled Sasori away from the wall. "Wha--! Stop that, dammit."

Deidara had taken Sasori's hand and started dragging him towards the middle, oblivious of the redhead's shouts of disapproval. Said unhappy camper was mumbling curses under his breath about not being able to skate, and yet, this didn't faze the blonde from his motives.

"Oh, don't worry, Sasori-danna! I won't let you fall, un!" Deidara grinned at his fellow artist, before adding, "I'll teach you how to skate!"

Sasori blinked; Deidara knew how to skate? Well, that sort of explained why he was easily being lead to the center of the rink that was marked off by a huge square of four cones. The redhead quirked an eyebrow, before inquiring, "Hn, and how are you gonna get a noob like me to be able to skate by himself?"

The blonde giggled. Did Sasori doubt his skating knowledge? "Un, it's easy," Deidara said, letting go of Sasori's hand once they reached the middle, and turned to face his Danna. By doing this, the redhead went rigid and leant forward, trying to maintain the one thing Sasori was unaware to notice. "You simply need balance."

Balance. Huh. That would make a lot of sense, Sasori mused, a frown drawn on his handsome features. He stared at Deidara for a moment, studying his so-called best friend, trying to see how the clay artist kept such perfect poise.

"Anyways, un, listen," Deidara waved a hand in front of Sasori, trying to get his attention. Once the redhead looked up, the artist continued. "You need to bend your knees slightly – like this..." Deidara demonstrated, his knees bending at a certain angle. The blonde squeaked softly when Sasori bent over too much, and had to catch his redheaded friend before he fell flat on his face. "Un, you need to be more careful..." Deidara breathed, blushing slightly. It was sort of nice, though awkward, for the redhead to be leaning (or suffocated, in Sasori's opinion) against his chest.

"Mhnfghh!" Sasori tried to speak, and only ended up mumbling something in the blonde's blue sweater. Deidara helped Sasori get to an upright position, before shooting a glare at the blonde. "See? I can't do this. So if you'd be kind enough to help me off—what are you doing now?"

Deidara had positioned himself behind Sasori. "Danna, un, I'm just gonna put you in the right position; don't worry." One arm stationed itself around his Danna's waist to keep him from falling, while the other helped bend his knees at the appropriate amount. All the while, Sasori watched on, a blush tinting his cheeks. He was a bit embarrassed, but luckily, no one was watching the pair. Itachi and Kisame were stroking around the rink, idly arguing about what they'd eat later. Zetsu was watching Tobi from the bleachers over head, while said masked boy was spinning and whatnot on the ice. Pein was busy persuading the staff to allow Hidan and Kakuzu to continue to stay in the building (but not on the ice), while Konan had wandered off. Deidara had situated Sasori so that he'd be able to keep his balance and appeared next to his friend. "Is that better, un?"

Sasori nodded. "Yeah… thanks…"

The clay artist tried to teach Sasori how to skate, but that was somewhat of a failure. God, that boy had no balance whatsoever! Deidara only got up to teaching Sasori how to properly stop before he asked, "Deidara, where did you learn to skate? You've never told me that, in all the years we've been friends."

The blonde blushed, before rubbing the back of neck unconsciously. "Umm… I stopped skating the year I met you, un. You know my younger sister, Ino, right? Well, she gets jealous of me a lot, since I'm more athletic than her and all. I had been skating for about four years, and she joined skating after that, un... Ino had trouble jumping, un, and that's when she took a fall on a jump... it wasn't even that nasty of a fall!" Deidara's voice rose slightly, and he narrowed his eyes. "I was on my double jumps, un; I almost had them all clean, asides for my double axel; I was just starting on them! And then my stupid sister had to make such a huge fuss about it, how skating was dangerous and all!" Deidara's fists clenched, his lips curling into a snarl of sorts. "So my parents got all worried and made me stop skating! But I still loved my art more than skating, so I wasn't really alone after that…"A regretful look flashed in the blonde's visible cerulean eye. "I used to like skating… but it's for the better that I stopped, right, un? I guess people would have made fun of me if I told them, neh?" Deidara forced a weak smile.

"Dei, listen. I'm not the one to give advice, but seriously man; pursue anything that you think is worth it." Sasori sighed, before pointing at the windows of the snack bar that overlooked the skating rink. Changing the topic might be a good idea. "Wanna go get something to eat?" The blonde nodded, lighting up at the mention of food.

Once they got off the ice, Deidara motioned for Sasori to go upstairs without him. "I need to go get some money, un," The redhead insisted he'd pay for Deidara, but the blonde waved him off. Sasori shrugged and went ahead.

The group of friends had left personal belongings on a bench down there before they got on the ice. As Deidara arrived to their spot, he began looking for his rucksack that was consumed in the mess. The blonde looked for it for about five minutes, and failed to find it. A frown graced his features; did that mean someone stole it? He sighed. "Bah, mother's gonna --- What the hell, un?!" The back of Deidara's head throbbed in pain, and the blonde turned around, glaring at whoever had whacked him upside of his head… with his own bag. Hidan was clutching the brown material, smirking at Deidara.

"Sadly, I didn't find anything in there that I could use for my own use. Don't worry; I'll be sure to get back at ya. Later, blondie!" The flaxen-haired man threw the clay artist his bag, which ended up knocking Deidara on the floor as the artist caught it, and left to join a tired Kakuzu.

"That was a waste of time, idiot," Kakuzu muttered, before leaving the Skate Rentals with the Jashin-follower. "Now let's go to the arcade."

Deidara blinked, before a frown graced his features. What did the Jashinist mean by getting back at hi—oh. Right. The blonde knew Hidan couldn't be that bright, or at least bright enough to come up for revenge when the artist teased him earlier. He made a mental note to keep an eye on Hidan, and left to join Sasori upstairs. This was proving to be a very interesting day thus far.


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