this time, it has a teeny tiny bit of reason, kinda connected to the song "I'll follow you into the dark" by death cab for cutie, it's angsty, but hichixichi always is!

Where you go king, I shall follow. Weather willingly or not, I am always by your side.

You can lean on me, if you want to. 'Cause God knows you won't depend on anyone else. You can tell me all your problems, your worries, because you think no one else is there to listen. You can sleep without fear, I'm always on guard.

I'm your shadow, precious king, attached to you. You can't get rid of me, you can't make me leave. Even sitting in the darkness, I am still there, bidding my time till the sun rises. Then I shall follow you around once more.

I am you refection, foolish king, like you but not. Every time you stand in a mirror, at a window,, I am there. Staring out at you, waiting for you to realize that I am right here. I want to help you.

Help seems such a difficult concept for you, almighty king. You'll never fail anybody, you'll never lose. How many times have you lost now, king? Why won't you understand? I am here only for you, I'll do anything you ask me to.

You can't turn your shadow away, I'll follow you like a love sick puppy. Maybe I am love sick, maybe that's why I want you to acknowledge me so much. I'm your little love sick puppy, do not send me away king, I'll only return to you.

I walk in your footsteps, I stand by your side. I'm your shadow and reflection combined. It's like you can't see me, even though I take your hand. It's like you can't feel me, even though I breathe down your neck.

Where you go, king, my precious, I shall always follow. If you are ever afraid king, tell me, I shall throw away your fears. If you are chased by your demons, king, scream for me, I shall fight them off. If you want to run away ,king, call for me, I shall carry you farther than the wind.

For you, king, I would do anything. I'd fight to my last breath, just so you'd notice me. I'd cry and cry, just so you'd hold me. I'd follow you to hell and back, merely because I'm your little love sick puppy. I'm you shadow, your reflection, your subject. And I serve you loyally. I'll follow you to death, to insanity, to hell.

Your little love sick puppy, who goes wherever you do. Who'd never deny you a thing. Your admiring reflection, who loves to stare at your face, counting every moment I can see you. Who is there whenever you walk past the mirror. Your gallant knight, who will rescue you, even if you think you don't need rescuing. Sometimes, it is yourself I am saving you from.

I could never say no to you. I could never lie. I love you too much for that. So I'll smile and tell you riddles, watch in amusement as I rile you up, merely for my pleasure. You're cute when you're angry. I'll tell you everything I know. I'll watch you, because that's all I can do.

Your precious royal face, how I love to stare at it. Your beauty can't match anything, king. Maybe that is why I follow you, why I love you so much, why I cherish you and protect you. Because it would be a waste to lose such beauty.

Where you go king, I shall follow. Your little love sick puppy. so lead me to my painful death. i shall follow my king to the end.


I'm looking back, it's not so angsty! Now my stories shall feature Ulquiorra! A word from our other favourite arrancar!

Ulquiorra: go do your homework

yes my master... (pout)

grimmjow: you should have said the!

Shut up you! RXR ONEGAI!