Stuttering Towards Ectasy: What Was Planned

So, I already wrote about how I tried a few years ago and it was weird because it was something that I had written but I was completely unfamiliar with. Which was sad. Enough about me though, you want to know what I was going to write.

So, we left Ed and Envy together in Envy's room. I think nearly kissing. Then Wrath interrupts. It gets awkward. Homework is finished. Maybe Ed stays for dinner. Envy eats what's on his plate. C'mon, you don't think this has happened before? You don't think Envy knows how to act in order to avoid raising questions? No. Envy knows what he's doing.

Ed goes home because I was running out of plot at that point. Hmm, when is his mom due back? Probably soon. Also I got the dates/times wrong and she left a day early and I'm kinda bummed that no one caught that.

Ed probably tries to angst to people about what it all means. Maybe he talks to Russell who is freaking out about Sloth. Winry probably isn't speaking to him. Maybe she is. Or she's too busy slowly growing to like Ling.

Regardless, Ed has to think about it.

Eventually, they get together. But you can't relax then because I have to keep the tension up somehow. I think I had something where they're dating but aren't sure if they're going to that big dance thing. Oh fuck it, I'm going to go look at my notes. Because what I had planned was really good. Only it's been so long and I can't do the stuff that I really like (which was including the things that were actually happening junior year, I like that, I thought it made it authentic).

So after the kiss, Envy's going to be so fucking awkward and tense. This is a huge crush he's had since forever and it's actually happening. You know how I made you think that you were going to get a sex scene and then I woke Ed up? Yeah, that's been Envy's life for the past however many years. Also, he has his neurotic-ness and he's been alone with it for um well probably most of his life. So Envy has no idea how to have a boyfriend. He's not used to someone else wanting to get into his head. He's not really used to having people not his family close to him.

Don't think Ed's getting off scot-free on this either. He has no idea what he's doing. Neither does Envy. There's going to be some awkwardness where Envy's trying so fucking hard to pretend to know everything, and then Ed snappily (only not, cause stutter, but Envy waits for him) says something like "Oh come on, llllllike you know either." And Envy just sorta cracks a little because he's only a little more experienced than Ed and he's been leveraging the fuck out of that. Like that's all he thinks he has to offer, experience, and now that Ed's found him out. Well, what if he leaves?

Depending on how I'm doing for plot here, it either takes awhile to resolve or is resolved quickly. Like it simmers and then turns into a fight or escalates quickly. Culminates with Envy yelling "I don't know! I don't know what to do! There! Are you happy? I have no idea what I'm doing so you might as well leave me and get it over with!" Envy doesn't even look at Ed. He stands there. He doesn't seem to shake, but his hair trembles and gives him away. "What are you still doing here? Go!" he points to the door.

"Why would you think that?" Ed shouts, stepping into Envy's space. "You think I'd walk away because of that?"

Envy looks up. "What?"

"You really think I'd lllllleave you over that?"

Envy stands there with a dumb look on his face.

"I lllllllike you," Ed says. "I don't care if you don't know what t-to do. We can learn together."

Weekend: Trisha's back. Ed-mom interaction there. Sat: (Trisha meets the Peccatos when she picks Ed up) group meeting minus Winry. Group work. Im conversations. Ed accidentally mentions that Sloth is in his Speech class. Russell already knew and doesn't care, which begs the question, how did he find out?

Ed goes shopping with Mom on Sunday, says he needs some long-sleeve shirts.


Al sees Wrath in the halls after math and runs after him. "Hey," Al pants. "You're in my English class." He says when Wrath turns around. Wrath smiles. He's not recognized very often. "I saw your picture in photography club yesterday." Wrath's flattered. He's a bit unnerved when Al keeps touching him. Scared that it's a prank cause of rumor of Wrath's being gay (the reason he quit cheerleading). Wrath relaxes once he sees that it's because Al has no concept of personal space. Wrath gets this when Al sits on Wrath's lap because there aren't any chairs. Al's happy to finally "connect" with someone in that class.

Wrath ends up spending Thursday night at Al's. sees Ed naked in the morning. Tells Envy about it.

Ed and Envy get together before the dance. Envy's just bringing up the dance, but Ed thinks that he's asking (or trying to ask Ed) to the dance and Ed says 'yes' (Which confuses Envy) and then kisses him (which makes him a very happy).

Edward has an argument with his mom over Envy and Twirps.

She states that 'even though Envy looks like a girl, that doesn't mean it's okay to lead him on. Just because his sexual preferences are different from yours doesn't mean—'


'Edward Ulysess Elric, will you please take this seriously? It is very difficult to be gay and out during high school and differences in sexual preference—'

'St-stop saying s-s-s-sexual!'

'Edward, just because you and Envy have different gender preferences—'

'We don't.'

'well if you're both straight, just ask girls. They aren't that scary, Sloth she's nice.'

'NO! Not s-s-ss-slll-Sloth. She's going with Russell. And before you can ask, Winry's going with Lllllling! And Envy and I don't have different s-ss-s-sexual preferences. As in, we both llllike guys! We're both gay, unless he's bi and didn't t-t-tell me.' '

'Oh, well that clears a lot of things. Here, I picked these up at the gender neutral convention Aunt Georgina—'

'You mean Uncle George?'

'Oh, yeah. Well, you have a new aunt. She just got surgically reassigned last month. Hasn't told anyone the poor dear. Anyways, I ran into her completely by accident. But she gave me these flyers. She was at a stand.'

'You're kidding, right.'

'Just be glad she was working at the Safe Sex for Everyone stand. She told me she'd volunteered to help with the condom demonstrations'

'MOM!, bye, I'm going to my room.'

Once Ed gets to his room, discovers message from Envy: So what's this about asking me to Twirps?

Ed: you already asked me.

Envy: Um. I think I'd kind of remember that.

Ed: remember, it was [time place] and we were [verb].

Envy: …

Ed: I kissed you.

Envy: first time or the one where Izumi walked in?

Ed: first time. You were going to ask me to Twirps and I decided to take Russell's stupid [Russell made Ed listen to Kiss the Girl and has been humming it for the past week] advice and kiss you.

Envy: It was really good advice.

Ed: so you weren't asking me to Twirps.

Envy: like I'd ever be brave enough to do that

Ed: shit, cause I kind of just [explain]

Envy: Oh, lol. It's okay, I mean, I'd be thrilled to go with you, I'd just been wondering when you were going to ask me.

Ed: well, want to go to Twirps with me?

Envy: Fuck yes!


So Ed will feel crappy for about a week or two. Then there will be the dance, which he's going to with Envy. The dance will be fine-ish. He'll get much worse at the Peccatos after party. Pride or Dante will be a doctor or something. Ed's parents will get called. And they'll go to the emergency room. Where Ed's mom is going to be all cool, cause of the stuttering and rude ER person. Then it's going to end in the morning with the sun coming through the window and Ed waking up to Envy.

Like I could end it like that. Nah, there's no Envy. Mom says something about Envy being awfully worried about him.

How do you set the laser printer to 'stun'?

Is that your beard or are you eating a muskrat?

drueling—a fight to see who can out-drool the other

Nashua New Hampshire = town

And that is what I have. So in the end we have Trisha being redeemed, an exploration of Envy's neurotic-ness, and Ed gets moderately better at the whole stuttering thing. Sloth sideplot is that she learns to accept that she stutters and stops trying to fake it all the time. Ling and Winry are happy together. Sloth and Russell have a rocky but pretty cool relationship.