Yuuuram – Small Lies

Chapter 28: Happily Ever after

Wolfram's POV

My beloved husband and I where living together in Blood pledge castle.

We had been married quite some time now, and I still love my husband as much as I did a couple of years ago.

Yuuri was now 19 human years, but he still looked as young as before.

Of course Yuuri had changed, his hair was longer, he was much more grown up, not as wimp as before but he still was one.

"Wolfram, have you seen Greta?" Yuuri asked me.

"Not this morning…" I started but didn't reach to finish.

"DADDY YUURI, DADDY WOLFRAM!" Greta came running. She had changed, she was now 13 human years. Her short brown hair was now long. She was also very much taller than before.

"Why in a rush?" Yuuri laughed.

"I found the socks!" She said and gave us the small blue silk socks Jennifer bought.


Yuuri had been looking at me the whole evening.

I wonder what he's thinking...

When I finally managed to leave my husband inside with the guests I walked outside in the rose garden.

I looked up at the dark sky.

The stars where shiny and clear, and I dazed for a long time. I didn't even notice someone behind me.

"Wolfram" The Voice said.

"Yuuri?" I asked.

The voice surly was Yuuri's "let's…" he said and kissed my neck gently.

I turned and looked at him, with his kind face and soft lips…"Yuu.." I felt hypnotized, his lips kissed mine.

Yuuri pulled me in to a tight hug and whispered into my ear "I want you".

I got a little shock but, I calmed my self down.

"But…" I started, trying to find out how to say. "But I am…" I had to continue this.

But I couldn't.

"I am not in the mood."


Yuuri's POV

I looked at Wolfram holding the blue socks.

Wolfram is so beautiful.

I pulled Wolfram and Greta in for a hug and squeezed them.

"I am so glad" I whispered.

"You're acting weird again daddy!" Greta laughed and ran for the kitchen. "I'll be going now to teach how to cook!" She said and disappeared.

All these things reminded me of the days Wolfram rejected me sex.

I thought back on some events that had happened.


The only day he had slept in my bed with me was our wedding night. The day after he said he needed sometime thinking, and it had soon been a month since our wedding.

I was so sad, I believed Wolfram had been ignoring me, because he didn't love me anymore. Or he had found someone else, and was unsure.

Wolfram was standing in the rose garden this night, looking up in the sky again. He had been doing it much lately.

I approached him form behind.

"Wolfram?" I asked my beloved wife uhm husband.

"Yuuri.. I knew you would come!" The prince's voice said.

"Why are you not with me? We're sleeping in different beds and we don't see eachother anymore!" I said and I felt the tears push up in my body. "Don't you love me anymore?" I said and let one single tear roll down.

"I.." Wolfram started but I interrupted him. "If it's going to be like this, I regret to have fallen in love with you!" I said and took Wolframs hand.

"I do love you.." Wolfram started again "It's only that, I don't know what to do…" Wolfram continued.

The snow quietly started to fall.

"I am pregnant with your child Yuuri." Wolfram said.


Wolfram and I became parents in the spring for two lovely boys, Phillip and Yuki.

I heard some familiar baby laugher, and Yuki and Phillip came running with the little girl Lizelia chasing them.

The boys had black hair and Phillip had black eyes. But Yuki got emerald green ones.

Phillip got Phillip von Ungrazia's name because of what he did. And Yuki because it's snow in Japanese, and it snowed when Wolfram told me he was pregnant.

Lizelia looked a lot like her 'mom-dad' and had silver hair. But her eyes where more like her 'dad-dad's' blue.

Günter came running in a desperate try to catch his daughter.

"I am so very sorry your majesty. I will try to take her and remove her from the young princes!" He said desperate while trying to catch her.

"It's no need for. I've never said she can't play with them!" I said and smiled at him.

"Your Majesty…" Günter said and shed some tears.

"I told you he didn't mind her!" A dark voice said.

Gwendal grabbed his wife's shoulder and dragged him with him. "Now leave his majesty and my brother alone." Gwendal said and disappeared with Günter.

"I never thought they would marry!" Wolfram said and smirked.

"Me neighter, but they make a nice couple." I said and walked closer to Wolfram.

"But so do we!" I said with a joking voice, and Wolfram's face went totally red.

"Don't say stuff like that…" He said while blushing.

"To think all those small lies you told me made us closer, it sounds pretty weird." I said to my husband.

"But it sounds beautiful too!" Wolfram said and rested his head into my chest.

"I love you Wolfram and I will love you forever!" I said and kissed my prince.


Oh no.. it's not finally done… only a little part left


Murata's POV

You all surly want to know what happened to Maruko.

Flash Back

I met her in the stairs. She looked like some psychopath. Her eyes had a murdering look.

I knew what she had been up to.

She looked at me and smirked.

"How did you know?" She said still smirking.

"It's my nature to know." I said and made a sign.

A lot of guards came and grabbed her arms.

"You will not get away with this!" I said and putted an emblem on her for head.

"Sleep and forget!" I said and she fell asleep with an instant.

"What was that?" A soldier asked.

"That was a spell to make her forget all about Yuuri, Wolfram and Shin Makoku.

I made some preparations and sent her back to the earth.