Yuki was in her room waiting for the day to go by faster, but another side wanted it to go by so much slower. She had given up everything for what was to come. All was left behind. Headmaster. Zero. Her old self would soon be left with them. She didn▓t know if it was what she wanted. Yuki knew deep down she had to go through with it. If not for her, But for the ones she loved and to stop the madness of it everything that has happened.
She sat at the table in her room eating breakfast. Her head turned toward the door. She heard a light knock.
⌠Come in.■ Yuki said.
The door knobbed turned letting in a women who had an appearance of cruel beauty. She was very beautiful. Tall, Slender, fair skin, and long blond hair. Her face was what gave her the cruelness. She always had the same frown expression with dark black eyes filled with no emotion.
The women Stepped toward Yuki▓s closet and picked out a garment for the young girl to wear.
Yuki finished what was left of her breakfast and then stood.
The purple drapes covering the long windows around the room were never opened. It was Yuki▓s last time she would ever be able to feel the heat of the sun on her skin. She wanted to make the most of the day outside by herself as much as she could before tonight▓s ball that would be the beginning of her new life.
Miss. Lina put a simple green dress on the bed for Yuki.
Mirs. Lina picked up Yuki▓s breakfast tray and left the room. She never has spoken a word to Yuki.
Yuki was use to being lonely during the day, but it would soon be over.
Yuki went over to the dress laid out on her bed. Yuki pulled her night gown off over her head freezing. It was always so cold in the castle. She put her dirt nightgown into a hamper that the laundry made would pick up later. She too the green dressed and pulled it over her head to put it on. She tiled the ribbon around her waist into a bow. She went to her closet and put on a pair of green ballet flats.
The people in the castle had orders not to let Yuki out of the castle. There was a guard outside herd door. Yuki went the west wall and pushed part of the wall in and a door opened. She stepped to the door.. Yuki had discovered the door and it was the only way she was able to go outside. She took the long path of steps down until she reached the bottom and came to another door. She opened the door and stepped out from the shadows and into the light.
She didn▓t have to worry of anyone spotting her. All the windows to the castle were covered and no one thought to step out into the sun. She had the time until the sun begin to go down. Yuki begin to enjoy her last time she dad in the light before darkness would come.