b Small Lies…

Chapter 1: Yuuris Choice

Yuuri's POV /b

I was sitting on the bed. It was in the middle of the night, and Wolfram had snuck into my bed again…

I looked over my shoulder… there he was sleeping soundly, that old man.

I know I had been too soft against him; letting him sleep in my bed, get close and of course the adoption of our daughter Greta.

I knew I had to do something, or else this could get pretty serious!

I'm not against male bonding but, I would prefer a girl.

One of those girls that would cook dinner for you, and the smell of her very own smell… What would my dream girl be like?

I laid back to try think of it.

She would have to be kind in her way, have her own way of speaking to me, intimate, fun to be with, supporting, strong spirited, oh she have to be that kind of a clinging kinds, that wouldn't leave my side.. And good looking..

Hm… her look would be.. a slim body, a cute face, soft body and lips, maybe blond… And have eyes that if you looked in them you got sucked in.

Maybe emerald eyes…

"Aw… man did I just describe Wolfram!?!" I sat up and looked at him.

"That's just disgusting… he's a man Yuuri… A MAN!" I almost yelled at my self.

"Yuuri… are you talking to yourself?" Wolfram sat up and rubbed his emerald green eyes.

I spaced out staring at him….

He would make a pretty girl…


A tomboy sexy girl…


Aw.. why couldn't he just be a girl?

"Yuuri… why are you spacing out at me?"


"Yuuri GET A HOLD ON YOUR SELF!" A stinging pain in my right side cheek got me back to reality.

"Ouch.. you slapped me.." I held a hand over my cheek.

"But you were acting weird!" Wolfram said and stroke my hand carefully.

"Aren't we engaged enough?" I yelled at him.

"That slap was for the discipline.. just as Anissina said!" Wolfram got back to his proud self.

"What?" I was totally confused at the moment.

"Yeah… you we're probably having some perverted cheating thoughts!" He said and looked important.

"Shut the fuck up and go to sleep!" I ordered him.

He lay down and looked hopefully at me… his eyes where saying 'please get close to me'… I found it rather creepy.

I laid down a half meter away from the blondie.

I listened carefully… he was already sleeping.

A week later!

I was eating breakfast.

I sat at my usual spot, the one between Cheri and Wolfram, but Wolfram wasn't at the table.

I rested my head in my hands.

I though back at the conversation me and Wolfram had some days ago.

b Back flash /b

i "But Yuuri… why can't I sleep in your bed anymore?" Wolfram was standing over me.

I felt the temperature in the room rise.

"Because, I can't take it!" I said carefully.

Wolfram turned his hands into fits… And they were shaking!

"What do you mean by that?" He really looked like he was going to kick my ass!

I slowly took a step away from the blond.

"We're both boys Wolfram! Boys! I just can't describe it!" I didn't want to hurt him so this was the best way… I could lie and not hurt him or I could tell the truth and hurt him!

"You're such a Wimp Yuuri! That's no excuse!" Wolfram said and wrinkled his for head.

"What I'm saying is…" I couldn't lie.. he had to know the truth, but then I'll end up hurting him.

"You Wimp!" He yelled and was about to punch me.

I stopped his fist and looked him in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Wolfram… but in my world male bonding is disgusting!" I looked at Wolfram. He loosened the grip in my jacket and turned away.

"Wait Wolfram…but I really hope we still can be good friends?!" I still had a grip around his arm.

Wolframs body was shaking.

"Wolf..?" I carefully let his arm go.

Wolfram was still standing with his back against me.

"…Yuuri…" I heard Wolfram whisper.

Suddenly he took off with an enormous speed, out of the room and disappeared. /i

b Back flash end /b

I didn't want the food… it didn't taste good.

"I wonder where Wolfram is?" Cheri suddenly asked.

No, I hadn't told any of them that we 'broke up' because I didn't feel like it.

They would probably ask why and I don't want them to ask.

They would probably start to find me a new Fiancé… I don't want any Fiancé!

"Yuuri-Heika… you look awfully pale! Are you feeling ill?" Günter held his hand on my for head.

"You're cold… Someone get a blanket!!!!" Günter said and took his hands around me.

"Now I can help Yuuri with my body" He said with tears in his eyes and hugged me tighter.

"Stop that Günter…what if Wolfram comes…!" Conrad said and heard the doors open.

"Wolfram" Cheri said and putted her hand over her mouth!

I didn't look at him, that would tare me into bits… he would send me a face that I wouldn't forget.

"Let go of me Günter.. I'm fine, nothing's wrong with me!" I said and walked out of the eating room.

b To Be continued.. b